Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 21/2 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Our continued trek now caught up with the others and only one other thing of significance happened. Den was rather subdued,and Ginny said to me on the side, "Get up to my place next week,he"s on nights,come by yourself though" Not being a complete dick (Pun intended) I had a pretty good idea what was on the menu but not altogether why! (That can come later) So after much more time gabbing,we, Jackie and I arrived home.
 I told her how I had cum off in my pants while watching her and Den and then like a pair of kids we pulled down our respective underwear to compare the juice marks. My cum was still somewhat wet and I told her it felt horrible in between my legs as we stood out in the cold. I spotted on inspecting her knickers what I knew was male cum. I laughing said "You horny bitch,you made him cum before he could get it in you"
 "No I didn"t,honest" I say, "I know (hugging her) but he must have been cumming when I hollered,thats why he took so long to put his cock away" "He must have shot the rest on the ground. Lets go back up and have a look!" thats Jackie all over. So what did we do? Yes you"ve guessed it,grabbing a flash light,we walk the little way back up to where they were at it, sure enough after a second or to I focus the light on a large glob of spunk with a couple of smaller drops around it. I know we"d had some booze,but next thing Jackie was at it again. She coupied down and dipping her finger in the glob saying "Its all cold" she put the tip of her tongue to her finger, "and ever so salty,perhaps thats because its cold!" "I think not" I said,remembering what Ginny had told me at my seduction.
 I guessed what was coming next! "All those poor little swimmers must be dead now in this cold. I wonder what my baby would have looked like if you"d held off and let him squirt it in me?" I know this is crazy, but I also wondered and felt no animosity,it even gave me the horn again. Right out the blue Jackie grabbed my hardon. "You"re still hard!" No its you going on about his spunk making you pregnant. "Lets do it then,here now,she dragged me into the garage doorway and as she was pulling her skirt up,I pulled my beast out and pulled her knicker leg to one side to let him loose on her pussy.

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   As beasty slipped around in her juicy slit I thumbed her clit while putting a finger inside to try and get the reaction Den got.
 Having no success,Jackie panting gasped "Fuck me,ram it up me for fucks sake quick" I really rammed it hard and as my cock hit home she gasped again,"Give me a baby Den,Den make a baby in me" Fuck,what a turn on. I rammed in and pulled right out of her,"Put it back,put it back in you bastard. I did hoping my beast had picked up any live residue of Dens sperm still on the outside of her quims creases or stuck to her knicker legs. (Mad? perhaps,but it done it for Jackie and me!) I done my best to shove any of his spunk into the neck of her womb,but they would have been seriously outnumbered by my army of sperms. No doubt about that,in fact Jackie said,"Where the fuck did you get all that from,its squelching through my knickers and dribbling down my thighs. It feels about twice as much as you usually give me!
 "Thats what you get when I"ve watched you getting fucked by another bloke,I can"t imagine how much I could give you if it had been two blokes" (Thump,thump on my arm) Ow! "He didn"t fuck me you bastard,it was only nearly" "Yeah but you said you would have" then again,"you thought it was Den not me fucking you,you said,Den give me a baby" "Did I? Oh sorry Rich" No more was mentioned,but in fainess by now,I often told her stories as we made love that included men of our aquaintance including Den and his randy old man amongst others. It really juiced her up when I told it in a rape scenario. It gave me clues to who she"d like to be fucked by as well,as I asked her off and on,who shall we get to rape you tonight? More about them later.
 We were going up to Ginny"s at the weekend as often we did. So having arrived Ginny made us welcome and we chatted away. Apparently Den should have been home by now from his old mans. Probably in the pub Ginny reckoned. I thought about this and concluded he might get a bit horny with Jackie. Who was I to worry? for at the moment I was sat in such a position that my full eyeball mark one had something altogether different to contend with.

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   Jackie had commented on this before,but I had not even been looking for it till now.
 Jackie had observed and asked me if I had noticed Ginny always had her ass towards their open fire with the back of her skirt hiked up warming her cheeks while leaning against the top of the fireplace facial. On hearing her comment I cast my mind back to when I"d had any close dealings with Ginnys ass and remembered she did always have cold ass cheeks even when we slept together as kids in the bombing. Jackie reckoned it was an excuse to show me her cunt because she never had knickers on.
 On highlighting Ginny hated washing clothes,Jackie reckoned I could only have known a little thing like no knickers if I"d seen her naked cunt at other times,because knickers will swill out in a basin. (Oh shit I"d walked into it again) Quick counter required here. "Hark at you! you"ve seen her husbands cock" oops Jackie! "no you"re wrong,I"ve felt it not seen it!" "Yeah right against you cunt" oops again Jackie! "Yeah,alright,shut up about it,you and he made me do it anyway,anyway I dont mind if you want an ogle of your cousins cunt,I dont really,honest. Perhaps you"ll have even more spunk in you when we get back home like last time"
 This talk had been earlier on our own. So,I"m craftily looking at the back of Ginnys legs and ass and because she"s curved a bit like a bow I can see some pubes at the side of her pussy lips that was slightly pouting out below her cheeks. My beast was letting me know by hardening while bent double while my heart beat in my chest like a tattoo. This was all because it was a sneaky viewing. I knew Ginny got turned on by the chance of getting caught and every sinue in me was twanging as I wanted to risk a touch.
 Then Ginny spotted Den through the window and went to go let him in,but leant back again as Jackie said I"ll go I"m nearer,as she disappeared through the interior door I took my opportunity and pressed the edge of my fingers into her slit and quickly slid them up and down in the juice of her pussy. She gave me a sexy pursed lips look and as my fingers passed her hole she pushed on them enough to let me know I"d touched it.
 I quickly eased up in the chair to straighten my cock before it snapped.

