More Goody, episode 3


The first night I met my future wife and her future maid of honor I fucked both. I was 22 when I arrived at my new duty station in Wiesbaden, Germany in the summer of 1960. I was assigned to a headquarters squadron that consisted of sixty or so enlisted men and officers. We worked and lived in former German military administrative buildings. The dormitories were spacious and offered us much more privacy than standard American military barracks.

In the military, and especially overseas, you tend to socialize with the people you pull duty with. The single enlisted males had their favorite haunts downtown and most of the time you would run into someone you knew as you made the late evening rounds looking for pussy, our primary off duty occupation. We did a lot of sightseeing but our interest in German culture was finding the best places to score. There was of course the local bar scene where a guy could get lucky. If you were hard up there were always women you could pick up on what we called “10 mark strasse. ” The Amelia Earheart Hotel was a high rise set aside for American, single female, government employees. There was a bar in the hotel lobby, full of horny women, where some my buddies spent a lot of time, but most of us enjoyed the local culture more. The there were also a lot of swingers in the military and the occasional stray American wife on the loose and looking for action.

So it was that one Friday evening I strolled into Gene’s Place. It was not the first time I had been in the place but that night I spotted a few friends. Among the dozen or so males and females seated at the table was Rod, Goody and Dot.

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   They were mostly single guys, some with their German girlfriends and some dependent American wives. I had heard rumors that Rod was fucking Goody and that Dot was her best friend and that Rod had fucked Dot too. Rod was a shy person and not one to discuss such things; I learned later that the girls had told him they would cut him off if he didn’t keep his mouth shut. As it turned out it was Dot and Goody who, after a few glasses of wine, joked openly about how they had ravished poor Rod one night.

As the evening wore on, we drank more wine and danced to juke box tunes. I danced with Dot and Goody and several of the other ladies, including a girl from Denmark, Inge, working as a dental assistant on the air base. She had been around the block with a few of our fellow airmen and Dot and I later had a little thing with her too. I didn’t think Dot took too much notice of me until late in the evening she asked me if I could help get Rod to Goody’s apartment. He was drunk as usual. Goody wanted to take him home.

The cab seated only three in the rear so I sat in front with the driver. Rod sat between the girls. Rod was not all that drunk. His hands were all over both girls and I noticed right off that they didn’t seem to mind except for Dot saying, “Quit, Rod. ”

I glanced back into the rear seat.

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   Goody had grasped at Rod’s cock through his trousers and whispered in his ear, “Wait till we get home. ”

Goody’s well appointed boudoir was large and furnished for comfort. It included a chaise lounge, several occasional chairs and a big over stuffed chair. There was a large bed of course where we dumped Rod unceremoniously.

Dot said to me, “Ted, be a sweetheart and get us a bottle of wine from the cabinets. ” They pulled Rod’s pants and shoes off. After a few minutes I returned and saw the most erotic sight I had ever seen. Goody, dress bunched up around her waist, sat on the bed and leaned over Rod. She sucked his cock into her mouth. Dot sat next to Goody with her hand up between her friend’s legs. I had an instant hard on and almost dropped the wine.

Dot looked at me and almost exhaling the words said, “She likes to suck cock. ” Then she came around the bed and took a glass of wine and sat on the lounge. She patted the seat next to her, “Are you going to stand there all night?” With a smoking cigarette in her fingers she pointed at Goody. “She likes to eat pussy too.

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With my heart in my throat, I asked her, “And you?”

“I do everything Goody does. Are you game?” Dot said that she had noticed me, liked me, and planned to ask me to go home with them before the evening ended. She had been exploring the idea of finding some new cock. Rod was a good fuck but she had an itch to find something different. They were both going to fuck Rod that night but when I showed up she decided to make it a foursome.

She sat on my left and crossed her wonderful left leg over my knees. Her left hand came to my cheek and pulled me close and we kissed passionately. I ran my hand up her leg to her ass cheek and felt the firm muscles of her wonderful pear shaped ass. Her left hand went down to my crotch and fumbled with my belt buckle. My fingers found her wet labia and no underwear. Dot lifted her leg up slightly and I slipped two fingers into her as I felt her cool fingers free my fat eight inches.

