Maine Tryst


  My wife was giving a speech for a local group in a small town in Southern Maine but had asked me to not come until the speech was over so she could give all her attention to the matter at hand. I was cool with that , as I wanted to visit some friends in Portland anyway. It had been a long time and we had a lot of catching up to do. A few phone calls when I got off the plane and soon dinner and drinks were arranged with Mary, one of my closest friend from way back then.   
  Mary had been the girlfriend of my roommate when I attended college with her all those years ago, but as those romances do, he dissappeared into the night to follow his own life. Mary was waiting at the bar when I pulled up in my rental car, dressed in a skirt, a lacy blouse and sunglasses. Her hair was longer than I remembered, but how surprising was that since 15 years had passed. She took off her sunglasses and gave a twirl for me to take her in. Nearly 6' tall she was still as slender as she had been back in the day. Long blonde hair cascading to her shoulders, pale blue eyes and a shade of lipstick I wouldn't have believed could possibly be so red greeted my eyes. Her dress accentuated her body, shoeing the womanly swell of her full breasts and her long legs, flat stomach and fine firm ass.
   'Long time, eh?' I was speechless. 'How about a drink while we talk, Paul?'
   This was fine with me, and I gave her a nod and walked past to hold the door for her, but she took me by the hand and gave me a huge hug and a long welcoming kiss ! Certainly not what I expected but not unwelcome either. I felt her tits pressing against me. Her breath was sweet, fresh, and warm on my neck as she said 'I have missed you, you old bear. We should keep this short as I understand your time is limited.

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  ' I took in the situation, surprised by the developement she suggested, but then thought 'What the hell. '
   A glass of wine, then another as we chatted about how things were in our lives. Married, both, in and out of difficulties with our spouses, both, no children and not really wanting any. both. As we talked her fingers traced little circles opn my hand and her foot, sans shoe rubbed against my calf. She slid around to the chair next to me and slid it even closer. 'Come with me. . . . ' I didn't need any further encouragement.
  We left the bar, walked to the lot where we got in her Explorer. Two captain's seats were in the front, while in the back was a fully careted floor, with fully tinted windowsall around.  As the door closed behind me she was in my arms, her lips open in a hungry, deep wet kiss. I met her tongue with equal enthusiasm and savored the taste of her.

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   The electricity of her tongue and the wine rushing through me gave the whole experience a sense of utmost urgency. I lifted my hands to her breasts, feeling the heft of them through the thin material of her blouse. The buttons seemed to find their own life as they were loossened without any conscious effort by me. There they were, the tits my friend had described to me , the tits I had dreamed about many a night, 34 D's with the most incredible nipples, long and hard pointing slightly outward because of the size of the tits. Not a hint of sag, not a blemish on those exquisite globes. She broke the kiss long enough to unzip my pants and slide her hand inside. My cock, already quite hard , throbbed at her touch.
   Mary lowered her mouth to my cock, sucking the head and licking the shaft. She urged me to the back of the SUV where soon enough we were without clothes or inhibitions. I laid back on the carpet as sheworked me over, first taking my 7" deeply into her mouth then swirling her tongue (God what a tongue) around the head all teh while making gentle sucking sounds. It was too much for me, seeing those dark red lips sliding up and down my cock, feeling the intensity of the sensation of her sucking on the head of my dick. I felt myself tensing , ready to cum in her mouth when she wrapped her hand around the base , squeezing and shutting off the explosion. She raised her body to place those magnificent tits around my cock , holding them together and then allowing me to thrust between them. With every upward thrust she lowered her head to take the tip of my cock into her mouth. After only a few hard thrusts the cum jetted out, coating her face and tits with slippery cream.

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    I kissed and licked her clean while my dick returned to its erect status, then lowered my self to her pussy, cleanly shaved and smooth as the rest of her alabaster skin. The lips were swollen, ready, and her clit was as fine as her tits, also long and erect. Nearly an inch long , it peeked out from betweent the lips of her pussy. Like a magnet her clit attracted the instant attention of my tongue and mouth. I sucked it in, feeling her grind her cunt into my face, licking and nibbling on this heavenly morsel. She thrust her hips against my mouth and tongue, moaning and making noises in her thraot. I slowly inserted my tongue as deep as I could into her cunt and then licking upwards across her clit. Mary shuddered as she came, pressing aginst my mouth.
     We postioned ourselves for the final chapter, me spooning up behind her , holding her tits in my hand as I drove my cock deep into her . thrusting and meeting thrust with hungry thrust we fucked for what seemed like hours. Finally we came togehter, her for the second time as well as myself.
   'Come to dinner tonight. ' she said. 'We can meet each other's spouse and see what happens. '
    I wasn't too sure.

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   Lord knows I wanted to fuck her again , in fact to keep on fucking her, but what would my wife think? "okay, but I don't know. . . . . . . '
   'Don't worry, I won't say anything to Gary(her husband) . We'll just brazen through and have a nice evening. If we fuck, great, if we don't , well we sure did just now. '
  That evening came around all too sson , as I was worried about how things would progress. The speech had gone well and Lori (my wife) was excited by the reception she had recieved. She met me outside the auditorium gave me a big hug and a deep kiss. A questioning look passed across her face as she pulled back from the kiss. 'Paul, you haven't been seeing someone else this afternoon have you?' Found Out!
   'Well, I stopped in and saw mary for a drink .

