New Pets first written assignment


You do your pants back up. We continue to walk, this time with me on your right. As we get to the next street some of the people notice us, and my marked face especially. As a few of them are obviously looking at my face, you tell me that I am to leave your mark on my face. You tell me that when one of them asks if me I have what they think I have on my face, that Iam to reply yes, then lick my upper lip clean and swallow it down and tell them that my master tastes great. One of them most assuredly will ask.

The night is quiet, but for a few cars whooshing past on the street and the murmur of the few people out, talking in undertones. I hear your solid footsteps beside me, and it makes me feel secure. You stop, so I stop beside you. Near to us is the small aforementioned group of people, on the sidewalk, still looking at me and the markings on my face. They are all men. I stand beside you as they look at me. They say nothing at first but I can see the curious looks on their young faces.

They continue to stare for a few minutes before one of them steps forward. "You have something on your face" he says, looking at me with a smirk. "It is my Masters seed" I reply, slowly licking my upper lip while looking him directly in the eyes.

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   "My master has the sweetest seed I have ever tasted. " And it was. I savoured the flavour of you as I swirled your cum around in my mouth before swallowing it down. I madea show of it for the young man in question so that he would know how much I enjoyed the taste.

"Your master?" the young man asks, his eyebrow perked up. "Yes, my master," I reply "I am marked by him. I strive to please him. Itbrings me immense joy. Do you want to see?" He chuckles, looking back at his friends who are no longer interested in our conversation, stalls a minute and says "Sure, go ahead. "
"What shall I do?" I ask him, "What would you like to see?"

"My pet is an accomplished fellatrix," You tell him, stepping forward. "She loves having her masters cock shoved down her throat while she gags. She loves feeling my throbbing cock head pushing at the back of her throat, challenging her limits, if she has any". The young man looks on with interest. You continue, "She loves having her masters cock inside of her asshole, stretching it wide with the pain that brings her pleasure, don't you, pet?" You look at me. I look back at you, up through my lowered lashes "Yes, master" I reply.

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   "She will do anything you want her to" You tell the young man. "Yes" I reply. "Tell her what you would like to see her do" you instruct him.

"Shove your finger in your ass while looking at me" the young man says. You look on with interest. I take my middle finger of my right hand and slip it into my moist mouth giving it a nice slick coating of saliva before reaching into my pants to slip it softly into my asshole. I look at the young man as a gasp escapes my lips. I begin to whimper softly as I start to move my fingerin and out, massaging the clenched muscles gently and working them until they start to relax, making the movement easy. I stare at the young man while I do it. "Add another finger, pet" you instruct, and I do. I massage my asshole more fervently, the sound of your deep sexy voice spurring me on. My panties are soaked with my sweet juices in one flush, as always happens when I hear your voice. "Add another finger" you instruct a few minutes later, and I do. With three fingers in my asshole, I push forward and breach the tight muscle, thrusting up, deep inside the velvety soft heat. Within a couple of minutes, complete relaxation has settled.

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  By this time, I am panting, biting my lip, rocking my hips forward and back a little bit, trying to get more of that wonderful sensation that I associate to my masters cock.

The young man is still looking on with interest, a formidable and obvious bulge growing in his pants. "Lick your fingers" he suggests, looking at you for approval. "Yes, pet, do it" you agree. I feel much safer taking my instructions from you, my master. I pull my fingers out of my asshole and shove them far back in my mouth. I leave them there for a minute, running my tongue along every recess, sucking, savouring the approval in your eyes and the fascination in the young man's. "Good girl" you praise me, and a smile escapes my lips. It is hard for me to contain my excitement when I please you. "Don't you wish you had such a good pet?" You ask the young man, looking pointedly at him. "Fuck yeah" says the young man. "I bet you do" you say, looking back at me.

I pull my fingers out of my mouth and before I do anything you tell me to put them in my pussy instead. As I slip them inside my wet and waiting orifice, I am reminded of my masters cock and how it stretches me open wide. You begin to unzip your pants again, pulling your swollen member out, the angry red head pointed in my direction.