“Oh, yeah! That’s nice! I’ve got to suck that!” She handled my cock lovingly, stroking, pulling.

She flipped around facing my feet, pushed me down on my back and leaned down over my stiff pole. Without hesitation her mouth enveloped the head of my cock and stopped there. The vacuum in her mouth was delicious.

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   I reached for her ass and she lifted her right leg and I reinserted two fingers into this wonderfully bald pussy.

I told her, “I like to eat pussy too,” and managed to squirm around in position to lick her cunt.

“Me too,” Dot said, and continued the most wonderful blow job I’ve ever had. I sucked at her labia and licked wildly away.

Her mouth was very, very good. But I wanted to fuck her. I could feel my orgasm nearing. I warned her, “You’re going to make me cum, Dot. ”

“I want you to cum in my mouth,” she answered. She wasn’t going to let go and hearing her say that put me over the top. My hips jerked but she didn’t skip a beat as she swallowed every last drop. When I sat up she was lighting another cigarette watching Goody on top of Rod. Goody was beautiful. Leaning forward, her wonderful breasts bounced against Rod’s face as she humped his long hard cock. She lifted her gorgeous ass till I could see just his bulbous cock head between her pussy lips then push them in as she plunged halfway down Rod’s rod.

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   Dot’s hand was at my cock again, “I want to fuck now. ”

I had my legs on the edge of the lounge leaning back. Dot faced away from me and lowered herself till my cock head met her labia. She took my cock in her hand and rubbed it against her clit. “Ooooohh, gawd, that’s so good!” She took it slowly since she wasn’t used to my girth. “Oh! Oh! Oh, fuck!” I lifted my hips cause I wanted it in all the way. She lifted away. “Wait, wait. Slowly, please. ” Then, “Ok, that’s good, that’s good. Oh, yeah!” I had already had an orgasm so I knew i could last longer this time. I heard Dot yell, “Goody!”

Goody’s breast were plastered over Rod’s chest. She was breathing hard, obviously just had an orgasm. Rod’s cock worked slowly in and out of her. He was still humping her as she lay motionless.

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   From the same position, leaning back against the lounge back, I watched Dot’s ass rise and fall deliberately, slowly on my dick. I held her ass in one hand and my cock in the other at the circle of cunt lips that clung to my meat.

“Goody! Come over here and show Ted how to eat pussy. ” She had my full length buried in her and rested on my pelvis. She spread her legs over mine and leaned back on my chest. I wrapped my arms around to massage her breasts and watched Goody approach. She knelt at my knees and pulled them apart.

“Oh, baby, that looks good enough to eat!” Goody and Dot both laughed out loud. I felt her fingers on my cock so I pulled out of Dot an inch or two. Goody licked at my cock and Dot’s labia where they met. “Let me see this thing, Dot. You haven’t given me a chance to take a good look at it. ” She pulled me out of Dot’s pussy and, “Oh, that’s nice! He’s fatter than Rod and he has foreskin! Wow! I’ve never seen one like this. ”

“Goody,” Dot reminded her, “That’s only the second cock you’ve ever sucked. Now put it back and lick my clit.

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  ” Goody did as she was told. “We h-have to teach him h-how to eat pussy cause he’s got such a nice cock. It reminds me of Jean’s cock in Paris. I sucked that one too. But, I never fucked him. Now I’m go find out what Charlie felt. ” She talked a steady stream, this one. “Yeah, Goody, l-like that. That’s so good! It fills me s-so nicely and you suck so g-good. ” I felt Goody suck around Dot’s cunt lips and my cock.

I saw Rod standing behind Goody reaching down to feel her ass while he stroked his long slim prick. The circumference of his cock head, helmet, was larger than the shaft. I watched his fist travel down to the helmet and stop there effectively blocked from going any further by the ridge. Dot was panting, “Oh f-fuck, Goody, Ohhhhhhh, fuck me! Oh, baby! Fuck m-me Ted! Rod! Put it in her. Fuck her!” Dot held Goody’s head to her with both hands so she could only moan in agreement and lifted her ass up to meet him.

