My wife and her colleague - Part 4


After that gorgeous time when he fucked my mouth after fucking my wife till she was exhausted we met at a hotel every two or three weeks when he was in the area on business. In between Di became even more demanding sexually and we'd go dogging regularly, she enjoyed dressing like a tart when we went out, never of course to places where we'd be recognised. Her sex with her colleague became more and more extreme and I was involved in various ways. In between meetings he would send her very explicit texts which she often enjoyed showing me. It was even more titivating when she would say "Oh no, I CANT show you that one, that is really TOO awful!"

This particular week Di got us to the hotel room early before her colleague arrived. She made me strip and put on the handcuffs behind my back, then she put a collar round my neck and pulled the cuffs with a chain high up between my shoulder blades fixing them to the collar. Then she stripped!My god, I knew she'd got dressed like a slut but seeing her made my cock immediately rock hard!She was in a red basque that lifted and separated her tits without covering anything. She has a good bust but the basque accentuated her assets wonderfully and I could see her nipples were already hard in anticipation. The lacy suspender straps dangling from the basque were pulled taut by the sheer black stockings she was wearing. The basque ended just below her belly button showing her voluptuous shaven cunt mound already glistening with her succulentjuices. The red high heels emphasised the length and shapeliness of her gorgeous legs, the straps on them wrapping round her ankles and lower calves in a way that seemed to say, "I'm a slave girl, here for your pleasure!"Her voice was husky as she pushed me down to the floor and lay my headback on the bed kneeling over me with her already swollen sex pressed to my lips "get me ready for him", she moaned, "arouse me so I cum before he even enters me!"

She was gasping and moaning and almost climaxing when we heard the key in the door. I tried to turn my head but she grabbed my hair and held me fast rubbing her cunt cream slicked pussy lips tight against my face. I heard her colleagues voice saying "there, see my little fuck slut hard at workwith her wimp of a husband getting her ready for us!"I froze realising he was talking as though there was someone with him. Di slowed down slightly rubbing her wide open cunt against my lips, nose and tongue and I heard her sultry voice cooing, "oh please Master my poor little cunt wants some real cock in it!"I heard more than one man's laugh and then a woman's tinkling giggle too. I pulled my head round to see two big black guys and a black woman all leering at us and laughing!Her colleague laughed, "well my little whore, you have to earn a cock up that voracious cunt of yours, tell us what you are prepared to do for us, and your pathetic husband, eh, hurry or we might decide you're not worth bothering with!"

I was flabbergasted as I heard Di's voice pleading to be fucked, she begged them to let her suck their cocks and drink their spunk, she told them they could fuck her in the ass just so long as they gave it to herher cunt in the end and made her cum. There was no response so she carried on, begging, begging them to tell her how she could please them more.

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  The black woman, middle aged but still attractive and with a voluptuous body moved closer and I saw Dis startled gaze fix on her as she blurted out,"Ill lick you cunny, Ill lick you till you cum!"The woman raised her eyebrows questioningly and Did almost screamed at her "whatever you want ill do, Ill lick you out after they've fucked you!"The woman smiled but still said nothing and turned her head to me, Di was almost sobbing now in frustration, "they can fuck him in the mouth or in the ass, and. . . and he. . . he'll lick you out too!"The woman nodded smiling and motioned to the two black boys who started to strip showing magnificent physiques and still soft but obviously huge cocks. Di's colleague just grinned and said he'd grab a drink and sit in the chair so he could watch the fun.

He told them they could fuck her where and how they liked but not to let her cum and they started a slow rhythmic shafting of her from both ends. Her mouth was so full she couldn't speak but her muffled moans and groans told the story of how their cocks were stretching even her experienced and elastic love tunnel. When it was evident she was starting to get close the one fucking her from behind pulled his cock out and pressed it against her puckered browny red ass hole. She stopped sucking and let out a yell, "NO. . . No.

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  . . You. . . YOU'RE Too BIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGHHHHHHHH!"The guy face fucking her slapped her cheek hard with his huge cock and snapped "keep sucking bitch, you stop again and Ill piss down your throat till you choke!"I could hear her sobbing in pain as she resumed her enthusiastic sucking while the other guy pounded her stretched ass unremittingly"

The woman came across to me and felt between my legs, "hmm, too small to be a good fuck but hearing a man scream always makes me cum!"With that she squeezed my balls hard until I was crying in pain and begging her to stop. She slowly undressed and made me lie back on the bed so she could kneel over my face. I knew what she wanted and tongue fucked her strongly hoping I could satisfy her that way. I heard one of the black guys moan that he was cumming and told Di that if she spilt so much as a drop he'd shove his fist up her cunt until she passed out. His soft repeated groaning told me that he had cum and from his complimentary comments about Di's cock sucking cum drinking ability I gathered that she had drunk the lot and not spilled any. Shortly after the second black guylet out a groan and announced that he was about to shoot his load right up her ass. Di's colleague gave a little round of applause and poured himself another drink.

The black woman tired of my efforts and pulled me from the bed by my balls. She clipped a padlock around them attached to a long chain and dragged me to the bathroom where she made me lie in the shower tray. My heart froze as I guessed what she was about to do.

