My Sweet Leticia


Ever since I met Leticia, she had kicked around the idea of getting breast implants, much to the dismay of her husband.   Of course, he hated the idea because he was one of those insecure idiots who thought she wanted to get them just to attract the attention of men.
Knowing Leticia as I did though, I knew, and of course she told me that she had always wanted just a little more size up there.   Not to mention she knew the implants would add more firmness and lift to her breasts.   Now Leticia wasn't exactly flat-chested.   She was already a small C-cup but wanted to be at least a full C.   She felt that approaching her 34th birthday and having had a daughter several years before, her breasts weren't what they used to be.   Of course, having seen her bare breasts a few times, I always did my best to convince her that she had beautiful breasts which she did.   Leticia herself is a beautiful woman.   She is about 5'5" and at that time last June weighed about 130 lbs. having recently lost 10 lbs. on a low-carb diet.   She has long brown hair, big brown eyes, long legs, and the most gorgeous hands and fingers you could ever see on a woman.
Knowing what a selfless person Leticia is and how she always put other people's needs before her own rarely doing anything for herself, I convinced her over time that she should do something really wild and crazy, as I saw it, for herself.   In fact, she  already had the money saved but was debating as to how to use it.   I told her that I knew if she didn't do this procedure, she would end up using it for other people, especially her selfish jackass husband who was always asking her for money.

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Finally, she asked me to do the research as to what the exact cost was and to find a good plastic surgeon.   I gladly accepted the request!  Once I gave her the information, she made an appointment with the doctor I found for her.   Leticia at last decided to go ahead with the operation once the doctor explained what it would do for her figure.   Of course, I had already been telling her how beautiful and sexy she would be with her new look! 
Needless to say, her husband hit the roof!  He reluctantly agreed to drive her to the hospital a few weeks later on the day of the operation saying he couldn't stop her from doing what she was gonna do anyway.
The morning after the operation, I got a call from Leticia who was practically in tears.   Although the doctor said the procedure went well, she was experiencing severe soreness and swelling.   She went on to tell me how she wished I could be there to take care of her because her bastard husband was being so insensitive telling her she shouldn't have had her breasts done and not really doing anything to comfort her.   In fact, it was like that for close to a week.
Finally, I was able to meet up with Leticia and her daughter for an early dinner three days before her birthday and exactly one week after the operation.   When I first laid eyes on Leticia outside the restaurant, they practically popped out of my head!  The difference was obvious!  Of course, there was still some swelling but she told me that she was now a D-cup!  Wow!  Talk about instant hard-on!
The three of us had a great time at dinner and I asked her daughter what was planned for her birthday.   "Nothing. " she said.   Her jackass stepfather, Leticia's husband, was too damn cheap to do anything for her.   Anytime he had two nickels, he usually bought beer for himself.   It was at that time I suggested to Leticia that she let me throw a party for her daughter.

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    I could rent a nice motel room with a swimming pool where she could invite a few friends from school and have pizza delivered as well as cake and ice cream and, of course, birthday presents.   They both loved the idea and agreed to let me make all the arrangements.
The afternoon before the party, I met Leticia at the motel where we checked in so we could decorate the room.   The whole time we we were hanging up streamers and balloons, I could hardly take my eyes off of Leticia's new breasts which were covered by a top that really clung to them.   She would catch me staring and acting annoyed would say, "Stop looking at me! You're making me nervous!"  I would just laugh a little and say "I'm sorry! I can't help it!  But you look really good!"  That made her blush a little.
After we finished decorating, we sat on the king-sized bed and looked around the room admiring the job we did.   I checked my watch and realized we both had a lot of time before we would be expected at home by our spouses.   Sheepishly, I said to Leticia, "Well, we've still got some time.   Enough so I can take a peek at those" referring to her breasts "and enough to go pick up a bite to eat!"  Surprised, she said "A peek? You want a peek?"
"Well yeah. . " I said.   "You did promise to give me a peek at those once you had them done!"
Hesistantly she said "I don't know.   They're still swollen and you might freak. "
"No I wouldn't!" I assured her.   "It'll be alright.