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“Uh-hm! Uh-hm! Uh-hmmmm!” Rod didn’t have to kneel he just bent his knees and guided his cock into her. “Ohhhhhhh, god damn, that’s good!”

Dot pulled Goody’s head back to her pussy, “D-don’t stop Goody, d-don’t stop. I want to cum, but I want to cum with two cocks in me, Goody. We’ve never had two cocks before. I want to suck Rod. C-come here, baby, where I c-can reach you. ” Again Goody could only moan in agreement. I could barely see Goody between Dot’s legs but I saw Rod come closer to Dot. She clasped his shaft in her right hand and pulled it to her mouth. She sucked on the helmet like a candy sucker. She popped it out of her mouth and looked down at her friend, “You taste good, Goody. ”

“Mmmmmmm!” Goody broke away to quickly pulled my cock out of Dot. She engulfed it and sucked greedily for a moment and said, “You taste good too, Dot. ” They both giggled and laughed at their little inside joke. Looking up past her shoulder blade Dot turned her head to the right.

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   I could see part of Rod’s cock in Dot’s hand and the rest in her mouth. They were both humming now. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. Goody’s mouth, Dot’s clenching pussy and the sight of Rod’s cock in Dot’s cheek sent me over the edge.

I shouted, “I’m cummmmmmingggggggg!” At that, Goody pulled my cock out of Dot and caught the next glob of cum on her chin. She quickly sucked half its length down and swallowed the rest.

“Umm! Umm! Umm! Umm!” Dot moaned as Rod neared his orgasm. She sucked and stroked Rod’s cock faster as he spurted into her mouth. While I was still twitching in Goody’s mouth she let go and moved quickly to Dot’s face and Rod’s cock. It was still in Dot’s hand as it disappeared into Goody’s mouth. I felt Dot’s hand lazily stroking my limp tool and realized that she was also massaging her cunt with it. While Goody licked the remaining cum off Dot’s face they kissed deeply hugging each other tightly. Rod pulled away and collapsed next to me on the lounge.

The girls walked hand in hand to the large bed and pulled everything off except the white sheets. This was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my young life.

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   These two women, Goody’s thigh caught tightly between Dot’s legs, kissed and sucked and turned till the 69 was complete. They never stopped moving, turning, and sucking. I had to get closer to see and sat on the bed next to them where I could let my hand roam freely over them. I felt Dot’s tongue on my fingers as I felt for Goody’s wet cunt. I watched them as they paced themselves, prolonging the pleasure, so they could both cum together. Their hips jerked spasmodically. Their bodies stiffened and went limp, then stiffened again repeatedly, gripping each other tightly and talking to each other.

“Oh, Goody! Yes, yes, there. Gawd, I love your pussy, Goody. ”

“Uh-hmm, uh-hmm,” Goody hummed into Dot’s cunt.

That was the first time I saw Dot in her orgasm. Not while I was fucking her, but under her girlfriend’s mouth.

Rod came and sat on the other side of the bed. Dot pulled him down and straddled his pelvis. She guided his long slim cock into her bald pussy and slid down, “Ooooooh, yeah!” Then added, “Ted’s is much thicker, but Rod reaches way back there!” Goody followed suit and swung her leg over me to do the same.


   Dot and Goody turned to each other and kissed, their fingers frigging each other as we fucked.

A few months later, Dot and I moved into a small apartment and I submitted an application to my commander for permission to marry. After that, we decided to limit our sexual activities for a while; till the right time. The innuendo was that we would get Goody in bed between us again when the time was right. My wife's bisexuality was intensely erotic to me as you can imagine. I had a constant hardon whenever Goody was around. She was pure delight and loved to tease me. Dot enjoyed watching her do this to me. Goody would let me kiss her and feel her gorgeous ass as I ground my cock into her crotch . This led to Dot's feigned warnings to, "Stay away from each other!" I was kind of looking forward to another threesome with her. Dot admitted from the very beginning, "I'll need to be with Goody again sooner or later. " Sooner, I hoped.

Finally one evening, when the girls had cooked dinner and we were having an after-dinner drink, Goody sat next to me on the sofa. Dot sat across, almost within arms reach, on the over stuffed chair. We were smoking cigarettes and the girls were filling me in on their first sex with Rod.

