New Friends at the Club - the Dance


This story recounts a recent night at the swing club we belong to. The theme was Body Art, one of our favourites. Cheryl had a temporary lips tattoo by the nipple of her left breast and one of a heart just above the lips of her shaved pussy. I had a curled snake on the left cheek of my ass and was wearing a ring in my pierced foeskin. Cheryl was wearing a flowered dress that buttoned up each side and the front. A satin bra, thong panties, stay-ups and heels completed her outfit. I wore a silk shirt with a thong under my silk pants. After entry, we approached the bar. There were hellos and kisses from many of the people we knew. Joe and Betty, a couple we knew well approached us with a couple wedidn't. Betty is a slim, blonde computer programmer and Joe is a wel-built, olive skinned insurance broker. After hugs and kisses, they intoduced us to Geoff, a tall, broad-shouldered blonde and his wife Kim, a buxom brunette. After small talk, the conversation turned to the theme for the night. While checking the list of tattoos, composed from submissions sent in earlier in the week from those who would be present, Joe asked Cheryl if she had any of the tattoos on the list. With an answer to the affirmative, Joe asked if he could look for them. Geoff leapt in and asked if he could help.

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   With an excited grin, Cheryl nodded. The men started by unbuttoning each side and the front of the dress, all the while kissing Cheryl lightly on her lips and neck. With a quick motion, they lifted the dress from her body and handed it to me. The two began a gentle but intent search of her body. Each carefully lifted a breast from her bra, caressing it and her nipple as they did. The lips tattoo was quickly found and, as she had hoped when she put it on, each man gave Cheryl's nipple a lingering suck and nibble. With that contact, Cheryl put her arms around their necks, groaned, and began a slow movement of her hips. With one tattoo found, Geoff asked if there were more. A smile and nod was their answer, so the men set about their task with lust in their eyes. As they did, they made lewd comments about her body and slowly moving hips. They softly caressed her belly and ass as they prolonged the search. I looked up to see Cheryl's eyes closed and a big, horny smile on her face. In that state, she couldn't see that a number of people were now standing around them, watching. Geoff and Joe moved their focus to the front of her panties. As they did, a man from the crowd began massaging her neck and shoulders from behind and two women caressed her ass.

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   The search for the tattoo seemed of secondary importance as Joe and Geoff each put their hands into Cheryl's panties from the side. They took turns rubbing her clitoris and inserting a finger into her cunt. This brought more groans from Cheryl. Geoff pulled the front of her panty aside to reveal the heart tattoo. Joe made a comment about her "heart-on" and gave her clitoris and cunt more rapid strokes. Cheryl groaned and shuddered slightly as she had a mild orgasm. Each man bent to kiss her tattoo, and thanked her for the opportunity. With some disppointment, Cheryl opened her eyes, only to see the crowd they had attracted. Spontaneous laughter and applause greeted her embarassed expression. I handed Cheryl her dress and she reluctantly put it back on. Still in a state of arousal, Cheryl asked if Joe had any tattoos. He laughed and told her to find out. With that, she unbuttoned his shirt. As she did, I watched Geoff's hands move under dress and begin caressing her ass. This seemed to spur her on for, as she removed Joe's shirt, she rubbed her hands across his chest and gave each nipple a quick pinch and flick with her tongue.

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   Not finding a tattoo on his upper body, Cheryl quickly began undoing Joe's belt and pants. as she bent to lower Joe's pants, I saw Geoff lift her dress over her ass and onto her back, then slip his hand inside her panties. His comment to Joe about how wet her cunt was confirmed what he was doing with his fingers. Cheryl trried to maintain contact with Geoff as she removed the pants. Joe moved closer to ease her task and soon he was standing in front of her in his thong underwear. His semi-erect cock was clearly visible through the material. Cheryl quickly pulled down the front of the thong and pulled out his cock. As she pretended to look for tattoos, she wrapped her hand around it and slowly stoked him. She found a sword tattoo on his ass, gave his cock a squeeze, gave him a very wet kiss, and thanked him for the search. As she straightened, Geoff removed his fingers and kissed her thank-you. Cheryl turned to him and asked if she could search him for tattoos. As he smiled, she began unbuttoning his shirt. Joe moved behind her and unbuttoned each side of her dress and slid his hands in across her belly and up to her breasts. As she removed Geoff's shirt she gave his nipples a pinch and suck. He pivoted in front of her to show that he had no tattoo on his upper body.

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   As Cheryl undid Geoff's pants, Joe's hands moved to undo her bra, then back to caress her bare breasts. Geoff's pants fell to the floor revealing boxers. Cheryl bent forward as she pulled them down, drawing Joe's body tight to her ass as she did. Geoff's semi-erect cock sprang out from the boxers as they slid down. Cheryl stroked it with her hand as she looked for a tattoo. She found a dragon on her left cheek, gave the cock a final squeeze, pulled the boxers up, and gave Geoff a very wet kiss. As she did, Joe kept his position, leaving her sandwiched between them. The three separated and the six of us decided to calm down with a drink. After laughs and more talk about the theme, Geoff asked Cheryl if she would like to join him in a search for tattoos. It looked to me like Cheryl had another admirer. She readily agreed and of they went. With her dress still unbuttoned up each side, Cheryl presented an inviting picture. We watched as they moved around the room. Laughter and lots of touching faccompanied them wherever they went. For more than an hour, each was fondled and kissed and they, of course, enthusiastically returned the favour.

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   I watched as Geoff insisted on demonstrating, for those who didn't make the connection, that the lips tattoo was an invitation to kiss Cheryl's breast and nipple. With all the attention, by the time she returned, Cheryl's nipple was erect and very sensitive. Upon their return, we talked and laughed together. I observed Geoff with his arm around Cheryl and his hand caressing her ass under her dress. Geoff's thoughts turned to the music and he asked Cheryl to dance. I followed suit by asking Kim. The talk and laughter continued on the dance floor. At one point Cheryl and Kim were sandwiched between the two of us as we moved to a slow song. Cheryl's arms were around Geoff's neck, causing the sides of her dress to separate, giving Geoff easy access to her body. As Kim and I danced, touched and kissed, I watched as Geoff's hands moved about Cheryl's body, touching her tits, ass and pussy. After several songs, Kim gave me a big kiss and said that she had to go to the washroom. As she moved, she asked Cheryl if she wanted to go with her and the two left the floor. As I found out later, Kim wanted a moment with Cheryl to say how much she and Geoff liked us and that they would like to enjoy sexual fun with us back in their hotel. She wanted to know if, since they had come with Joe and Betty, we would be interested in the six of us getting together. Knowing my interests, Cheryl didn't need to ask me so, giving Kim a quick kiss, she said yes.

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   Apparently, Betty came in as they were kissing and asked what was up. A quick conversation had all three in agreement about plans for the rest of the night. Joe, Geoff and I were at the bar as the three came laughing up to us. After our queries about the joke, they quickly related the discussion in the bathroom. Needing no further encouragement, we gathered up our things and left. At the hotel to follow. .