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She came to my house after the long wait. I was alone in the house for the day, and very horny by our last nites telephone conversations. Well here she was dressed in a wrap around and a waist length spaghetti. Hair tied in a band loosely. The moment she entered I could smell the lingering seductive aroma of L’ air du teimps. I just took her in my embrace and close the doors. The structure and curves of her body seem to just fit in my arms. I was just in my 40704 Levis and nothing on top. Probably she wasn’t wearing a bra as I cud feel her nipples poking in my chest thru her top. During this tight n hot embrace donno when hair fell off loosely with the band reaching the floor. As I pulled her slightly apart to see her innocent and sexy at the same time , killer looks what you call. One of the straps of her top had come down off her shoulder and she was too shy to face me. My hands reached to grab her waist and as my fingers rolled in slightly under her top and the skirt at the same time. I could feel her skin all together different today , too smooth and n soft actually it was hairless today. With that I pulled her close and kissed straight on her lips wildly darting my tongue in her mouth and tasting all she had to offer me. My hands were moving pretty fast at that time rolling all over her waist pulling her top and slowly my hands reach her back getting insider her top , feeling every curve of her back that warm touch bare skin.

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   And getting down I press her ass cheeks both of them cupping with both my hands tightly, pressing her crotch against my rising bulge. She lets out a deep moan. Then I lift her in my arms and proceed to the bedroom. I throw her on the bed dividing her legs spreading them rising her wrap around to reveal her shinning smooth legs n thighs high enough to see her lacy black panty. I get between her legs my crotch pressing exactly over her mound my hands holding her face give her a deep kiss on the lips, then hands grabbing her shoulders kissing her neck, earlobes, her eyes are closed in a deep ecstasy and I start getting lower. With my hands reaching under her top slowly rising to her soft small firm breasts amazed to feel her nipples erect and tight. I rise both her arms smelling the armpits and she giggles as its ticklish but she lets out a ouch as I pinch her nipple between my thumb and finger. I pull her top all the more showing off her both breasts and beautiful navel. My hands and fingers traveling all over her beautiful body. My one hand still squeezing her left breast and my mouth takin love bites all around the right one. sucking deeply her tits making them swell. As my other hand reaches her upper thighs making space for itself feeling the fleshy soft and smooth skin. She has no control over herself. My mouth busy above and hands below feeling her mound all damp with her wetness her love juices. I can feel the orgasm building there making her wet more and more.

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   As I start rubbing her over there above her panty. She spreads her legs even more pleading me to posses her completely. Faster and faster and she is getting wild and crazy and telling me to play with her as much as I want. I try to slid in a finger or two from the side of her panty line and I m shocked and amazed to find it hairless and sticky. A shriek escapes from her mouth, she cant control. My attack on her most sensitive and private parts. Both at the same time bottom and above. But just before I feel she is about to hit her peak the deep orgasm building inside her. I move from above her and lie on her side with my arms stretched completely motionless. She fails to understand why I did that. But cant think anymore so she just turns opening her eyes gets on top of me removing her spaghetti at the same time. What a exquisite site to see her open messed up hair and topless. She just realizes that her wrap around is also not there. It was left where she was lying down and now she is just in her panty which is also struggling to hide her mound. She can now feel my hardness this way sitting over me legs spread on both the sides.

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   The moment she notices my creepy eyes staring at her beauty she feels shy and embarrassed and falls down in my arms. She kisses my cheeks forehead, ears, lips, neck in frenzy manner rubbing the soft flesh of her breasts on my hairy chest. My hands reach her bottom and enter her panties grabbing her by the ass tightly. She is making all weird sort of sounds which even she doesn’t actually is aware of. She is busy kissin and licking my chest and sucking my nipples. I am exploring the crack between her ass cheeks which is wet because of the dropping love juices from her cunt at the same time I m in heaven enjoying her nibble all over my chest giving me love bites. She moves below and below until she reaches my button fly and opens it up in one go. Pulling my jeans an jockey undies at the same time revealing my 6inch hard manhood. Probably the first time she is seeing such a site and cant resist touch it holding and rubbing the shinning skin of my shaft. Playin with it as if she has always waited for it. She looks at me an smiles in a wicked manner. Goes down licking the mushroom swollern head of my prick. And I let out a deep loud moan with the touch of her toungue over there. Her one hand is playing with my balls and the other holding the bottom of my dick in a slow to & fro fashion eyes closed and slowly she takes it in her mouth taking care of not hurting me with her draculla teeth. She is sucking it like a lolly pop and I m getting wild every moment.