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   Their story of how they took this young virgin farm boy, got him drunk and fucked his brains out gave me a diamond-hard erection. Goody teased me about it and playfully grabbed at my crotch. Dot was enjoying the torture. My wife's lover was laying half on top of me on the sofa rubbing her tits on my chest and fondling me through my pants, giggling and kissing me all the time.

"Grab it Goody, take it out of his pants. " With Dot’s encouragement she released my cock and all I could do was smile at Dot. Goody slid down to the floor between my knees and on the way down my zipper went down too. I watched her reach into my fly. Her cool fingers searched and found my hard-on. She wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed. I thought I was going to cum in my pants right then. Goody's fingers slowly stroked my foreskin up over my helmet.

Can I suck him now Dot; let me suck him, please, please. "

"Go ahead, sweetheart, I know you've been wanting to. " Dot slid down on the chair and straightened her legs.

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   She pulled her dress up to her thighs and her hands found her mound. She rubbed and rubbed her bare pussy till a damp spot glistened. She pulled her labia apart to run her fingers in her slick furrow. "Suck him, Goody. Make him cum in your mouth. I want to see it," she panted.

I could tell Dot was horny. Actually, she was hornier. She was always horny when Goody was around. So was I. Many times after we married I would see them turn to each other fondle each other's breasts, very casually and kiss.

Goody's mouth worked wonders. I looked into her face as her cheeks hollowed when she sucked, her eyes full of lust. I couldn't wait to fuck her. But I would, cause Dot wanted me to cum in her mouth.

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   I touched her pouty lips with my fingers as they passed over the veins on my engorged cock. Goody looked into my eyes as she sucked and gagged till I spurted my load into her mouth.

I looked at Dot and she smiled at me. "She sucks good, doesn't she honey?"

"Oh gawd yes!" Then I couldn't resist saying, "And she eats pussy just as good. "

Goody opened her mouth and released me, "I love to eat pussy, especially your wife's. But then she's the only pussy I've ever eaten," giggling. She turned to look at Dot. I knew she was ready for pussy after a couple of months without. On her knees, Goody moved the short distance to Dot's legs. Stroking my hard on, I watched Goody place her palms on my wife's knees and then pull them apart. I had also been waiting for the day when I would see this again.

Goody pressed her belly to Dot's crotch and then kissed her with open mouth. They kissed and kissed like this for what seemed like minutes and minutes, a tongue-wrestling moaning kiss. Goody's hands were at Dot's cunt. Dot's hands were on Goody's luscious cloth covered breasts, squeezing.

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   Then my wife's friend leaned back on her knees so that her open mouth was on Dot’s mound. She moved her mouth down and just like she did when she kissed my wife's mouth her tongue explored Dot’s warm flesh.

"Oh gawd, that’s so good!. I need it Goody, I need it. " Dot looked up at me, "Come fuck her from behind. " I knelt on the floor behind Goody and pulled up her dress to reveal her marvelous ass. I rubbed my cock up and down between her asscheeks and then found her wet labia. I inserted myself and pushed it in slowly. Goody groaned into my wife's pussy in approval. I slid it in a little then pulled back. I slid it in a little more and pulled back again. Then I slid it in to the hilt holding her hips tightly.

"Aaahhhhh, ya. . .

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  . ya fuck me!" I did, with long slow strokes while she lapped at my wife's cunt. We slept together again that night. I woke up in the middle of the night to feel my penis in somebody’s mouth. Later I woke again to movement and as I woke realized my wife and her friend were in a tight 69 rubbing up against me. I lay still and listened to the little sounds of their lovemaking; heavy breathing, gasping for breath, slurps, moans, humming. I had another hardon and moved closer.

Our sex life began to expand when John was assigned to my unit. He was to be there unaccompanied, meaning without his wife, until suitable housing was available for them. I was assigned to sponsor the new arrival and we became friends as well as co-workers. I invited him to dinner at our apartment eventually and it was then that Dot decided to get him and Goody together for some fun. We met and introduced them to each other at Gene’s Place. They took a liking to each other immediately. She didn't care that he was married. He was unaccompanied and on the prowl.