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   I keep my fingers in my pussy, all three, and pump them in and out. My mouth opens reflexively to take your cock. My flesh is rigid with tiny little goose bumps and my pink nipples are peaked with arousal of the thought of the taste of you.

"Watch her suck my cock" you instruct the young man, forcefully pushing your cock into my mouth. I eagerly suck you in but you give a hard thrust which sends your cock head directly back into my throat. I choke a little, try to cough, but then relax my throat to take you in. I can still feel your thrusts slowly pushing at the back of my throat, your signal to me that you want me to go further, to choke and gag on your cock how you love, and how I love to do. Suddenly, I feel a hand on the back of my head and my face is pressed into you, the young man has taken the liberty of making sure that I have you fully in my mouth. Just as suddenly I feel my hair being pulled back and my face distances from your body before being slammed back in again. He has apparently decided to help.

I open my throat willingly and let the young man slam my head back and forth on your cock. I look up at you for approval and Isee that you are happy. You enjoy the impressed look on the young man's face as he watches your cock slam in and out of my mouth with intent. Some pre-cum escapes you and slides onto my tongue, the taste of it sweet and amazing and I savour what I can while enjoying the sensations of your cock on my tongue, hitting me in the back of my throat. I keep looking up at you, the small smile playing on your lips exciting me.

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   My fingers continue to pump in and out of my cunt and I add a fourth finger, almost my whole hand now in my juicy, wet pussy.

"Tell your master how you love his cock" you tell me, looking down with affection.

"Master, I love your cock" I try to say, my mouth full of your member. My mouth is so full of you that I gag, but I still try to talk. "Please, master, gag me with your cock and shove it into my throat" I choke "I love you master and I long to please you. "

"Do you want me to fuck you, pet?" You ask.

"Yes, master, please, please, please fuck me" I beg.

"Where do you want my cock, pet?" You ask.

"Fuck me in the ass master, please. I want to feel you in my ass, stretching me open, ramming into me" I choke, your cock pushing past the limits of my throat, my eyes watering uncontrollably.
“Do you want to watch?” You ask the young man, and he releases his hold on the back of my head, silently nodding with interest. “Stand up, pet” you instruct. I stand, as you instruct me to, and look you directly in the eye. "Your master is going to grant your wish and fuck you in the ass with his massive cock. " You say to me, "You will love it, pet.

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  " I nod, aroused and waiting with anticipation.

You push me out in front of you toward the corner where we turn into the opening of a small dark alley. The young man follows closely behind you, walking quietly. The gravel on the road crunches under our feet but no other sound is heard. When we reach a spot just out of total view you tell me to face you. "Lift your shirt up and show your master your beautiful full breasts" you say. I willingly oblige and begin to lift my shirt. My breasts are exposed and my hands reflexively go to touch them. "I did not tell you you could touch them, pet" you scold, a frown playing on your lips. A shiver goes through me. I don't want to upset my master. I pull my hands quickly from my body and let them rest at my sides. "I'm sorry master" I apologize, my head down-turned. You say nothing.

"Turn your back to me, pull your pants down to your ankles, and bend over" you instruct, and I do.

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   I love fulfilling my masters orders. You stand behind me, your cock out, throbbing with excitement. . “Put your fingers back in your ass so I can see” you instruct, and I oblige again, starting to push one in. “I said fingerSSSSS, pet” you again scold. I pull my finger away and now point two out “How many did you have in your cunt, pet?” you ask me. “Four”I answer softly. “Put all four fingers in your ass for me pet” you instruct. I pointfour fingers out and reach behind me pushing them in and instantly, quietly, crying out as you push my hand into me, forcing my fingers in too quickly against my inner walls and muscles. "Stretch it open pet" you encourage "Hold it open for me" I hook a couple fingers into each side of my asshole and attempt to spread it wide, waiting for the feeling of your cock inside me. "Spit" you say to the young man who looks up shocked from his reverie, intently watching what is happening before him. "What?" he asks, slightly confused.

