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 Authors Note: If you would like to comment on this "session" please email me at XSeductiveVampyr@aol. com Please to protect and respect the privacy of the other participant do no attempt to instant messege them. However, if you wish to talk to me personally please send an email to me to confirm the instant messeging process so i dont accedently block you. Thank You and [10:48 PM]:  lol i need a random cyber buddy now XDXSeductiveVampyr [10:49 PM]:  why random XSeductiveVampyr [10:49 PM]:  ? ChainOblivion09 [10:49 PM]:  lol cause. . . . . . . . i dont know >>XSeductiveVampyr [10:50 PM]:  i could be your cyber buddyChainOblivion09 [10:50 PM]:  awwwwwww you do that for me ^^XSeductiveVampyr [10:50 PM]:  lol yeah sure why not XSeductiveVampyr [10:50 PM]:  lol XSeductiveVampyr [10:50 PM]:  it beats just choosing some random person lol ChainOblivion09 [10:51 PM]:  lol i remember why random, because i wasa thinking to myself if screwing my friends is a good idea, so random just kinda typed itself in there >>XSeductiveVampyr [10:51 PM]:  lol XSeductiveVampyr [10:52 PM]:  well. . . . were friends who happen to be.

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  . . . closure then others lol
 XSeductiveVampyr [10:53 PM]:  *huggles* XSeductiveVampyr [10:53 PM]:  thats my new word XSeductiveVampyr [10:53 PM]:  huggles ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]:  *huggles back*XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]:  and chupa chupa ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]:  lolChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]:  whats chupa chupa?ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]:  wait. . . . . . . . XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]:  its my new word for a lolli pop it means suck suck ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]:  chpa=suckChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]:  lolXSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]:  lol XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]:  yeah XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]:  lol ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]:  knew that word look familiar lolXSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]:  lol XSeductiveVampyr [10:56 PM]:  yup yup yup. . . .

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  . . . it came out of no where today. . . i just started saying chupa chupa ChainOblivion09 [10:56 PM]:  well your going to be doing alot of that for now on lol
ChainOblivion09 [10:57 PM]:  hehe double meanings are fun
ChainOblivion09 [11:04 PM]:  anyway, get to seducing me you seductive vampyr you lolXSeductiveVampyr [11:06 PM]:  lol XSeductiveVampyr [11:08 PM]:  hee hee *taclkes you to the floor landing ontop of you. a smirk on my sweet lips with an added wink* You want seduction. . . fine *i take your wrists into my hands and force your arms over your head before brushing my lips brefily against yours * ChainOblivion09 [11:09 PM]:  O_OChainOblivion09 [11:09 PM]:  ^_^XSeductiveVampyr [11:09 PM]:  you asked for it XSeductiveVampyr [11:11 PM]:  *one leg positioned on either side of your hips as i let go of you and begin to unbotton my blouse slowly* ChainOblivion09 [11:11 PM]:  i did didnt i lolXSeductiveVampyr [11:11 PM]:  lol ChainOblivion09 [11:12 PM]:  *is all wide eyed*XSeductiveVampyr [11:13 PM]:  * finally done with the last button i reveal nothing but beautiful flesh underneigthas i bend low enought for the blouse to fall slighty open allowing you a sweet peek of an erect breast* XSeductiveVampyr [11:14 PM]:  * i begin to kiss you sweetly, my tongue slipping through your slips as it chases yours as cat and mouse* ChainOblivion09 [11:15 PM]:  *places hands on both sides of your hips rubbing your thighs as he kisses you back playing with yourtongue*XSeductiveVampyr [11:16 PM]:  *my hands rubbing your strong chest going lower linch by inch excrutiating inch towards your crotch* ChainOblivion09 [11:19 PM]:  *is aroused by her soft gental skin and the forcefulnes, having her feel him, further excites him*XSeductiveVampyr [11:19 PM]:  * I pull away from the kiss, slighly grabbing your bottom lip with my teeth before letting go completely. . . . i trail the kiss to your earlobe nibbling sweetly* XSeductiveVampyr [11:21 PM]:  *before trailing that towards the nape of your neck sucking at the surface of ths skin.

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  . . nipping at it with my teeth creating a rather lovable mark* XSeductiveVampyr [11:22 PM]:  * i pull your shirt off as i begin to kiss your chest  leaving every curve and detail unmarked by soft initmate brushes. * ChainOblivion09 [11:23 PM]:  *rubs up and down you back holding her lightly towards him* Mmmm that feel goodXSeductiveVampyr [11:26 PM]:  *you feel your pants becoming extreamly loose on your before you are wearing nothing at all. . my finger tips brush against your hardning cock barely touching it, sending small tingles up your spine. ChainOblivion09 [11:29 PM]:  *moans alittle, hardening and blushing at the feel of your fingers swiftly over his cock* again please. . . . . . . . and bite my nippleXSeductiveVampyr [11:31 PM]:  *i firmly grasp it in my hands  as our lips once again meet.

