Mothers Secret Legacy Chapter 4


Chapter 4
Paint, Pussy and family fun 

 We had been painting for hours now it was bit after eleven in the morning and the sun was shining brightly through the large living room window making it feel that much hotter in the already sweltering room.
“Goddamnit! I can’t do this much longer, it’s too hot in here. ”
“Woohhhhh, you got right mom” said Jenn as she flopped down the plastic covered couch with a sigh.
“God! I can’t keep this up” exclaimed mom as she unzipped the front of her white paint suit  releasing her gorgeous bra clad globes and exposing them to the cool breeze of the small boxed fan I just turned on.
“Ohh thanks honey that’s much better” said mom turning into the breeze.
“Oh I think Robert thinks it’s a great improvement too mom” said Jenn grinning and pointing at the embarrassingly obvious tent I had made in my pants. Mom just laughed and pulled the two halves of her suit closer together and giggled an apology.

 “Well we are almost done we just need to apply a coat to this last wall but I think Robert has other things on his mind at this point. ” Said Jenn seeing how my “situation” hadn’t changed much.
“Well we really need to finish this today and we can’t do anything right now your father could be home for lunch at anytime now” said mom trying to be the voice of reason. Though Jenn being her perpetually horny mischivious self was obviously trying take advantage of my situation and of my own natural horniness to try to override mom’s catious nature.
“Come on mom we just recently discovered each other and we haven’t had a chance to be altogether yet. Mom come on you’re the one that said you wanted this life so badly” said Jen as she took mom’s arm coaxing her out into the center of the plastic covered room. Walking backward and pulling mom along with her amd stepping out of her already unzipped paint suit and urging mom to shed hers too. As Jenn was stepping backward she tripped over the paint tray filled with blue paint; which she promptly fell into coating her naked ass in Smurfette blue.

“Ooh cold, cold…Cold.

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  ” Moaned Jennifer, Mom and I both burst into fits of laughter. “you mean either of you can resist this?” said Jenn shifting positions and smiling while looking back over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow at mom and I waving her paint covered backside at us while on her hands and knees.
“Well mom?” asked Jenn.

 Well this was it the ball was in mom’s court I prayed that she would accept Jenn’s lewd invitation because the tent in my pants needed immediate attention.
“Actually…  its Robert’s choice” said mom with a wicked smile as she kneeled beside Jenn on the plastic covered floor mirroring her position, shedding the last remnants of her clothes on the way to the floor.
“Well Robert?” said mom looking back at me over her shoulder. The piar of them looking like a mirror that reflected Jennifer’s future.

 Well I suppose the ball was in my court now I got up off the couch and stripped down to my birthday suit. I couldn’t resist Jenn’s slick blue buttocks taunting me anymore so I got on my knees behind her and effortlessly slid my aching dick into her wet and paint sodden pussy. Almost as soon as my dick head felt her soft wet inner flesh I began pumping away like a piston. I playfully slapped her ass as we were really got into the rhythm and mom was gently lapping at Jenn’s swaying tits. Then I slapped mom on ass just like I did Jenn, leaving a big blue hand print on mom’s alabaster ass. “Hey!” mom yelped in between sucks on Jenn’s nipples.

 After I few more pumps Jenn was close to her climax…. then that tell, tell scream of her climax then her signature water works soaking the plastic beneath us leaving us in a pale blue puddle of water and sweat.

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   The weird thing was I was still hot, hard and still ready to go. I slid out of Jenn and straight into mom which most have surprised her a bit because she was still focused on Jenn’s breasts.
“Well welcome “home” son” said mom as I began to give her the same pounding I just gave my sexy sis. Then as jenn lay recovering next to us that same weird primal force that gripped me the first time I fucked mom consumed me again I thrust as deep as I physically could straining my dick for every centimeter more I could muster.
“GAWWWWWDDDD!!” Robert  fuck me deeper faster, faster. FASTER!!, FASTER!!”  I was in overdrive once thrusting like my life depended  on it.
“FuUUUCK!! Mom that’s good. ” I grunted as a grabbed her hips with both hands pulling her up to her knees so that we were both on our knees with her leaning back on me forcing my erection in her deeper. I thrust harder and harder up into her hot sex until we were both up on our feet never losing our pace or rhythm for a moment. Next thing I knew she had her hands up on the wall I was gripping her hips just to keep me from collapsing from exhaustion and ecstasy.   Mom was speechless and completely lost in ecstasy. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she bit her arm in passion.  

I felt that familiar sensation of my cum rising. I used the last of energy to drive both of use home. Mom’s arms gave way  her tits pressed against the unpainted white wall leaving blue smears from mom’s blue breasts all over the wall.

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   As we both came I nearly fainted. I slipped out of my mother’s blissful cunt and she slid down the wall utterly spent.   Some time soon after we all piled on the plastic covered couch and cuddled, kissed and sucked on each other no one caring who did what as long as he or she was touching and being touched. My mother and sister had their hands crammed between each others legs meaning both of them wiggle and moan awkwardly while I lay on the opposite end of the sofa stroking each of their legs while I recovered from our frenzied session. Just as I sitting back thinking my life could get no better and their were no more unfulfilled fantasies Jenn and mom changed positions with their pussies touching then they began grinding the clits and labia together. With that my little solider needed no more rest he was back to full attention.

With Jenn being the more agile of the two she was doing most of the work. Raising herself up with her arms and grinding downward into mom’s pussy.   Drawing a stream of explicit shouts from mom “Shit, shit, shit, oh fuck, oh fuck, FUCK!. . . . . and Jennifer’s usual screams of passion. All the while I’m sat back and enjoyed my fantasy made real.

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   Slowly I stroked my throbbing cock trying to enjoy the show as long as possible before I came. As I felt my self about to cum once again I decided I would let Jenn finish me up it had been a while since I felt her tight throat swallowing my cock.   While still grinding up and down on mom she eagerly accepted my member into her mouth never stopping her grinding motion on our mother’s pussy.   It only took three skillful sucks from Jenn before she had a mouthful of my finest cock cream. The split second after I came I heard a brief case hit the floor and I saw my father standing in the doorway a look of shock and disgust on his face. If possible my just softened cock went even limper and my heart jumped up into my throat.



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