"Spit on her asshole. Lube her up for me" you instruct, looking point blank at him. He comes around beside you and looks down.

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   He sees my ass spread wide and waiting and you can see the look of desire on his face. "She is mine" you say, looking him in the eyes "You can watch, but you can't have her" you warn him. Hearing you say this fills me with pleasure. “That is why she carries my mark” you explain “She belongs to me”. The young man says nothing, then bends down a bit and begins to spit into me. When there is enough you tell him to watch closely.
Your cock head sits poised at the opening of my most sensitive orifice. I do not know how you will enter me, slowly or quickly, it is up to you. I wait with marked anticipation and my pussy wettens by the second. I can feel my lips swollen with desire as I wait. I can barely breathe. I want you so bad but you are making me wait. The torture is sweet but stinging.
Without sparing a thought, you suddenly slam into my willing body, full hilt, hissing as you do, grabbing me, your fingernails digging into my narrow waist possessively. The sting as your cock rams into me is sweet and painful.

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   My muscles contract around your cock driving you wild with desire. I swallow, shuddering almost violently as I take in the sweet sting, closing my eyes and spreading my legs wider for my master, instantly crying out as suddenly youthrust into me without pulling out, forcing yourself against myinner walls, showing your impatience for a good fuck. I was not aware you could get deeper in than you were so it is a pleasurable shock to me.
Within seconds, you start a fast, steady rhythm, rocking in and out of my sweet warmth, but doing it gently, as opposed to the forceful way with which you entered me. You listen closely to hear the range of sounds I make as you slide in and out of my slick asshole. I moan with pleasure and pain. I moan your name, Master Drake, overcome with ecstasy.
No sooner had I adjusted to your pace, when I feel your thrusts starting to deepen-- subtly at first, but then suddenly so much so that I cry out again, arching my back in pleasure. Your thrusts starting to come harder and faster, I choke on a moan, biting my lip and shuddering. You groan, your eyes closed,gripping my hips so hard I fear that yourfingers will leave bruises. A growlescapes your lips as my body reacts to the intensified pleasure you provide me, my ass muscles clenching harder and harder around you, a wide grin growing on your face.
I feel your cock swell inside me and I know you are almost ready. I feel myself swell inwardly as the pleasure I provide you culminates inside of me, causing me to suddenly and explosively orgasm, making my muscles flex and ease even more quickly around you as you grow bigger and more swollen than I ever could imagine. My breath comes in pants and gasps and I feel like I might pass out. I look up, in front of me, and see the young man, his jaw almost dropping on the ground watching this lustful act we are performing.

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Your thrusts get slightly lighter for a second and I wonder why but then I realize that it is the familiar sensation I feel when you are about to come. You pull out of me quickly and I whip around to face you as I know you love. Milliseconds after I turn to you, you explode on my face and in my mouth and I open my mouth willingly, wanting, hoping that this time I can swallow it all. You fully expend yourself into my mouth and onto my face but I don't make a move. I don't want to make the same mistake earlier and do something without my master’s consent. I kneel, my face sprayed with your seed, my tongue heavy with your sweet liquid. I don't close my mouth. I don't swallow. I don't even hardly breathe.
You look down at me, your breathing starting to return to normal. “Look at him, show him” you instruct me in deep tones. I turn to show the young man the prize I have achieved. He looks on, still in awe of what he has witnessed two strangers do in front of him. "You may enjoy your prize" you tell me, so I swallow, slowly, enjoying every last drop of what I am tasting. I lick my lips, smear what is on my face towards my lips, smiling, thanking you, my master, for the privilege "Thank you master," I say to you, looking up from below "I love it when you fuck my ass, master, you make me come so easily with your magnificent cock.


   I love you master". You smile. "Good girl, my pet" you say and stroke me on the top of my head lovingly.
"You should be so lucky" you say to the young man. You reach down and grab my hand and begin to walk away. I follow obligingly behind you, once again, to continue our walk.

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