More Marsha, episode 11


Dot inspected her nude body in the mirror with pride as she prepared for her friend's visit that afternoon. She knew this beautiful young woman was coming to see her for more. More sexual pleasure that she got a taste of the previous weekend with Dot and her friends. Dot's breasts still rode high on her chest at thirty-five; nipples prominent with large pink aureole. Her flat belly led down to the wisp of blond pubic hair that marked the top of her prominent mound of Venus. She cupped her breasts, palming the nipples until they grew even more erect. The ache began to grow in her loins again. She had just had a quick cum in the shower. But that was just her regular afternoon orgasm. She had already had her morning orgasm before Ted got out of bed. No more . . . not yet, she thought, as she forced herself to stop fingering her furrow. Dot's husband, Ted, was on duty as usual and today it was to be a special afternoon just for Marsha. Dot told him that she had made plans for that afternoon and that she'd give him all the details later.

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On her part, Marsha had been looking forward to this visit with Dot. She knew they were going to fuck the afternoon away. Dot had whispered the idea to Marsha while kissing her goodbye the Sunday morning before. Dot and Marsha, along with their husbands and the couple next door, had turned an evening dine-out into an impromptu tailgate orgy on a dark German forest road. Before they parted, Dot invited Marsha for a little love in the afternoon the following week.

Marsha's beauty would tempt any man, and many women . . . like Dot. Dot was tall blond and slender. Marsha, shorter, with a perfect figure and long dark hair and green eyes contrasted perfectly with Dot's blond German beauty.

At twenty-five, Marsha was 10 years Dot's junior. The two had met when Marsha's husband Hutch arrived at his new government post at Ramstein Air Base in Southern Germany where Ted was stationed. The girls hit it off immediately. Dot wanted more of the gorgeous girl.

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   She wanted more of her without sharing her with a man. She was in the mood for a girl-girl cum fest.

After applying light makeup, Dot slipped into a light blouse and khaki shorts. Just right for the warm summer weather. She donned a pair of sandals with heels just high enough to set off her long legs. Dot and her husband had already been on station for a year when Marsha and her husband arrived. During that year they had been swinging with their next door neighbors, Jan and Bob. Their nineteen year old daughter, Brooke, had also been introduced to bisexual ways with Jan's encouragement. Dot told Brooke about her afternoon delight and to drop in as soon as she got home.

Right on time, the doorbell rang. Marsha was wearing a wrap-around skirt and tank top. The outline of her nipples against the light fabric made it patently obvious that she was bra-less. Dot greeted Marsha at the door with a hug and a lingering kiss, dropping a hand to roam lovingly over the woman's ass. Marsha blushed but obviously enjoyed it nonetheless. Dot led her to the living room couch for a glass of wine.

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   The two women made small talk as Dot opened the bottle.

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the evening out," Marsha said. "It was a beautiful drive down to Forbach. And, the dinner at the Cheval Blanc was fantastic!" Marsha then leaned forward to accept her glass.

Dot asked, "And the ride home? Did you enjoy the ride home too?"

Marsha beamed at Dot and blurted out, "Oh god, yes! I've never had such a fucking good time. Marsha blushed at her own unintended candor. She grinned sheepishly and asked, "Do you do that often?"

Dot laughed, "Only when the opportunity presents itself! Yes, Ted and I enjoy our sex together and with special people like you and Hutch, but the other night was impromptu, really. "You really look great in that top, by the way. " Marsha thanked her and said it was too hot for a bra.

Dot said, "I can see that. I can see your nipples hardening. " She sipped her wine, gave Marsha a seductive look and deftly felt cupped a breast in her hand. She saw the younger woman blush again but she was breathing more rapidly with excitement.

"Let's go in the bedroom, we'll slip out of these things so they won't get wrinkled and bring your wineglass. " Dot told her.

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When they entered the bedroom, Dot began to undo the buttons of her blouse. Marsha unwrapped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Dot did not see Marsha approach her from behind and gently slip a hand under the blouse and cup a breast. Dot was pleasantly surprised. She's actually taking the lead, she thought.

"I want you so bad, Dot. "
"Oh yes," was all Dot could manage, before Marsha's mouth met her own mouth. The two women's tongues entwined, probing, searching. Marsha's mouth moved quickly to Dot's sensitive ear flicking the lobe and exploring the sensitive flesh where it joins her neck. Almost immediately thereafter, Marsha's mouth closed on Dot's right breast as her hand reached for the other.

Her tongue danced on one nipple while she gently rolled the other swollen bud between her thumb and forefinger. The two women broke their embrace enough to peel off their remaining clothing and tumble onto the bed. When they renewed their sex-play Dot suckled her lover's breasts, each in turn. Marsha sighed with the attention and stroked Dot's legs. Her fingers searched until they just grazed Dot's moist pussy.

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   Instinctively, the older woman pressed her pelvis up to meet Marsha's fingers. Marsha pushed herself up on her knees and bent down to kiss her way down to Dot's pussy.

"You're horny today, aren't you sweetie?