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   My moans getting louder and louder. Hands rolling in her hair. I m fucking her mouth. Driving me crazy , something I have never experienced before. She does it for what seems like ages giving me the wildest time of my life. And I cant hold back anymore and I shouted I m cumming with that I let out streams of my hot liquid in her mouth which she gulps down with slight difficulty. I just pull her up with both hands and she is lying on my chest. I m having a real satisfied smile on my face. Shyly in a innocent manner she asks, u liked it. And I just utter that I love you sweetheart. But she cant lie down any longer as the fire inside her is drving her nuts. And she reaches for my lips and litereally bites it with the wild n long kiss she gives me. Within seconds my one hand grabs for her breast and the other her ass. i start getting hard again. I pull her to my side.

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   Reach for her waist line of the panty and pulling down almost tearing it apart until its off hitting the floor. She feels so shy at the sudden display of her clean hairless mound that she closes her thighs tryin hard to hide her naked ness infront of me. I m but stuck at the site of her gorgeous body. The most beautiful site I ve ever witnessed. She pulls me up and I start kissin her neck moulding her breasts once again. Her legs constantly moving her n there. I reach for her thighs with my right hand and place it just over her bottom lips exploring them with my fingers, driving her wild every moment. She is just constantly saying………. …. . what are you doing………mmmmmhhhhh………. i love you darling……. . …. .

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  aaahhhhh………mmmmmmmmmmmhh. As the speed of my fingers is increasing and she is spreading her legs giving me compele freedom and space. My fingers all drenched with her juices. And I m sucking her left breast moulding the right one. her hands moving in my hair getting hot n wilder every second. Suddenly I just let in my first finger inside her and lets out a cry aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh squeezing my hand with her thighs. I rub my finger in the inner walls of her love pot playing with her clit at the same time using my thumb. She is louder now and the moment I let in my second finger she scratches my back with her right hand nails. Pain is beyond control but I just want to please her. I realize she cudnt take it anymore and already hit her peak letting out a flow of her juices on my fingers both her thighs drawn close and her hands now pulled my head over her right breast. I can see bliss on her face. She hasn’t ever been this satisfied before. We lay ther like that for some time. When I realize that she is rubbing my dick with one hand slowly. I love her touches on my sensitive parts.

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   I haven’t felt this hard ever before. But at the same time I m attracted by the musky smell of her cunt. I reach down dividing her legs as far as I can and plant a kiss right beside her lips down there her whole body gives a jerk with that. And I go for her love hole and start licking and sucking it like mad. As if I ve always been hungry for her juices. Its smells like heaven and tastes salty kinds. My hands moving all over her thighs and ass, feeling every inch of her body sometimes rubbing her breasts. All she is doing is letting out her moans without hesitation all the shyness gone now, and hands rolling in my hair. At that moment I let my tongue darting inside her cunt. i can feel how hot it is. And my hot breath falling all over her thighs and mounds making her go mad. I keep licking her so much and harder that she begs me to stop and cure the itch building inside. She litereally pleads that please I beg you put your shaft deep in my hole now I cant take it anymore…mar jaungi please…. . i make her suffer with this crazy sort of pleasure for another few minutes.

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   Then in flash of second I get up put a condom over my burstin hard manhood and with an instant I fall directly pointing my prick on her snatch and enter her. She literally lets out a deep audible cry of pain and pleasure at the same time. But I am only half entered yet and the way her eyes are squeezed I can feel that its difficult for her yet she the urge is so strong that she just manages to say, give the whole of you to me , I want you inside me totally. With that I gather courage and with another jerk I m completely inside her. Her tight hot wet cunt grabbing my shaft like its just meant for it. I ve never felt such a high or ecstasy before. A tear roles out her eyes but I can see a satisfied smile on her face of being able to take me completely inside her. All I say is I love youand she says me too. With that I start giving slow jerks and starts getting the pleasure as I can see her lifting her ass to meet my rhythm. My pace increases now. But she opens her eyes suddenly and tries to get hold of the scene by pushing me aside and getting on top of me. But I m inside her all the time. Now she has dominated the scene completely and she is having a joy ride I m feeling her thighs and breasts her whole body and she is moving constantly her eyes closed. Faster and faster and faster she moves and with that she collapses on me. We both kiss each other again.

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   I grab her by the ass, I love it the feeling of being inside her, tight hot wet hole. I can see she is exhausted so I ve to take over now so again I pull her down under me and start giving faster jerks, I feel her clenching my prick with her cunt tighter now as she is about to hit her orgasm. She pulls me down tightly and wraps around her legs tightly over my waist and I know she has hit her peak. The satisfaction on her face says it all. But I m still hard. I cant move at all in this position. With her strong legs and arms wrapped around so tightly. But she relaxes in a while and that very moment I know what I have to do and I start giving her jerks faster and faster. She cant take it now after all she had already had 3 orgasms and she is shocked to see the 4th one building up. But she scratches my back both hand nails badly this time. But I had to cum at any cost. And with her constantly shouting stop it, I will die, I cant take it, no , I m going crazy, oh my god……………………and I collapse too over her. .

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