Leena held her mouth tight over Piyush's hard on as it filled her mouth with white hot cum. As the last jets dripped from his dick, he exclaimed, "Baby, you do that like no other bitch I ever had the pleasure of fucking!" Leena swallowed the juicy liquid and looked at her lover with bright happy eyes. She always loved it when Piyush would compliment her sexual proficiency, and lately he had been complementing her plenty! He loved getting head, so she put everything she had into it, so as to get his approval. She felt very lucky indeed to have a boyfriend like Piyush. While she was only eighteen and still in high school, he was twenty-one and working a full time job at the tire factory on the edge of town. She knew some of the women that worked out there, and Piyush surely could have pick of any of them. Piyush always told her that age didn't necessarily make you a good fuck, and that she was better than most of the other woman he had ever had! Without a dad around the house, Leena was the perfect target for someone needing a father figure in her life. Guys like Piyush just seemed to have a sixth sense in smelling out the particularly vulnerable young women on whom to prey on. Piyush would get off work at 3:00pm, and drive over to Leena's place where they would have sex for an hour or so in Leena's bedroom. Her mother was a line worker at the candy factory, and didn't get off work until 5:00pm, so this gave the two lovers plenty of time for their extra curricular activities! If Leena's mother even had a hint she was having sex with an older man she would skin them both alive, so Piyush was always out of there by no later than 4:30! Today they had made love two times, and had finished up the usual way, with Piyush filling Leena's mouth with cum. It was only 4:15, so the two of them lay together naked, just nuzzling and kissing each other, neither of them hearing the opening and closing of the back door. If they had, they might have been able to scramble up and get on their clothes, but instead they just lay there as Leena's mother opened up her bedroom door. There were three pretty stunned people in that room, but it was Leena's mother who spoke first, orshould I say yelled first!!! "What in the hell is going on here, Leena," Meenashouted, "and who the hell are you," she asked, looking directly at Piyush?!?!?Leena, totally terrified, tried to answer, "Well, Mom, it's like this. . . .

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  . ""Like what, you little slut," Meena fairly shouted, "tell me what it's like!!!"During the entire explosion, Piyush just lay quietly on the bed, not even trying to cover up and hide his nakedness. Now again, Meena pointed her fury at Piyush and shouted, "Get out of my house, get out of my house right this instant!!" Piyush just smirked at the older woman and stood up, brazenly showing off his well formed physique. "Lady, why don't you shut your fucking mouth and leave us alone here, this isn’t any of your business anyway," Piyush sneered! Meena was suddenly unable to reply to the rough young man who stood before her, being intimidated by his crude manner and forceful personality. "Now me and the little bitch here, have been fuckin' for months now, she's been afraid you'd find out about us, and I've tried to help her keep her little secret, but I really don't give a fuck if you know about us or not," he insolently continued. All this time Leena was lying on the bed with a sheet pulled up over her, listening to the exchange between he mother and lover. Piyush walked over to Meena until he was right in front of her, his naked pecker growing to it's full nine inches, pointing directly at the stunned mother. "Hey, baby," he went on, "look at this meat I have here, your daughter tells me you aren’t getting' any, so why not try it out right now?" Seeing the massiveness of the erection in front of her, momentarily threw her off balance. It was true that she hadn't had a man for months, and the mere sight of this young man's hard on was making her knees go weak. In a weak trembling voice she reiterated, "Please get out of my house right now or I'll. . . " Piyush cut her off, and in a hard-edged voice demanded, “Or you'll do what, cunt?" Meena swallowed hard, trying to regain her lost composure. In most cases, a man can sense when he has a woman at his mercy, and this was no exception, Piyush knew instinctively that Meena was his for the taking! With her defenses totally shattered, Piyush took her by the arm and led her over to the bed, where he sat her down on the edge. His cock now at face level, he moved it inches from her mouth.