Marsha looked up from between Dot's legs, "I couldn't wait to get here. After Saturday night, I haven't thought about much except when you went down on me. "

"It was a fun night wasn't it? But, as I remember it you also had your pretty pussy filled a couple of times, didn't you? Did you fuck all three of them?"

"Yes I did, and it was great. " Then added, "Hutch isn't the only man I ever fucked before or after we married. But we've never been in a group scene and I've only had sex with one other woman, girl really, in school. My roommate . . . we took care of each other. We didn't have steady boyfriends, but we did get laid occasionally. "

Dot asked, "And you've been wanting more pussy ever since?"

"Well, yes, I guess. I've thought about it off and on, but I've never met anyone like you. "

Marsha turned her head back down between Dot's thighs.

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   She deftly parted her bald cunt lips. She gently inserted her middle finger up to the first knuckle. Then she crooked it up and behind to find Dot's G-spot. Her thumb found Dots clit and began slow circle on the hood.

"Mmmmmm! Is this good? I've wanted to do you for a week . . . and Jan too. Gawd she was good the other night. "

Dot's lust began to build in her at the mention of Jan, her next door neighbor lover. . . and her daughter Brooke. She held Marsha's head and begged for her to use her tongue.

"Yeah, baby! That's good, t-that's good.

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   You're so beautiful, honey. And you look m-more beautiful down there. That's it, that's it, yeah!"

It had been too long since Marsha had enjoyed the taste of another woman's pussy. Sometimes, during masturbation, she would lick her fingers to enjoy the taste and aroma. Now it was here, close enough to enjoy the sweet pungent odor emanating from Dot's pussy. No need to pretend and no need to hold back. Dot was what she had fantasized about all this time.

"Oh, liebchen! Oh, Marsha! Lick me, sweetie!" Marsha's oral assault on Dot's dripping pussy was relentless. She licked Dot's lips lovingly, then sucked them into her mouth. When Dot thought she could stand no more, Marsha began thrusting two fingers into her friend as her mouth covered the rest of Dot's cunt. Marsha's tongue flicked against her swollen clitoris. She continued this rhythm until Dot screamed her pleasure and began moaning for her not to stop. Dot's orgasm hit her full force. Waves of pleasure swept over her. She turned and twisted in pleasure, one hand pulling on the back of Marsha's head, the other kneading her own tits.

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   She lifted one swollen orb and began to suck her nipple as the second orgasm came quickly. She pushed her pussy into Marsha's beautiful face as the girl's mouth sucked and lashed it into final release. Dot collapsed in rapture.

"Marsha! Honey! I am so impressed! You haven't forgotten your college education, sweetie. I guess it must come naturally to some women. But now it's your turn. " Dot rewarded her lover with a deep kiss eagerly tasting her own juices on Marsha's mouth. Dot began to explore her friend's silken body with her mouth and hands. She gave ample attention to Marsha's beautiful tits. They were, by far, the best she since Goody. On the other hand, there were also other memorable breasts she remembered.

But for the moment, Marsha's globes were round and full, tanned and unblemished. The nipples were thick, made for sucking. Dot felt the need to taste Marsha's now dripping snatch. Marsha's pussy was cleanly shaved except for a little triangle of hair above it.

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   Her clitoris was swollen and prominent. Dot began by going everywhere but there. Her fingers just grazed Marsha's pussy lips while her tongue and lips worked on the younger woman's inner thighs. Dot was amazed by the heat of Marsha's lust. The woman couldn't get enough of Dot.

Dot probed the silken tunnel of Marsha's vagina, while licking gently against the clit. As Marsha responded moaning loudly, Dot's mouth became more insistent, her tongue aggressively lapping at Marsha's clit. Her hands moved to the young woman's lovely butt cheeks.

As she sucked Marsha's pussy, Dot's fingernails dug into the tender flesh of her bottom. Marsha's cries became louder as she enjoyed her friend's attention. Marsha could hold back no longer. "Oh, t-that's it! Yeah! Oh, d-do me! Uh Huh, Uh Huh! OOOhhhhhhhh! Dot!"

"Sweetie, your pussy is so wet and juicy. Mmmmmmmmmm! I could eat you all day. You taste so good!" Dot didn't stop licking and sucking. Marsha could hear and feel the slurping sound Dot made on her pussy as her second orgasm was just about to explode.

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"Oh gawd, Dot! I'm cumming again. . . . . uuuuhhhhmmmmmm! Um! Um! Ummmmm!"

After kissing and cuddling as they recovered, Dot told Marsha to get up and sit on her face. Marsha got on her knees and straddled Dot's face. She parted her pussy lips for Dot to get good access. Marsha could feel Dot's tongue and lips devouring her clit as she straddled her friend's face. She moaned and slid her pussy all around Dot's wet lips, chin, and tongue.

After another quick and quivering orgasm, Marsha quickly shifted her position. She lifted one of Dot's legs and, straddled above her, scissored her legs with Dot to bring their pussies together. Dot reached up to fondle Marsha's tits while they enjoyed the ride. The wanton lovers rubbed and humped their wet, silken snatches together until they came together and collapsed once more into each other arms.