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   She invited us to dinner. '
   'I was wondering, I tasted wine. . . . 'Lori looked at me. 'but I guess you're a big boy. You can certaqinly have a drink with an old friend. '
    Later, as we got out of the car, Gary and Mary met us at their front door. 'I've heard a lot about you, Paul. mary speaks highly of you and your friendship. hard to believe we're finally meeting. And this must be your wife, Lori. . .

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  . ' Lori was wearing the same clothes as when she gave her speech, a long loose skirt and a tight sweater that clung to her tiny tits like a second skin. Her hair was up, concealing its lengthand she was made up in a provacative manner, dark eye shadow, deep red lipstick and long dangling earrings that drew attention to her long sexy neck.
    Gary was older, probably 50 or so and kept himself well. He was trim and broad shouldered, with slightly greying hair. He wasdressedcasually, slacks and a pullover.
     Over lobster (It was Maine , after all) small talk flowed easily. tales of school and the ensuing years occupied the conversation. Wine was poured, and the glasses refilled many times. Lori didn't often drink as much as she was this evening and was getting quite tipsy. Our talk turned to more recent times and soon centered on the afternoon. Lori turned to me and bluntly said 'You and Mary kissed today, didn't you?' We both didn't say a word. 'Oh come on now, it's no big deal. old freinds, a happy reunion, a glass of wine. .

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  . . . ' I nodded. She looked at me and without another word to me, turned to Gary. 'We're old friends now, too. ' And she laid a big wet kiss on him opening her mouth and sucking at his tongue. Gary was surprised but responded , if somewhat awkwardly. Mary didn't say anything but watched in amusement, undoubtedly thinking about the fact we had done a good deal more than kiss. Lori's hand slid down Gary;s pullover to cup his crotch. She broke the kiss and , looking right at me, said, 'and I'm thinking maybe more. Mary is quite beautiful. ' gary turned her face back to his and kissed her himself, taking her focus back to himself. Mary and I watched and didn't need any more urging when Lori looked at us and raised her eyebrows, as if to say 'Well? are you going to continue?'
     Gary took my wife in his arms, and laid her on the couch next to the fireplace, his knee between her legs and his hand finding its way under her sweater. Lori's tits, while small, boast the finest puffy nipples I've ever seen, but right now they couldn't be seen as Gary was sucking on them, first one then the other.

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  He slid her panties to the floor as she wrested his slacks down, exposing his massive cock. I admit I was somewhat intimidated by the size of his member, fully 10" and thick. Much bigger than my own. Mary said'it's why I married him. He does have a great cock. '
    I took Mary to the loveseat next to the couch so i could watch lori taking that huge dick in her mouth. WOW !! Mary was also watching , never taking her eyes off the action as Gary slammed his rod into my wife's mouth. When he came, it oozed out around her lips, but she quickly sucked it up and swallowed.
   Seeing this taking place only a few feet away made me realize I had two things going for me here. A hot wife that really loved to fuck and a gorgeous other woman in my arms , wanting some ot he same action for herself. I turned my atention to Mary , picking up where we had left off not so long ago, omly now getting straight to the business of fucking. Mary proferred her tight ass to me , grinding it against my crotch and maoning. She took me by the face and direcected me to it. Mary wanted me to lick her ass.   Who was I to turn down such an invitation? Hot, dark, forbidden.

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  . . . . . . Mary said 'Gary has never been there, he never wants to. ' 'Lori always wants to, and it's one of my favorite things about sex. Along with everything else.
    Mary pressed her ass to me, finally saying ' God, Just fuck my ass Paul, fuck me!!'
   Lori looked up from the reaming she was getting. 'Go ahead, fuck her. I knew you did when you kissed me, that's why I'm fucking Gary. But I must say, the reward of his cock is reason enough to do it some more. . .

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  . . . . '
   It's all a jumble of images. My cock, Mary's ass , Paul in my wife, Mary licking Lori's hot cunt, cleaning all of gary's cum out of her tight hole, Lori sucking first me then Gary, then me agin. Gary driving his cock into Lori's ass while she just moaned in abject surrender to its massive size and girth. Mry's clit even longer and more pronounced as Lori sucked and licked her husband then me, then Mary. . . .
     We fucked 'til dawn, napped and then with a flurry of sincere goodby kisses and fondling, found our way to our hotel. On the way Lori just looked at me. 'Paul, you haven't been seeing anybody else here in Maine have you? i hope not, I can't fuck anybody else for a while. ' I assured her there was nobody else, but perhaps we could return when vacation time rolled around.


   'I hope so. . . . yours is great, but his so big. . . . . . . . . . and with that she fell asleep, a smile on her face.

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   I agreed, he did have a big cock, but Mary still had the best tits and clit I had ever fucked.