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  . . . . suddenly a rush of electrical pleasing overwhelms you, a sudden bite upon your chest,a hungry bite becomming delicate and soft in the end, the tip of my tongue flicking your nipple* XSeductiveVampyr [11:32 PM]:  *as my hands begin to pump your cock in a repetive manner of slow fast slow slower fast faster fast slow, my hips barely rocking back and forth as my body craves for yours to become one* ChainOblivion09 [11:37 PM]:  *moans even louder, loving the motions you play with his cock.   brings you up towards him kissing you on your lips slipping his tongue between your soft lips playing with yours. *XSeductiveVampyr [11:39 PM]:  * i begin to moan from the kiss and the  from the sheer thought of pleasureing you myself as i make my way down once more, placing your hard dick in my lucious warm mouth, beginning to flick the tip of the head with the very tip of my tongue before mringing it in and out of my mouth while pumping it at the same time as the other hand massages your balls at the same time. * ChainOblivion09 [11:44 PM]:  *loves hows you flick your tongue on my cock and watching you engulf my hard cock even excites me even more. I stroke your hair to continue watching you as you suck away at me and fondles my balls in your slender fingers* Mmmm thats it. . . . keep going. . .

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   that feel soo good *sits up alittle bit for a better view of her* thats right, take it in hun. *moans*XSeductiveVampyr [11:46 PM]:  *your own moaning arouses me more and more as i moun along with you bobbing my head up and down on your cock faster and faster as i taste you wonderful precum on my tongue is it does figure eights around your shaft and head, i pull out and start to suck on your balls* XSeductiveVampyr [11:46 PM]:  *before going back to your dick* ChainOblivion09 [11:51 PM]:  *I lays my hand on your head, only to force alittle on you to bob your head on his erected cock harder, cum sipping through litle by little* Oh yes. . . . . . . keep going, *moans at the feeling of your own moans as you suck my cock, your moans vibrating me* I want you do to do one thing for me but dont stopXSeductiveVampyr [11:53 PM]:  mmm? ChainOblivion09 [11:53 PM]:  could you. . . . finger me too. . as you suck meXSeductiveVampyr [11:57 PM]:  * i look up a smirk, pushing you to lay down as i go back to sucking you off, as you wait for your request to be granted.

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  . . . . my now free hand rubs around your ass cheeks sqeezing them perfectly as  i make them part for entrence of my skilled hands* 
 ChainOblivion09 [12:00 AM]:  *gets even hotter by the idea of you fingering me* oh please. . . *moans even more as your tongue run laps around the head of my cock* Mmmm yesXSeductiveVampyr [12:01 AM]:  * i i insert a finger ortwo into your backside finger fucking it as i suck you hard and good* 
 ChainOblivion09 [12:05 AM]:  *clinches alittle but then relaxes* your making me cum soon. Oh! Mmmm yea. I love your wamr wet mouth. and your fingers. . . . .

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   oh. . . *moans more knowing im going to cum pretty soon*
 XSeductiveVampyr [12:08 AM]:  * feeling the hard warm spasms of your cock in my mouth i speed up both process. Wanting to taste your white eesence. . . wanting to swallow it every drop of it  as i suck harder and faster, moaning louder and louder, fingering you luxuriously over and over again!*
 XSeductiveVampyr [12:12 AM]:  mmmmmmm!! * you hear me reach the brink of my own orgasmic pleasure as i await for your own juices to fill my hot mouth*
 ChainOblivion09 [12:14 AM]:  Omg! *I lightly loses grip of your head to let you move freely. Im going to cum! keep sucking! *moans even louder* yes fuck me too. oh! * I feel the waves of pleasurement flowing all around my body, tingaling, can's holds back any longer* Im cumming!!! *lets go and cums in your mouth in large amounts, not stopping*
 XSeductiveVampyr [12:16 AM]:  Your white essence flow down my throat filling my mouth as it drips out from the side as i reach total orgasm in unison
 XSeductiveVampyr [12:17 AM]:  mmm yum
 XSeductiveVampyr [12:19 AM]:  * i lap up the spilt cum like a thirsty dog to the point of nothing left to be seen
 ChainOblivion09 [12:19 AM]:  *takes a deep breath and then sighs,finally stopping cumming in her mouth, I look at you seeing you also satify with your own content*
 XSeductiveVampyr [12:20 AM]:  I told youyoud be glad that i was your cyber buddy
 ChainOblivion09 [12:21 AM]:  lol no doubt about it

The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Authors Note: If you would like to comment on this "session" please email me at XSeductiveVampyr@aol. com Please to protect and respect the privacy of the other participant do no attempt to instant messege them. However, if you wish to talk to me personally please send an email to me to confirm the instant messeging process so i dont accedently block you. Thank You