Dot stroked her young lover's body and thought of the toys in her night table.


   It was still early in the day. Where is Brooke,she wondered. She jumped off the bed and reached into the bed stand drawer.

Marsha's eyes opened wide, "Wow! I've never seen anything like that before, but it looks yummy!" Dot had a twelve inch double-headed dildo in her hand. "What are we going to do with that, Dot?"

Lovingly, they covered it with scented oil then Dot pushed Marsha back on the bed. Dot straddled Marsha's thighs like before but this time Dot was on top. Dot gently placed one end of the dildo between Marsha's labia. She leaned down to place her mouth to Marsha's then breathlessly whispered in her ear, "I'm going to fuck you good, schatzi!"

"Good, g-good. Fuck me, Dot!" Marsha gasped as Dot placed one hand palm down on her Marsha's mound then grasping one end of the dildo with her other hand and inserted it gently between Marsha's labia. Marsha reached down to grasp the dildo and nudged it in further. "Now you, Dot. " Marsha pointed the other end toward Dot's pussy.

Dot lifted herself up slightly. She grasped the exposed end of the dildo and brought it to her pussy. The dildo was curved between them.

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   Dot prodded the tool further up her pussy till it stretched straight but there was still inches of it exposed between them.

"Here it comes, sweetie. Keep pushing it in, Marsha. " Dot lowered herself and inched the dildo up into her and down into Marsha. She paused and pulled back an inch or more then lowered herself again to probe further. Dot held the dildo with her fingers, deeper with each thrust, till it disappeared between them completely.

"Oh, gawd, Dot! Oh, Dot! Ooooooh!" Marsha's breathing came more rapidly and she gasped as Dot mashed her cunt into hers. "Oh! Oh, fuck! Oh! Fuck! Oh, fuck, Dot! Yesssssss!" Dot paused, then pulled back up exposing a couple inches of dildo, then dropped down to grind her pussy into Marsha's again.

Dot looked up to smile at Brooke but did not stop fucking. They reached a sweaty, trembling orgasm.

Brooke had just moments before let herself into the apartment following Dot's instructions. She hurried back toward the master bedroom knowing exactly what she'd find. She didn't want to startle them and spoil their fun so she leaned against the door jamb, eyes wide open marveling at the scene. Brooke opened the top button on her jeans and squeezed her hand down inside her panties. She watched as Dot hugged Marsha's legs straight up and then both collapse on each other, panting and short of breath.

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   She loved having sex with Dot and wouldn't have missed out on this for the world. Her fingers warmed her clit. Brooke's mother, Jan, had told her about the previous Saturday night's sexual escapades. She was thrilled about Marsha and Hutch joining their little group. She liked Marsha. She was so pretty. She liked Hutch too.

Dot brushed the hair out of her eyes and looked up at the teenager, "Take your jeans off and come over here, Brooke. " Marsha turned her head and was pleasantly surprised to see the pretty redhead peeling her jeans off.

"Hi, Marsha. " Brooke stretched out on the bed to bring her head up to Dot's. She kissed the older woman full on the lips and said, "Hi, Dot. Can I have some too?" The young girl came back and lowered her head to feast on Marsha's breasts. Dot's hand was already in the girl's panties fingers pressing Brooke's labia apart.

Dot said to Brooke, "Show Marsha what I've taught you, liebchen.

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  " Dot pulled Brooke's panties off as the girl moved next to Marsha. Marsha pulled Brooke's tank top off the young girl exposing her nakedness.

Hearing Dot's instructions, Marsha grasped Brooke's head to her, "Yes, little one, come show Marsha. " Smiling at the girl, she added, "I'm going to like this, I know. I can't believe this, you're so young and beautiful, Brooke!" Legs and arms entwined they kissed and felt each other's breasts and buttocks. Dot sat up and leaned back against the headboard to sip her wine and idly massage her labia as she watched the vision before her.

Ted would love to see this. Dot continued to muse out loud, "Hell, I'd like to see it too. "

Brooke worked her way down between Marsha's thighs and opened her mouth to engulf the beautiful woman's pussy lips. Just like Dot taught her.

Still lost in her erotic fantasies, Dot pictured all of them. Bob, Hutch, Ted . . . the girls.

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   Jan . . . Goody. Thinking aloud now, "Goody! We'll invite Goody!"

Marsha and Brooke were involved in a heated sideways sixty-nine. Both had warm thighs pressed against each other's ears. Dot did not lose the thought though, "We'll have a party!"

Marsha disengaged her mouth from Brooke's pussy and looked up at Dot, "Did you. . . ummmm. . . say something about a. . .

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  . ohhh, ummm. . . . party?" Brooke had not let go of Marsha's cunt.

"Yes! My old friend Goody is coming down from Wiesbaden for a visit. We'll have a party so everyone can meet her . . . and you can eat her," Dot continued, laughing, at her own pun. She put her wineglass back on the night stand and stretched out behind Brooke spoon fashion. She inserted her head between Marsha's legs to join the young girl sucking on the other woman. "Is your mom on her way home?" I'm sure she wants to say hello to Marsha too. "

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