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Without a word she quickly lifted and lowered her shirt.   All I caught was a glimpse of the sports bra she was required to wear while she was healing but I could see how big she was.
So I reached over and patted her hand.   "Come on now.   Let me see them. "
Finally, she took her time lifting her shirt and this time unzipped the sports bra so I could see her breasts.   Again, my eyes damn near popped out of my head and I had an instant hard-on.   I tried not to make it so obvious though as I knew she was pretty self-conscious about the size because of the swelling.   But I didn't care!  Those were the sexiest breasts I had ever seen even if they were still swollen and had stitches!  Slowly, I reached over and very lightly touched and pressed one of her breasts.   I just had to know how they felt!  They were the firmest babies I had ever known!
The whole peek lasted about 15 seconds but at least I got it!  As she zipped her bra back up and lowered her shirt she teasingly said "Hey, all I said was that you could peek!  I never said you could touch!"  I laughed and said "Now how can I look and not touch?  I just had to!" 
"You pervert!" she said.
With that, we went to a nearby restaurant to pick up something to eat and brought it back to the motel room.   After we finished, we laid side-by-side on the bed and talked about the party the next day.   As we talked, I slowly turned to my side and gradually draped my arm across her stomach while she laid on her back.   Then I began to caress the side of her body being careful not to touch her tender breasts.   She moaned lightly and I could feel that she was starting to relax.

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    She then turned and looked into my eyes for a few moments giving me a long and loving gaze.   After a couple of minutes, she turned to look at her breasts and with both hands lifted up her shirt and unzipped her bra.   She then began to tell me how she was experiencing tenderness in some spots yet numbness in others.   I then began to carefully caress and massage her breasts making it a point to stop on certain spots and ask if she had any feeling there.   I loved it!  It was heaven touching those huge sexy breasts and drinking it all in with my eyes!  We did that for several minutes but I had hoped that would last for an eternity.  
Although I felt like we both wanted to make love at that moment, we both realized that it was getting late and our spouses would be calling soon because we weren't home yet.   I didn't worry too much about losing an opportunity because I felt maybe another would arise the next day.   So we got up and walked out to our vehicles together and agreed to meet at 11 a. m. the next morning.
That whole night, I could hardly stop thinking about my sweet Leticia and the vision of the those sexy new breasts!  I'm sure my wife could see how distracted I was!  It was hard to sleep that night because there was so much anticipation about the next day.   At last, the morning came and I sprang out of bed to pick up a few more items we needed for the party before going to the motel room.
I got to the room a little before 10 a. m. and waited anxiously for nearly an hour before finally getting a call on my cell phone from Leticia telling me that she and her daughter were picking up one more of her friends and then they would be headed to the motel.


As Leticia, her daughter, and her daughter's two friends arrived at the door of the room, I took a look at what she was wearing.   She had on a long beige skirt that I bought her, sandals, and a top that clung to her a little but wasn't especially sexy.   That would change soon enough though!
Not long after Leticia and the girls got there, the pizza arrived and we all ate, laughed and sang "Happy Birthday" to her daughter.   After that, she opened the gifts I bought her. The girls were pretty anxious to get in the pool so everything went pretty quickly.   In fact, they changed into their swimsuits as soon as they got to the room.
Once the girls departed for the pool and I peeked out the window of the room from the second floor to see if they were safe, I pulled out a little gift for Leticia.   Surprised, she asked me what they were.   "Only one way to find out!" I answered.   She opened the gift bag and pulled out several sexy tank tops that would flatter her new figure.   She loved them and gave me a sweet little kiss on the lips and thanked me for them.  
"Try one on!" I said, handing her the red one that was my favorite.
"Okay" she said grabbing it from my hand and heading towards the bathroom.
I was a little irritated that she didn't change in front of me but that irritation soon turned to utter lust as she emerged from the bathroom wearing that red tank top!  She looked so good in red and the material clung to her breasts like a second skin!  As she looked at herself in the wall mirror, I got a look at her profile for the first time.   Oh how sexy she looked from that angle!  Those big firm breasts attached to that long lean body!  My God, she was beautiful!  And I kept telling her so.