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  I started to shake my head at which point she crouched with her pussy over my mouth and the chain over her shoulders. As I closed my mouth to prevent swallowing any of the wee I was sure was coming she smiled and slapped a large piece of sticking plaster over my mouth. Then suddenly she stood up pulling my hips and legs off the floor by the chain round my balls. The pain was indescribable and I totally lost control of my bladder the scream muffled by the plaster. I came to with her face in front of mine talking soothingly "that hurt didn't it", I nodded, "now we'll do that once more just so you remember what its like and won't be a naughty boy again". I shook my head pleadingly but once again she crouched over me looking tenderly in my eyes and saying softly "now, if you don't want your balls torn off you have to do exactly what momma orders, yes. . . . "I nodded fast but she slowly stood up lifting my lower body off the floor again and making me once again scream mutely through the gag. She lowered me to the floor and ripped off the plaster leaving me groaning softly. She rolled me onto my back with a sharp stiletto heel in my belly. Now open wide like a good boy. I knew better than to disobey and opened my mouth obediently as she lowered herself, legs spread wide, aimed carefully and filled my mouth with a long stream of sharp acrid pee.

After she'd showered me off she led me back into the room where i saw the black guys had changed round and were rhythmically shafting Di again from each end.

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  The black woman pulled from her bag a large black dildo and told me to kneel on the bed. She said "are you gonna be a good boy and not yell or does momma need to gag you again?"I nodded that I'd be good but I couldn't help yelping a bit as she shoved the huge rubber cock up my tight little hole. After god knows how long she and one of the black guys swapped over, him fucking my ass and her kneeling over Di's face to be licked while the other guy fucked Di's cunt, swapping to her ass each time it looked like she might climax. After what must have been several hours the black guys were obviously all fucked out. They did try a couple more times to get Di to suck them off even though their cocks were limp. To her credit she did a good job and they came a couple more times but she only got a dribble of semen each time.

Her colleague got up and gave the guys some money saying they had done a good job and he might use them again. After they had dressed and left he looked at Di lying limp and bedraggled on the bed. "Well my poor little fuck slut, and you still haven't cum have you!?"She shook her head pitifully, curled in a foetal position and trying at the same time to hold her tortured bottom and sore cunny. "So my little whore if you want to be allowed to cum before you go then you know how to please your Master don'tyou?"She painfully rolled over and fell on the floor, crawling laboriously across to him pulling herself up to try to suck his cock. "Beg you littlecock slut, tell me just what you've done, just what you are prepared to do, and just what you want!"

Di took a deep breath and started to list out"I sucked the black guys cocks, I drank all the cum they could give me, I begged them to fuck me, I let them fuck my ass, I ate out the black woman and licked her peehole clean after she'd peed in david's mouth. . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . "She paused. Her colleague prompted, "and what will you do now?"She continued, breathlessly, "p. . . please let me suck you Master, Ill drink your cum, I. .

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  . Ill let you fuck my ass,. . I . . I want you to fuck my cunt. "

He snapped back in a surly manner, "you'll LET me. . . . tell me what you want bitch. . . show your husband what a depraved little fuck slut he's married to, show him how you beg to be stretched in every slimy, cum filled fuck hole you possess!"

Di sobbed softly then cried on "p. .

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  . please master, please. . . I beg you. . l. . let me suck your wonderful cock. . . l. . let me drink all the spunk you can give me. .

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  . please Master. . l. . let me milk it dry and drink every gorgeous drop""Better"he said. . . "go on slut, what else?"

"Please Master. . . I. . . I want you to f.

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  . . fuck my ass until I. . I've deserved to be allowed to cum. . . . . th. . . . then w. .

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  . when you think I've deserved it I. . . I want you to shove that wonderful huge cock up my. . . my""Go on"he snapped brusquely.

"I . . . I want you to shove your huge cock up my undeserving slimy fuckhole of a cunt . . . .


  . I want you to cum in me Sir. . . a. . and if. . . if I please you Sir. . may I be allowed to c. . cum Sir"He looked at her scathingly then turned to me. .

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  "Get me ready to fuck your slut"He poited to the bathroom and guessing what he meant I went in and knelt in the shower tray opening my mouth to let him direct his hot stream. By the time I had showered and got back into the room Di was sucking him energetically and he was close to cumming. When he did he told her to hold it in her mouth and then made us kiss so I could taste it too.

Then he bent her over and fucked her hard from behind making her cry out where she was still so sore from the black guys. Once he'd shot his load he made me lick out her torn and bleeding damaged rosebud. Finally he made me lay an my back for her to kneel over me to watch as his huge shaft slid in and out of her cum soaked cunt. Even then he mocked her saying how she had a cunt like a billposters bucket, so stretched his cock hardly touched the sides. Eventually he came and I felt his juices flooding out of her slack cunt, stretched beyond anything she'd previously experienced. Finally he said "okay slut, I guess you've finally deserved it, let your pathetic hubby lick you to a climax". I barely had enough energy left to do what I know she wanted but she eventually got there and we both almost passed out with exhaustion.

We both had to take the next day off to recover, we spent it in bed but neither of us could bear to have any kind of sexual contact. . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . what is going to happen next time?

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