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   He didn't even have to tell her what to do; she opened her mouth and sucked the giant head in. Looking down at her, he commented, "Now I know where the little bitch here gets all of her talent from!" Leena looked on with wide eyes, not believing what she was seeing! In less than two minutes from the time she opened the door, her own mother was sucking off her boyfriend right in front of her! She would have complained, but seeing how Piyush had handled her mother, she felt is was wise to just shut up and do what she was told!!! Meena couldn't believe what she was doing, sucking a huge cock in front of her only daughter! The magnetic and over powering personality of Piyush Davis was more than she could cope with. It was plain to see that both she and Leena were under the spell of this young man, and there was nothing either of them could do about it! What ever he wanted, they would be only too happy to give it. All though she was trying to fight it, her pussy was leaking like a rowboat full of holes! Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Piyush order her daughter, "Darlin', do that little thing with your pussy, ya know, the one where ya lay with your legs spread and your fingers up your cunt!!!" Leena threw back the covers and revealed her beautiful slim young body for both Meena and Piyush to see. She lay back and spread her legs wide apart, exposing her dripping pussy to open air. "Do it bitch," Piyush spat at her, watching as the young girl began to masturbate. "Look at your little baby," Piyush said, "she always did have a hot little cunt!" Out of the corner of her eye Meena could watch Leena rubbing her fresh young vagina. She wondered to herself if her daughter loved having this huge penis jammed into her little hole. Jesus her daughter looked hot, no wonder Piyush loved fucking her! "Keep playing with it baby, I'm gonna fuck your old lady!!!" Piyush pulled his pecker from Meena 's mouth and lifted her to her feet. He gave her passionate kiss full on the mouth, which caused Meena 's legs to slightly buckle. "Okay baby," he ordered, "off with your clothes, now!!!" Joanne hurriedly stripped off her slacks and sweater, leaving her with just her bra and panties. Piyush let out a low whistle of approval as he looked the older woman over from head to toe. Even though she was thirty six, her breasts were still full and firm, with just a slight hint of sagging. With her bra off, Piyush cupped them in his hands, taking time to roughly twist her nipples. A low moan escaped her lips, which didn't go unnoticed by Piyush.

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   "Oh, you like that do ya, bitch," he said with derision, "Want some more of that do you?" Meena had a far away look on her face, but nodded yes to Piyush's question, and pushed her chest hard into his hands. The tit massage made her forget about taking off her panties, but Piyush didn't forget, and reached down and ripped them off her with one hard yank! Now both mother and daughter were totally naked and ready to do the bidding of this young dominating male! Piyush put his hand between Joanne's legs and fingered her wet cunt. "Well, bitch," he said scornfully, "what we got here is a wet fuckin' pussy!" "Okay, lay down beside Leena," he ordered Meena. She dutifully obeyed him, and lay down next her daughter, looking saddly into her eyes. Piyushpositioned himself between Meena 's legs, and guided his pecker head into her wet slit. Once he got the head inside, he drove his penis home, causing Meena to scream out in a mixture of pleasure and pain! Shaking her head from side toside, she kept begging for Piyush to fuck her harder! Piyush needed no more encouragement, as he slammed his pecker in and out of her helpless cunt! Both Piyush and Meena were on the orgasm express, as they drove each other towards their climaxes. Leena was transfixed at the sight of her sweet innocent mother being fucked like a whore, and hearing her beg for more! Her own finger was working her little clit into an absolute frenzy!Then she heard her boyfriend’s order, ” hey leena come over your mom and put your hot and wet cunt on her mouth to let her lick you pussy. ”Both mother and daughter got stunned with this but they had to do this. Leena moved towards her mom, she positioned her on her mom in 69 position. Now her pussy was right on her mom’s face and her own face was near her mom’s pussy which was stuffed with her boyfriend’s huge cock. Meena could not stop herself from licking the young pussy infront of her. She opened her mouth and took the first lick of her daughter’s pussy juices. Then she started to lick her pussy. She started to push her tongue in and out of her pussy. On the other side Leena also started to lick her mom’s clit with her tongue tip.

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   Piyush pulled his cock out of her mom’s pussy and pushed it into her mouth. Leena accepted the cock covered with her mom’s pussy juices and began to suck it. Then Piyush again rammed his cock back into her mom’s wet pussy. After a few strokes he pulled his cock out of Meena’s pussy and came to her head end. There he pushed his cock in her mouth. She had to suck her own juices from his cock. She was sucking her cock while her daughter was licking her pussy juices. “ put my cock at your daughter’s pussy opening you bitch. ” Piyush barked at her. Meena took his cock out of her mouth and put its head at her daughter’s dripping cunt hole. With one thrust he pushed his full cock in her pussy and started to fuck her. Meena started to lick his balls which were hanging right on her mouth. Both of them had known that they are now his slaves to be fucked whenever he liked. Then leena started to cum and after a few strokes he was also about to cum. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and ordered both of them to suck it.

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  Both the mother and daughter started to lick and suck his cock one by one. Then he started to cum and sprayed his cum on their faces. They both sucked the cum from his cock to make it clean. Piyush ordered them to lick each other’s faces clean. Leena was first to start licking her mom’s face and the Meena also licked his cum from her daughter’s face. Both of them were sucking each other’s tongues when Piyush said, "You cunts are two of a kind, like mother like daughter!!! You both are like real whores who love to fuck and to be fucked in a dirty way" Now putting on his clothes, Piyush stared down at the two women and exclaimed, "Tomorrow afternoon, you both be here, understand?!?"Both of them said "yes" in unison. Piyush replied, "You fucking better be!"After he was gone, both of them collected their dresses without saying a word and Meena moved to her own room. They both knew that from that time on they were both Piyush' fuck dolls and both of them were happy with their new status. . is the top online escort service in Belgium!

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