mme the flinstones


  Willma  about to start to make dinner for her husband fred, when their daughter Pebbles a(age 15) ask her mom  what she thought about her making love with Bam bam. BamBam was the rubble's son and Fred's best friend.    Bam bam was a typical hormy teen at 14 years of age.   Willma said  i will talk with you before bed time. As willma thought about it she did want her daughter to screw up and began to think that she an Fred should teach their duaghter first. She also began to think it might be nice to have the kids jion in with the swinging they had with the Rubbles. So  after dinner Willma  began to snuggle with Fred getting hot and horny.   Then wilma suggested that they teach thier dauther about sex. Fred arousal  intensified at the very thought , pebbles was very sexy for her Willma and Fred proceded to thier daughter's room
Once they entered  Willma spoke up, Honey me and your dad will teach you abou sex then if you want Make out with Bam Bam you can and you may even join us when get together with the Rubble's   on friday night.     Oh mom I love  you and dad.   WIllma  and  Fred began helping Pebbles out  her clothes and  they strip each other .    Honey  The first thing  I will teach you howq to suck cock,   Willma  put Fred cock in her mouth Bobbing up  and down  licking and sucking  , after a few minutes Willma let her daughter suck daddy's cock. Willma position her so she could eat here daughter's young pussy. fred  was so excited that it only took 20 minutes before filling his daughter's mouth with cum. Mommy is that it . no Honey  now daddy going to penatrate your love tunnel it amy hurt at first but you will love it.

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   Willma  help Fred lower his cock into Pebble's pussy  ,Oh  it's  so thight Fred moaned as he was fucking his daughter, Willma    decided to sit on her daughter's face   . That's it honey lick me lick me good while  Daddy fucks you. thwe  fucked all night and even introduced Penbbles  to anal sex.
 The next day  Pebbles  was talking with Bam bam and suggested that their first sex  should be friday when thier parents meet. bam bam was was hornier than ever but agreed to Friday.  
 it was  Friday night the flintstone's were going over to the Rubble's   Welcome , Fred, Willma and Pebbles  , Bam bam told us you would be joining us. Bam Bam walks over to Pebbles  and gives her a long kiss while  feeling her ass  and slipping a Hand in her panties . pebbles ressponds by  stroking Bam Bam's  teenage cock
After a few minutes  Pebbles    gets on her knees and begins  sucking  Bam Bam's cock  O H this great pebbles don't stop.   Betty , My son has a bigger cock than I thought.   She   walks over and   starts sucking  Fred's cock , Willma  is already riding  barney's  cock.    barney  was really fucking her good  being ecited at seeing his son who was now fucking Pebbles, Go son go. Bam  Bam exploded cumming in Pebbles pussy.    Betty   Left fred I have taste My son's cumout your daughter's pussy, Bam Bam, Fuck me , Bam bam got behind his momma  and  began fucking her ,while  Willma   Was taking  Fred's Cock up her ass and Barney's  up her pussy. Thier sex  party lasted all wekend long
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