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   Dot wanted to fuck him too.

We had, the four of us, been out dining and dancing. A great night out of flirting, and teasing. Dot and Goody were up to their usual sexual antics with each other all evening. I knew we were all going to fuck that night. Dot wanted Goody to fuck John at our small one-bedroom apartment so she could be in on the fun. As it turned out she fucked him first.

So, it was Dot's idea to go back to our place, drink more wine, party and have breakfast in the morning. It didn't take long for John and Goody to start undressing and pawing each other on the couch. Dot took my hand and led me into our small bedroom. I saw her signal to Goody as we walked away.

We got naked and comfortable. Dot gave me a world-class blow-job as we listened to Goody shriek with delight when she pull John’s cock out of his pants. Goody walked into the bedroom with John in hand. Dot turned her head towards them but did not stop sucking.

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"Hey Dot, that bed's big enough for all of us to be comfortable. How about it? Can we join you now?" asked Goody.

They were down to their underwear by now. John was apologetic.

"It wasn't my idea, buddy," he said. "She said Dot wouldn't mind, but if you're not game, I'll understand," never taking his eyes off Dot's performance. Group sex was new to John. But, he didn't know the girls had already cooked this up between them earlier in the evening.

Dot, her hand slowly massaging my hardon, smiled at me and pretended to be coy, "You don't mind if Goody and John share the bed, do you? The couch is too small. " Goody, prick-tease that she was, smiled and licked her lips as she looked in my eyes and then my cock.

"Yes! I mean, no! I don't mind!" Dot gave my dick a quick squeeze indicating her approval. Goody let go of John's hand and literally jumped on the bed on top of me and Dot laughing and giggling. John was left in the doorway, a shit-eating grin on his face and a tent in his boxers.

With Dot playing along, Goody was playfully fighting Dot for control of my dick. "Come on, Dot, don't be so stingy with that!" I could see Goody's ample breasts straining in her bra.

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   She rested her elbow on my chest facing Dot. I had my hand in Goody's panties in the crack of her ass. The back of her bra was directly in front of me. I couldn't see but I was feeling their hands, their lips encircling my penis in a kiss. Goody wiggle- waggled her shoulders then turned her head to me, "Undo my bra, will you?"

Just about the same time John materialized next to the bed. Dot took his hand pulling him close so he could lean down to kiss her on the mouth. As she turned on the bed towards him. I lost sight of her hands but I knew she was groping in his shorts. It seems that while I wanted Goody again, Dot was eager for some new cock. Goody went back to sucking my cock and I reached around and played with her nipples.

We four lay on the bed close enough to touch as we moved about. John lay between my wife's outspread legs dry fucking her and licking her stiff nipples. She had both her hands between them and both hands were full of cock. He was bigger than me. Where Rod was long and thin and I was shorter but thicker, John was long and thick.

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   He was desperately trying to stick his dick in her. I knew she first wanted
pull his cock up and get it in her mouth. Dot, huffing and puffing in her heat, was looking at me and Goody all that time and was really turning on at the sight. She reached out and grasped my cock while Goody was still sucking on it.

Panting and almost pleading, Dot whispered, "Are y-you going to f-fuck Goody?" She wanted to know if it was Ok to do John since we were married now. I leaned over and sucked her tongue into my mouth.
At that point there was no way I was not going to fuck Goody. With our mouths still touching, I told her, “Fuck him, baby. Fuck him good. ”

Goody laughed, "Yes, he's going to me sometime tonight too!" It dawned on me then. Another guy is going to fuck my wife while I watch. I realized how horny I was watching them. My penis had no objections. I did feel funny about it at first, but that had nothing to do with what was happening right now and besides that I had already watched her fuck Rod. I liked that too.

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   Goody made it all academic by sitting up and swinging her leg over me and straddled my hips. She still had her panties on and started to rub her cunt on my dick while we kissed. I felt her reach down between to pull her panties aside. Then she knelt upright, pushed her pelvis out and said, "Do you like it? Her shaved pussy came into full view. Real close-up. The aroma took my breath away. It was a very prominent mound of Venus, full and swollen with arousal.

