Mothers Secret Legacy Chapter 6


Here it is chapter 6, just 2 more chapters to go after this in this little tale and I promise you do not want to miss the next two chapters. In fact I consider this more of a prelude to the final 2. Enjoy!

Chapter 6
Family Values
 Early in the morning the next day I heard mom rattling her keys, I groggily opened and sat up on the couch I was sleeping on.
“Where are you going?” I asked
“Just out to run a few errands, your sister has already left for work and It will be just you and your grandmother till Jennifer gets off on her lunch break at noon and I should be back around two O’clock, ok baby” she said.
“Sure mom” I said lying back down to catch a bit more sleep.
“Robbie you should really find some work,” she said
“Whatever” I mumbled falling back to sleep.

 I was swimming in the warm waters just floating out at sea, this was great the family vacation to Cancun was the best idea dad ever had. I warm wave pulling me out further by the second. The water felt warmer and warmer till it was almost hot. As I began to drift back from sleep the heat felt more localized as in around my cock! Moreover, it was in someone’s very hot mouth and god it felt great. I was afraid to open my eyes thinking it might be a dream.
“Bout time you woke up” she said
“Grandma?” I asked
“Who else? You didn’t seem to mind last night,” she said taking her mouth off my cock.
“That’s one hell of a wake up call” I said
“That’s nothing that was just the appetizer. ” She said grinning from ear to ear.
“Huh?” I asked, “You mean there’s more?”
“Much more” she said lifting her head up “I’m gonna show you I can still ride a cock like nobody’s business. ” She said climbing on top of me and straddling my legs.

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   “Hmm” she said licking her lips and drawing one long slow lick up from my cock to my navel. “This is gonna be good. ” She said crawling onto me.

 Grandma pulled up her nightgown a bit as the straddled me. She moved over my cock positioning her wet sex over my bulging cock. Holding her labia open, she slowly impaled herself on my cock. Inch by maddening inch she sank deeper on my cock until I was completely in her.

“Don’t move,” she said placing her hands on my chest with her eyes closed. I could feel her shiver slightly. We stayed like that not moving for a full minute. Then slowly she rocked back and forth on my cock. She moaned softly as she gently rocked back and forth. I was riding a blissful wave of slowly building pleasure her hot slick walls building the pleasure in my cock like the hot tide of the ocean. Each wave of rolling flesh pulling my cum closer to the surface like the tide.
“Mmm Robbie let me ride you nice and slow, It’s been so long since I had a nice young cock.

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  ” She whispered moaning more and more as she rode me. The slow building burn was killing me, my hips buck at strained to go deeper and fuck her harder dispute her protests to go slow.

 The slow sensation was driving me crazy my cum always felt like it was just beneath the surface like I was gonna cum any second I just needed her to ride me just a little harder, faster. She had been teasing and rubbing her clit the whole time. Then suddenly she slammed down on my cock and didn’t move she rubbed her clit a little harder and I felt her muscles tighten around my cock, contracting around me and reasing me in a steady rhythm, as she came I did too my cock convulsing inside of her. Her whole body visibly trembled with the aftershock.

“God that was great Robbie” she said finally opening her eyes.
“Well you’re about to get a whole lot more, you said you liked it rough before now you’ll get it rough” I said moving her off of me and moving between her legs and resting them on my shoulders. I guided my still wet cock into her pussy.
“You want it rough?”
“This old gal can take anything you got” she said self confidently although still breathing hard. I thrust back and forth with a few powerful strokes to get in the rhythm this drew a few short gasps from her.    

I forced myself deeper into her pressing her legs back closer to her chest until they were almost touching her large breasts.
“Ohhh” she moaned partly out of pleasure partly out of pain. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. She moaned almost screaming as I plowed into her hot sex.

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   I shoved it in to the balls forcing her legs back as far as they’d go. I looked down at my lust-filled grandmother screaming in pleasure as I plowed into her. I pulled out just before I came and shot a big load on her stomach.

“That rough enough for you?” I asked dropping down beside her.
I could see she was exhausted, her body glistening with sweat and her chest red with passion.

 After she calmed down a bit, she looked over at me and said
“Robbie you make me feel young again” laying a arm across my chest she turned over and went to sleep.
“I’m glad,” I said as we both drifted off to sleep.


 We had been sleeping for a while by this time it was almost noon and I heard the front door open.
“Hey I’m home” called Jenn from the living room. When she didn’t get a reply she looked around the house calling our names until she found us in my room. Grandma was still sleeping soundly next to me.
Jenn walked down the hall to where we were and saw us lying in bed together from the hallway.
“Robbie you didn’t did you?” asked Jenn almost whining when she said it.