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    She finally had to tell me to stop because I was embarassing her.
As the day wore on, Leticia and I stayed cooped up in that cozy little room talking and drinking wine while the girls spent hour after hour frolicking in the pool.   I did manage to get a few more little peeks at those breasts!
Finally, the girls tired and came back up to the room to rest.   By now, the wine really started to take effect on us.   As the girls laid on the bed watching TV and talking, Leticia sat on the bed with one leg up on it and one leg hanging off the side.   I sat in a chair right next to her.   I started to run my hand up and down her ankle and her knee out of sight of the girls. Leticia let out soft moans which told me she was enjoying it.  
After a while, Leticia suggested to her daughter and her friends that they take some of the helium balloons that were in the room outside to release them as a "birthday tradition".   She also suggested to them that they take one last swim as the afternoon was almost over and it would be time to leave soon.   With that, the girls headed out to do so.   As they ran outside, Leticia and I waited by the window and watched for them to emerge in the parking lot to release the balloons.   We laughed as the girls let go and watched the balloons float over the highway.  
As Leticia stood in front of me at the window with her back to me she said "Thank you for today.   You made my daughter very happy.

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"Well you only turn 13 once" I responded.   "I was glad to do it. "
As I said that, Leticia inched her way back toward me as a way of hinting for me to put my arms around her.   I hugged her from behind placing my hands on her stomach and caressing her as we stood in the window.   She leaned her head back and rested it on my upper chest.   The scent of her hair was heavenly and I loved holding her like that while she stroked my arms.   After a couple of minutes, she turned around and asked me what time it was.
"It's 6:30" I said softly.
"You have 30 minutes then", she said knowing I had told my wife I would be home soon after 7:00.
With that, I took her by the hand back over to the bed and stood her in front of me while I sat on the edge.   I hugged her at the waist while gently placing my face between her breasts while she stroked my head.   We both moaned as we caressed each other gently and lovingly.
Knowing we didn't have much time and that the girls might come running back up to the room any minute, I pulled Leticia down on the bed next to me so I could make my move.   We began kissing each other deeply and passionately.   "You better check if the girls are in the pool" she said.

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"Okay" I said hurriedly getting up and running over to the window.   Much to my delight, the girls had indeed gotten back in the pool and were busy talking amongst themselves.   Back I went to the bed next to Leticia and picked up where we left off.   As we continued kissing, I took off my socks and shoes.   Slowly, I began to work on removing Leticia's clothes.   The first thing I removed was that sexy tank top.   Then I unzipped her skirt.   Next, was her bra.   At this point, I worked on her breasts kneading them gently and kissing them.   I lightly sucked those delicious hard nipples all the while trying to keep in mind that this probably hurt her a little because of the soreness from the operation she had only 10 days before.
Still, she loved this and her moans of pleasure told me so.   Eventually, I kissed my way down her body until I reached the top of the white lacy panties she was wearing.   I pulled at the waistband while kissing her hips which drove her crazy.   Finally, I slipped her panties all the way off revealing her trim little pussy.   I spread her legs and lowered my face between and kissed the insides of her thighs.

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    I started eating that sweet little pussy while her trim pussy hairs bristled my nose.   She bucked her hips up gently as I licked her into ecstacy.
At last I removed the rest of my clothes and as I removed my underwear, out popped my rock-hard cock.   I pulled myself up to position myself between those long slender legs and touched the head of my cock against her wet pussy.   She then reached down and took hold of my dick and guided it into her as I pushed gently.   As she let go, I pushed in quickly and so easily!  As I fucked that tight little pussy I watched as her big breasts jiggled like crazy.   The sight of that made me even harder!  Again, I nuzzled those melons and squeezed and sucked on them but probably just a little harder than I should have.  
Eventually, I could feel myself getting ready to erupt like a volcano.   As I got closer, I could feel Leticia's breathing getting faster and she started to moan more intensely.   She was also getting close to orgasm.   Within a few seconds, we both exploded wildly until we both almost lost consciousness.  
As we were both coming down, a thought crossed my mind.  "What an asshole her husband is!"  I was certain she had not been with him sexually since having the augmentation done because of his insensitivity while she was recovering.   I was the one who had those big fake breasts first!  Me!  And no one could ever take that away from me!
Moral of the story:  A little sensitivity goes a long way!