"Dot shaved it for me. " I knew that. Goody then reached back behind her to guide my dick into her and found Dot's hand. So together, they guided me into Goody's warm wetness. She sat down and took it to the hilt. She hunched her back, leaned down to press her lips to mine, jerked a couple of times while grinding her hips into me and had her first orgasm of the evening. Shit! She came before I did! Another first! Goody, unlike Dot, needs only to be fucked.

John meantime had given up trying to fuck that beautiful blond cunt of Dot's for the moment she pulled him up to her chest to her eager mouth.


   He hadn't forgotten her pussy cause he reached back to finger-fuck her.

Her mouth was marvelous! I thought, as I watched her suck the head of John's large cock. She had both hands wrapped around it like a baseball bat, her head bobbing on the end of it. This guy had been married for a while and he knew what he was doing. He's experienced, I thought. I also thought she isn't going to quit till she swallows his cum. He knows too.

Goody rested her head on my chest, her cunt still throbbing and clenching my prick. As she recovered she turned to watch Dot sucking on John's cock and him finger-fucking her. Goody had seen her lover-friend sucking cock before and smiled with anticipation at John's struggle to hold back.

"I want to eat your pussy, Goody", I whispered into her hair.

"I want you to cum in me first," she replied. It didn't take much after she started grinding again. My dick had not made a backward stroke yet. She had kept it buried to the hilt just grinding.

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   Then she started
fucking, bringing her ass up so my cock almost came out. Almost. Four or five strokes is all it took before my dick began to twitch and jerk and I gave my all to Goody.

"I'm cumming too!", she panted. We had a wonderful orgasm together; her on top, mouth to mouth, breasts pressed to my chest and her arms wrapped around my neck.

Next to us, John and Dot were close to orgasm too. Goody looked and spotted a target of opportunity, jumped up and dived between Dot's legs on the bed. Pushing John's fingers away, Goody planted her open mouth on Dot’s pussy and created a vacuum on her clit. With that scene in front of me I transformed my feeble dick into another raging hardon. Goody knelt on the bed eating my wife was a very erotic scene. I could see her tiny waist and beautiful undulating buttocks. I came around behind her to see her shining wet, shaved pussy, the crack of her ass and her anus. I wanted to eat all of it. I was mesmerized by her little pucker ring. I could not resist.

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   I placed the tip of my tongue to her anus and pushed gently.

"Ohhhhh, baby! Do that again, please!" So I applied myself fervently to her wonderful behind. I was no virgin when we married. I had already spent a tour in the Far East before Uncle Sam sent me to Germany. My buddies and I did some nasty things with a few Asian beauties, but anal sex was way out of my league until this very moment. Goody too. I kissed her ass cheeks, sucked on her clit and labia, giving each equal attention. I tongue-fucked both holes. My cock was trying to reach the same spot my mouth was at that moment.

"Umm-umm-umm-umm. Umm-umm-umm. " All the time, I could hear Dot humming a tune on her John-bone while Goody sucked and hummed on Dot's pussy. Humming and slurping. What a tune!

Dot knew John was close. She was amazed at his staying power.

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   She tried a little harder as she anticipated the load of cum that was now beginning to spasm up John's cock.

I felt the bed shift and stood up to place the head of my cock between Goody's ass cheeks and saw John's jerks and spurts into my wife's mouth. She looked up at John and smiled as she swallowed him whole. He jerked and twitched before pulling back streaming cum out her mouth. He slid down between Dot’s legs as Goody moved away but within reach of John’s cock. Goody positioned herself so that she could guide his dick to Dot’s swollen labia. She was ready. The lust in his face said he was going to fuck her and fuck her proper.

“Oh fuck, Dot! You’re going to love this! I know I will!” His cock slid through her little fist and into my wife. I reached in too and grasped his impressive tool and felt it slip between my fingers, spreading her labia as it plunged into her.

While watching the spectacle I heard Goody say, "John wants to fuck her now, lie down. I want to sit on you and watch them. ” I did as I was told but placed my back against the headboard so I could watch too.

John pelvis slapped my wife’s asscheeks as he pumped her from behind with long full strokes. The bed rocked.