“Did what?” I asked
“Grandma too, you’re a fucking pervert you know that?”
“I can’t help it if we have such a sex family” I said laughing
“And here I thought you only had eyes for me” said Jenn leaning against the doorframe and bating her eyes mockingly.
“I just popped in to check on you I’m going grab a bit to eat then I’m off back to work”
“Okay” I said rubbing the side of grandma’s breast as she slept.

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“Listen” she said “Mom is much better now but he starting to really miss dad I think you need to take her out to dinner tonight  I’ll have to drive grandma back to airport tonight after work so it will be a perfect time to take her out.
“Yeah” I said, “that sounds like a plan, mom doesn’t need to sink back into her depression again.

“I agree,” said Grandma waking up from my gentle touches “hmm that feels good Robbie”
   I need some coffee how about you Jenn?” asked Grandma getting out of bed foregoing the nightgown altogether.
“Sounds good” said Jenn heading to the kitchen grandma following her.

 The smell of coffee pulled me out of bed a few minutes later. I walked into the Kitchen both of them were sitting at the table sipping their coffee. I was still naked and so was grandma. “Now this brings back memories” said grandma “I remember times we wouldn’t wear clothes for the whole weekend when the kids still lived at home”
“What?” asked Jenn
“Yeah we would send whole days naked sometimes, it was just easier if we didn’t plan to leave the house” replied grandma
“It was relaxing and rather freeing really, well until your grandpa got horny, then we would all end up fucking till dinner.

  My mind whirled back the photos of mom and Grandpa Luke we had found when we first moved mom in.
 “Hell you know the family secret now, your mom forbids me to tell you kids because your father didn’t agree but you and your sister carried on the family legacy anyway. ” She laughed taking another sip of coffee.

“You kids may as well learn the family values we taught to your mother and your uncles. Jenn I know you have been with your brother and mother but do you understand the values of what we were trying to teach your mother?”
“Mom said you taught her to not be ashamed of her body or feelings,”
“I want you to understand we never forced the kids to do anything, we never even brought up the idea until of incest until they were in junior high school. ”
“And?” I asked intrigued because all this had been kept hidden for so long.
“We talked with them about it and let them ask any questions they wanted just the same way as way we did the first time we talked to them about sex,” said Grandma Carol.

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   “So how did it all get started?” I asked so wrapped up in her tale I almost forgot she was naked.

“Well…” she continued, “your uncles Jack and Bobby said they though it was weird but that they didn’t think that incest was really as sick and wrong as most people made it out to be. Your mother said much the same but I could tell she was less enthusiastic about it than her brothers were and they weren’t that crazy about it in the first place. However we told the kids we planned to live open lives from then on but only if it didn’t bother them and they said it didn’t”

“Huh?” I asked confused
“Your grandfather started back going nude on weekends like we did before we had the kids. We also stopped trying  to hide our love making from the kids, I’m not saying we had sex right in front of them for no reason but we didn’t lock door or be quiet in our lovemaking either. ”

“Your grandfather was such a horn dog back then he was constantly flirting with me and playing little games around the house from then on”

“Your uncle Bobby was the first to do anything though because he was not as popular as your mother and other uncle. He stayed at home a lot and was not as sociable. I caught him masturbating in the bathroom once listening to me and his father having sex. ”

“I was gonna take a quick shower afterwards our lovemaking and just walked into the bathroom, he had forgotten to lock the door. He had just came because he was still holding his cock and cum was running down his cock and hand. ”

“He looked so terrified, I didn’t know what to do so I started to run the shower as he cleaned up his hands. “Its alright I told him you can come in and watch if you like, You don’t have to do anything just watch. ” He left the bathroom and a few weeks after that he got brave and came in while we were having sex later”

“He watched and masturbated every time we had sex there after. It turned me on a bit knowing we was watching me and coming because of it. After I had given Luke a blowjob I asked if he wanted one, he froze of course but next time he asked if the offer was still good and of course it was and after that it was history as they say well at least as far as Bobby was concerned.

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“I think he must have told Jack about it because once when I came in his room to check on him while he was doing homework he asked if he could have one too, soon after all the men in the house were fucking me. My husband and our two sons” said Grandma Carol.

“But what about mom?” I asked because it was the part I was most interested in.  

“You would have to ask her that, I came home one day and she was ridding her father in the big recliner in the living room. I never asked Luke when or how, we were all just one big fucking family after that. ”

“Wow!” I exclaimed I had been steadly stroking my cock through my shorts absent-mindedly the whole time.
“You almost done rubbing one off to our naughty family tale?” she asked smiling at me.
“Oh sorry” I said realizing what I was doing.
“Its fine, remembering those times have gotten me a little hot and bothered too” she said fanning herself in a mock gesture.

“Told you he was a perv, but I have to get back to work” said Jenn leaving the table.


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