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   Ginny grinned at that,just as Jackie and Den appeared back in the lounge. They had been a little long only to open the door, Jackie looked a bit heated,Den commented,took my coat and shoes off. I"d had liked to smell or taste his fingers at that moment. I had swiftly taken my hand out of Ginnys slit as the door swung. It was also obvious Den had, had a few beers,so he was sure to make another move on Jackie.
 It happened quite suddenly. Jackie said I need to get a drink of water,Den said,I"ll have a pee while you"re doing that and in fainess he did do that,but as Jackie reappeared with a cup of water,Den right behind her must have poked his finger in her ass crack in turn Jackie jerked and spilt some of the water on her tit and it dripped down to a thigh. Piss head mis-calculated the moment and rubbed Jackies tit following down to her thigh where his hand went well into her cunt groove. Jackie veered away,glanced at Ginny and in an instant wacked Den a beaut straight round the chops. In that instant of timed distraction I put my finger up Ginnys hole but was left with my finger wet and no pussy on it.
 Ginny had shot out the blocks at Den and with unbelievable accuracy had Den by the bollocks and uttering "Leave her alone you bastard,sorry Jackie he"s always like this when he"s had to much" By this time Dens balls are on their way to the floor with his brains following. Yelping as Ginny hung on,"Rather he than me!" "Go on! Fuck off abed you oath" Bloody hell,women together are awsome, me thinks. There had been an instant of temper shown towards Jackie by Den as Jackie clocked him. But through the fog of alcohol enough brain reminded him he wanted to fuck her,so it dispersed even quicker than it showed. .

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 I didn"t get up to Ginny while Den was doing those nights but a bit later I got to the bottom of what it was all about. Ginny told me when we were alone Den had put Ross in the club,a quick marriage had been arranged with her bloke (That should be interesting as her bloke was a thick set tall large built man with very dark hair and Den was even fairer than me and rather slightly built) Anyway,Ginny was pissed in a way about this but true to form she reacted in her normal tit for tat daring way.
 She reckoned she was inclined not to give Den much pussy because she said, "everytime he touches his flys near me I"m pregnant" Smart assing at the wrong time really I said,"By the look of it,when ever he touches his flys near any woman they are made pregnant,Jackie isn"t" In almost a serious voice she said "you"ll know if he gets her" she went on "You"re going to make me pregnant again" I am? (Mad women stuff,No pussy for Den,now make me pregnant) "Yeah starting now,do what we did before,he"ll be here in a bit and as he comes along the lane and put his bike in the shed I want you to shoot your spunk up me so he actually sees me smiling as you make me pregnant. Fuck me thats fucking risky! "Innit don"t you just love that" I must admit it did have an appeal. "Yeah but you probably wont click with a one off" "Course not but we"re not talking one off. I"m talking what it takes"
 "I might even fuck his father just for good measure" "If you do let me watch" "You"re a dirty bastard" "So are you" "I know,I bet your Jackie is as well. Is she?" "You know that already,I"ve told you a lot what we get up too like I promised for that seduction you gave me" "Will you tell me when my horny husband gets her?" How do I answer that one? I dont! By this time I"ve got her naked below the waist but her skirt is upwards for a quick cover up when Den have unknowingly seen his wife being fucked by me.
 Even the talk had made us both sticky but I mouthed her pussy some and she let me feel for her "G" spot, fuck I found it she gushed and shook in an orgasm. Coming down from the thrill she said "My bastard husband touches that spongy soft bit,perhaps thats why I get pregnant" "We"ll find out now" pushing her against her kitchen sink, I slipped my beast up to the top of her cunt. As I fucked I noted she had a net on the bottom part of the window which just let her see over,but because I had my legs bent to get under and up her I was hidden from sight as I pounded away at her soaking pussy,
 She started to go into an orgasm gripping onto the sink very tightly and grunting at my every thrust. I was not so quick as usual,I guess because of the fact Den would actually see her looking at him as I cum in his wife. Then I overcame this because this is what I wanted of Jackie with him. I shot my load on thinking of this and glued a baby to her womb I hoped.
 He"s not here yet! "I know that was the starter" Still going hammer and tongs at each other, "He"s coming" a giggle as I say "So am I" "and me" uuuh! oooh! phew! "He"s smiling now,whip it out and get up stairs to the toilet" Fuck,what a buss as I head for their upstairs toilet to wipe my cock some spunk dripped onto their stairs.

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   "Dicky"s up stairs having a leak,want a coffee?" as if nothing had just happened.  "I was just doing one for us,he"s just got here" Down I come. "I was passing,just popped in on my way" I said.
 Thats all for now.

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