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   Dot fucked back lifting her pelvis up to meet him, her cunt clenching his dick with every backstroke, extending her labia along its full length. She easily shifted and swung her legs over his shoulders. She didn’t want him to cum too quickly. She was smiling, loving the friction of a large cock stretching her pussy. John was holding back, holding back. Not yet, not yet. She was close to orgasm without her fingers or someone’s mouth at her clitoris. John was going to cum so soon. His dick was fully swollen and rock hard and he was going to keep fucking. But then she reached down and first squeezed John's cock with her beautifully long slim fingers then moved them to frig her clit.

"Ah! Ah! Aaaaaaaahh!" Dot's orgasm began slowly then quickly erupted as her fingers moved more furiously. Her hips convulsed stiffly, lifting John up and out where he spurted a white stream on her belly. His cock hard and twitching and flinging his load about. Dot slumped down on the bed, heart pounding, breathing hard, both hands together around John’s cock, pulling and tugging, milking it to the last drop.

As Goody rode me, she reached to fondle Dot's nipples.

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   "Wow, that looked good! Was it Dot?" Then she bent toward them to take John's wet and twitching cock in her mouth. Dot had not recovered yet and let Goody have her way then turned to look at me. She felt for my hand and squeezed it as she smiled at me and whispered, “Thank you, Ted. I love you. ”

After we had all recovered Goody moved her pussy up around on my mouth as I lay flat on the bed. She moved up on my nose so I could lick her anus. "You really taught him how to eat pussy, Dot. He's almost as good as you. " I looked up her wonderfully flat stomach to see her breasts above me. Her thighs were pressed to my ears. Behind Goody, I felt my wife sit on my dick. Wet, warm, freshly-fucked pussy. I felt juices on my thighs. I looked up to see my wife’s hands on Goody's breasts from behind, her mouth latched to Goody's neck.

John stood on the bed and positioned himself in front of Goody who took his cock in her hands and into her mouth.

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"You taste good, Dot," Goody giggled as she pulled it from her mouth momentarily. He pulled her head back and fucked her pouting mouth.

Dot laughed, "Goody, get off my husband's face and fuck John!" Goody rolled off, eager to fuck him. But, she wasn't going to let her fuck John alone, not if Dot could help it.

"John, lie down on your back. Goody lie down on top of him face up. " Goody knew the routine. Dot really got hot orchestrating their sexual encounters. Johns prick easily slipped up Goody's wet vagina as she sat on him looking toward his feet. She stretched her legs out and lay back on his chest then spread her legs. Dot held his cock till he was firmly ensconced. John massaged her breasts from underneath. Dot, between Goody's thighs, rubbed the palm of one hand on Goody's mound where John's cock was slid in and out between the fingers of Dot's other hand. After a few strokes, Dot pulled his cock from Goody's pussy and into her mouth. She sucked greedily then opened her mouth to say,

"You taste good, Goody.

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  " Dot giggled then guided John's engorged prick back into her friend's cunt. Dot lowered her mouth to Goody's mound, sucked, then licked at John's cock where it met Goody's clit, trying to work her tongue into the juncture. The bed itself seemed to be trembling and shaking with lust. Leaning forward, Goody held Dot's head in both hands. She wanted as much of her mouth as she could get. Dot fingered herself again and I was in awe and thinking I want to
do this again!

The next morning Goody was climbing out of the shower when I walked into the bathroom, half asleep, to take a leak. I had woken to the pounding Dot was getting from John right next to me. Goody opened her towel wide, "See? Nice and fresh. " God! I thought, What a body this woman has!

Hugging each other, we walked back into the bedroom to find John still humping Dot under the covers. My wife needs an orgasm first thing in the morning; usually her fingers or whatever's available.

John told us all about his born again wife, Angie Lee. He said she had conflicted feelings about her religious beliefs and her love of sex. He showed us pictures. In my mind I pictured what she would look like in a threesome with the women. John said he held little hope of that ever happening but agreed to let the girls work on it.

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   I held that thought in my head while I had Goody for breakfast.

Continue reading John's Wife, Angie Lee, episode 4

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