My Night Out On The Town


My Night Out On The Town

It was a muggy, Friday night, and I was feeling "ancy", so I decided to get dressed and go out on the town. I thought I'd wear my silky purple and black lace lingerie, just in case I met someone, well. . . interesting. I chose my favorite suede black miniskirt, button-down silk blouse, and black suede "fuck-me" pumps. After piling my long chestnut hair on top of my head, I grabbed my keys, and headed out the door. When I pulled up to the club's parking lot, I saw that they were packed. I smiled flirtatiously to the bouncer, and walked in. It was packed, but I didn't mind. . . it would give me an excuse to "bump into someone", and maybe get a quick feel. I made my way across the dance floor, getting even more turned on by the men and women gyrating to the music. Then, I saw him. .

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  . he was across the dance floor staring at me! He was a a pretty good dancer, so I made my way over. "Buy me a drink?", I asked coquettishly. "I'll buy as many as it takes!" he replied, leering. "As many as it takes for what?", I responded innocently. He winked and went off to grab us some drinks. After an hour and many more drinks, I was feeling really light-headed, so I decided to call it a night. The club wasn't far from home so I thought I'd walk, and save myself a ticket from the cops. I told my "new friend" that I needed to go, and after some protesting from him, gave him my cellnumber. I made my way out the door, rubbing innocently enough on as many people as I could come into contact with. As I made my way out the door, I noticed that he was following not too far behind! I was a bit nervous, but decided I should be safe enough, sticking to the well lit streets. I walked the couple of blocks to my house, stealing glances over my shoulder now and then. My pace quickened as I noticed he was only a few feet behind me! I made my way to the door, and turned to see he was standing close enough to kiss me!

My heart jumped, and i asked him what he was doing there. He said the night wasn't over, and gently pushed his way into the foyer. I decided to see what would happen next, a little frightened, but somewhat turned on at the same time.

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   He steered me toward the couch, and I felt myself being lowered onto the plush cushions. He began kissing me, sending jolts throughout my entire body. Starting on my eyelids, he slowly made his way down my face and neck. I arched my back, wanting him to go lower. He deftly began undoing the buttons on my shirt, while moments later removing his own. He then lowered his mouth to my breasts, inhaling my scent from within my cleavage. I was a little upset that my bra was not a front enclosure, as I desperately wanted his mouth on them. He made his way lower, kissing every inch of my body. He pushed up my skirt, and smiled to see that I had no panties on. "This makes my access so much easier", he breathed. He started to stroke my thighs, unhooking my garters from the stalkings. He then kissed my thighs, slowly, torturously making his way ever so slowly to my now quite moist mound. Smiling when he saw I was completely shaved, he lowered his mouth to my mound. I cried out passionately, wanting his tongue inside me. And still he teased me, kissing my mound, stroking my quivering thighs.

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   I undid my bra, begging him to suck on my nipples. He grinned obligingly. The hot wetness of his mouth, contrasted with the slight chilliness of the room, causing me to cry out. He sucked my nipples, making them contract almost painfully. At the same time, he moved his hand from my thighs to my mound, touching me in slow circles. I arched my hips, hoping he would slip into my wetness, but he removed his hand. He then lowered his head to my mound again, this time answering my deepest wish. I felt his quick tongue darting about my folds, stroking the length of my clit, quickly plunging inside. I ached for his cock, wanting desparately to have him inside me, rather than his much more teasing fingers and tongue, but he took his time. I came, sending my wetness squirting from me, wetting his face and hands with my love juices. He grinned, and removed his pants. "You want me to fuck you now, don't you?", he teased. "Oh please, please. I can't stand it any longer!", I begged. He put his cock at the entrance of my opening sliding it up and down, until it slipped in almost without effort.

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   I moaned with pleasure. He began slowly slipping in and out, almost removing himself completely. All of a sudden, he lunged, putting himself deep inside me. I came again, screaming in ecstasy. "Fuck me harder, oh please, harder!", I demanded, begged. He withdrew, telling me that I had to suck him off. I did, hoping that he would come back to my throbbing clit and rub against it, while fucking me. I tasted my own sweet juices, familiar with the slightly salty cantalope flavor. He stiffened even moreso, and I marvelled that this was even possible. "That's enough, I want to fuck your cunt now. ", he demanded. He turned me over, pushing into my opening, and taking me from behind. I felt us both moving up to the same place, his cock swelling, my walls becoming more rigid, undulating against his cock. We fucked faster, harder, each intent upon our own peasure. "Do you like it this way, you dirty slut?", he asked, teasingly.

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   "Oh yes, please fuck me hard!" I cried. I came again and again, making entry easier for him. "Your pussy is incredible!", he roared. My walls pulled at the length of him milking every drop as he came inside me. I felt my own release, and hoped that I would be able to relax. It felt as though I would come forever, bucking and spasming almost violently. Then, I finally began to relax, feeling the throbbing within me subside. He smiled at me and said, "Well how was it?" "Better than ever honey! You just keep on surprising me. . . " I replied exausted. "Let's go to bed then. You need to lie down and rest. I hope it worked this time. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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  ", he answered. "Do you think it will be a boy or a girl, honey?", I wondered. "Either way is fine with me, as long as you're both healthy. " "We should roleplay more often. . . ", I said teasingly, "it makes me so hot!"


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