My Wife and her Colleague - next installment


Well, if you read my story to date you will know that my wife is insatiable and has been meeting a colleague for sex. The last time we met his parting words were that next time he'd let me watch to see how much she enjoyed a REAL cock!The thought aroused me more than I can tell and my wife taunted me with the idea each time we had sex. As the day when they were due to meet again approached I found myself getting hard each time I thought of what might happen.

On that evening we both got off work a little early and Mel told me that this other guy wanted me to help her dress especially for him. He'd apparently sent explicit instruction by text messages how he wanted her. First we showered and she got me to shave her pubic mound really close. She always keeps it shaved anyway but it was obvious tonight she took special care. Then she put on a white silk basque she'd bought specially, this supported her breasts and thrust them up and out so even though they are not huge she really looked stunning. It just cupped them and didn't even cover her purple coloured nipples so I found my cock stirring again just looking at her. Judging from the pert appearance of her nipples she was somewhat aroused to display them like that too. The basque ended just below her belly button so her smooth mound was clearly displayed and the cleft of her pussy was very evident. . She pulled on long fishnet stockings and clipped them to the suspenders dangling from the basque. I thought she would wear one of herthongs but to my amazement and consternation she just slipped on a white silk, low cut blouse and then a black micro mini skirt. She slipped into a new pair of black 5" high heeled shoes and pirouetted for my approval. My heart thumped as I realised that I could almost see her pussy when she was standing upright.

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  She must have read my mind because she turned to face away from me and bent very slightly so I could clearly see all she had and laughed, "do you think he will like me like this?"

We arrived at his hotel and went straight to the table he had reserved in a quiet corner, chosen so he had told the management so that we could discuss confidential business. As before he and Mel sat next to each other and I could tell immediately that he'd checked out under her skirt and confirmed that she was pantiless. All through the meal he talked about what he was going to make her do and made her repeat each time how she was going to respond. She obviously loved it and was egging him on shamelessly. I sat there my cock trying to burst as I listened to my wife describe how she was going to strip for him then lay back with her legs spread to masturbate. She described how she would suck him till he shot in her mouth and how she would kiss me and share his load with me if he wanted. They both laughed at that and I blushed partly because I knew she must have told him about my bi tendencies. She looked deep into his eyes and told him how she longed to have his huge cock inside her again and how she wanted him to fuck her again and again.

They got up to go to his room, her leading and saying c'mon, I wanna be fucked NOW!He glanced back grinning and told me to bring a bottle of champagne and two glasses to his room and be quick about it. I felt on fire, did this mean he was going to let me watch?I arrived at the door heart pounding and he opened it once again wearing a bathrobe. He told me to open the bottle and pour two glasses and I could see Mel was already stripped, lying back on the bed and rubbing her pussy slowly. He sat back in the arm chair watching her lustfully as she started to moan and writhe in simulated ecstasy. I tried to hide my by this time rock hard erection but he just laughed and said "Mel, you naughty slut you are making dave hard looking at you!"Of course she just worked herself even harder and I could tell that the ecstasy was no longer simulated. It was clear she was close to a climax when he told her to stop and kneel before him. He smiled and opened the robe letting it fall and for the first time I saw why she was so taken with him.

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  His cock was huge!It must have been 9" long maybe even 10"and thick in proportion. She took it tenderly in both hands as though she was worshipping it and tasted the tip gently with her tongue.

He glanced at me and told me to strip if I wanted to stay. I fumbled with my clothes and did as he ordered blushing at the small size of my dick in comparison to his. Mel was by this time sucking him enthusiastically and pumping her head energetically. He took her head and pulled her to him pushing it further down her throat until i could see she was almost gagging. He seemed capable of hanging on almost indefinitely but finally he decided it was time for her to as he called it "slake her thirst!". He gave a long low moan and grabbed her hair while he almost pulled out of her mouth before his cock obviously pulsed and I saw Mel's eyes close. He gave a few more gentle thrusts and pulled out his huge glistening member. "Kiss your slut!" he ordered.

Mel rose from her knees and came toward me smiling with her mouth closed firmly. I kept my mouth closed as she kissed me but her tongue pressed between my unwilling lips and I could taste the saltiness of his spunk. Her tongue probed deeper and I could resist no longer letting her explore my mouth and exploring the mouth filling load inside hers. She leaned above me pushing my head back and I found myself unable to avoid swallowing all she wanted to give me. The both laughed as I sat shaking and swallowing, my face crimson and my yes filling with tears of shame.

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"Now slut, tell me what you want next" he whispered softly. "I want your cock up my cunt harder and harder until I cum" came the reply. He laughed, "I don't think I want an audience for that" he said and told me to go into the bathroom and close the door. For the next hour or two I listened while they fucked again and again and wanked myself to a frazzle. Eventually he called me in and I found Mel lying dazed and exhausted on the bed. "Lick your slut wife clean" he ordered. I buried my head between her wet thighs and did as I was told as she winced as I licked her swollen tender pussy. "Mount him" he ordered, and she pulled herself wearily on top of my face so the contents of her cunt drained, hot, wet and sticky into my mouth.

After she had drained completely and I'd licked her to one final climax he told us to go as he needed to get some sleep. Mel was so exhausted she went to sleep on the way home ans she dropped into bed and went straight to sleep again while i was left to wank myself to sleep and wonder what would happen next time she met him?.