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About a month after Daddy and Mom and Janet and I began playing with each other I found that my sex drive was going nuts. I had several toys that I used when I had no one to help me relieve the increased needs I was having. It was not unusual for Daddy do take care of me before leaving for work and when he walked in the door I was usually naked too. Mom found that I was always wanting her to help me and so often with the help of Mom and Daddy I had some kind of relief three or four times a day and then there was the fact that my tiny tits now seemed to be leaking all the time even though it was only an increase in the size of my nipples that was obvious. I especially began loving sucking on my Daddy's cock, something he did not mind at all and so when I came to him and rubbed it a little he put aside whatever he was doing and let me take care of my increased hunger.

My tummy had grown a lot and when I went shopping I would get lots of looks since my tits were almost not there in comparison to the tummy under them. I got comments from guys a lot and ingnored them for the most part. One day I was at the mall and Janet went to look at something by herself and I stayed in the lady's underwear dept. I was looking around and was beginning to feel that feeling I got when I was in need of relief. I know I was licking my lips and I was wet between my legs and my nipples began to leak. I was just heading to the rest room when a voice came from behind me, "Yeh, must be a girl with a tummy like that she has to be pregnant. " I turned around and it was a couple of guys and they were laughing and pointing. I stoped and looked at them and said, "I am a woman if you don't mind. " "A woman would have tits. " one said and I looked at him as I walked back to them, "And a man would have a hard cock that would satisify a woman. " I looked down and said, "I don't see anything and all I hear is talk.

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  " The other guy stood nearer and said, "I can satisify any woman. " Rubbing his growing thru his pants. "I bet thatI can make you limp and still need more from you. " I said to both of them. "Come one," the second one said and pointed to the doors. "I have a an we can get in and see how good you are. "

We walked to the van and it was nice and had a bed in the back. It was a camper and van all in one. He opened the doors and I climbed in and was naked before they got the doors closed. "Damn, she is in need I guess. " the guy said. THey took off their clothes and both had very nice equipment and I laid down, "One in each end guys, come one. " I grabbed the closest cock and began sucking him deep and the other pushed into my pussy. . .

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  "Oh yeh, that is good. " I told them. THey both filled me way too soon and then they were going to get up. "No guys, I am not finished yet. " and took both cocks and began massaging and sucking them each in turn. Soon they were fully hard and I told them to change places and so the one in my pussy had been sucked and the other went to my mouth and I sucked him deep and slowly. The second time they took longer and still I was hungry.

Suddenly there was a knock on the van door, "Hey Bobby, open up. " the voice said and he looked nervous and began dressing. The other guy told me to dress too but I laid there with my legs apart leaking cum and my body spread oout on the bed. "What the hell is this?" the man said and it was Bobby's Dad. "I can explain Dad, honest. " he began and the ma got in. "Aren't you going to at least cover yourself?" he said. I laid on one side and had my head in my hand.

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   "No, I don't think I will. " I said and he said, "Why the hell not. " His bulge was growing even though he was acting pissed off. "Because I need a real man to do me, these boys have only made me want more. " I said. He looked at me then to the two boys. "What the hell. " he said and undressed. He had huge hanging balls and a nice long thick cock and it was growing. I said to him, "My my, now I will get what I need. " and took him into my mouth and made a lot of moaning sounds for their benefit. I sucked him till he was fully hard then said, "You know, I really need pussy filled, will you take care of her first?" and he moved around and slipped inside of my pussy, streaching it out. "Oh yeh, that is a man's cock, a real cock. " and I looked at the boys that were getting hard again. I felt him beginnin to cum and wrapped my legs around him and he filled my pussy with a huge load of cum.

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   After he slipped out I took him back into my mouth and sucked him till he was nice and hard again and then took him deep in my throat. Again he took a while to cum but he filled my throat and I swallowed it all down.

We all got dressed finally and the man was trying totell the boys that this was all between him and them. "What about me?" I said, what if I wanna tel about it?" He said that it should not be done and then I remembered he called his son Bobby. "Oh, you don't think that the wife would like it do you?" I purred. "Well, no she would not. " A picture was in my mind of a beautiful red head that Janet had told me she had seduced a long time ago and so I said, "Well, I bet the wife would love to go to bed with me. " They all looked shocked. "In fact I bet I can seduce her within two weeks. " I said. "Well, you can't since you don't know who she is or who we are. " he said. "Oh, Mr, Huston (not his name) I think I know a lot about you and your family. "You wife is about 5'6" and has long red hair and is really beautiful. She suffers from neglect I imagine since you really fucked me good and most likely don't take care of her.

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   Two weeks and I will have her in bed, and not only that, I will have pictures to prove it. " He looked at me, "Okay, two weeks, pictures to prvoe, let's go boys, not a word to anyone. " They both agreed and so did I then I went to find Janet. She looked at me and said, "What the fuck have you been up to now?"
We walked out as I told her about what had happened and we began planning the seduction of Mrs. Huston.
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