Out Of the closet


I never thought id look at another male and have a sexual thought. . In fact I didn't often pay attention to other males at all.

I had a girlfriend when I found out I was gay. The discovery led to a chain of emotions, and my main worry was not only others excepting me, but excepting myself. You cannot change who a man is. . . but a man can change on his own. Its is his path to find, though.

Its was the night Ben came over and spent the night. He was an old homie, and id known him for a while. I had dropped one of my moms good china dishes and so both me and Ben scurried to pick up the broken pieces before my mom got home and discovered the evidence. We were both knelt on the ground. . And then we just looked at eachother, made eye contact, and something connected, fell into place.

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   We kissed, at first just a peck, and then it got deeper, more pasionate.

(Sometimes things have to fall apart so that they can fall together. . . it took the longest time for me to realize that. )

So finally I pulled away, I was shocked. What the hell had just happended, and what did it mean?

"What the fuck man" I exclaimed wiping my mouth with my sleeve and quickly picking up the remaining pieces of the plate. Neither of us could really say anything.

I loved it, but I was embaressed. Regardless of who was there, which just happened to be me and him that night. And I didn't know what was going to happen next, because he neither whispered a reply, nor made any type of hint that he even remembered what had just happend. So I decided to pretend nothing happend, just like him.

When we went back into my we smoked some herb and started talking. .
And we were relaxed now, we accepted it.

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"What happend man?" I asked. .
"I don't know bro, but. . . . I can't lie and say I didn't like it. . " He was hesitant, because he had no idea what my response would be.

"I liked it. . " I said plainly
"Me too. . " He responded, a small smile spread across his lips. I went over to him and kissed him again, and yet again it turned passionate.

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"Hey im gonna jump in the shower. . " he said after a few minutes.

"Need company?" I asked, and grinned when he look at me suprised.

"I wouldn't mind" he smiled back.
And so we both stepped under the hot water of the shower and began jacking eachother off rapidly, he moaned and gripped some of my hair and pulled. Which only made me go even faster, and made him moan even louder. I played with his balls with my other hand, slowly sliding past them with my finger tips, and it gave him goosbumps. I know it tickeled, id done it to myself several times, and I watched his face swim in ecstacy as he too experienced it.
He shot his load all over me, not purposely, but it was so hot.
And then he got on his knees to finish me off
First taking my knob into his mouth and sucking slowly, then taking more and more of my 7 incher into his throat until he gagged. But he still didn't stop. At the same time he stroked my shaft with his hand, and I exploded in his mouth, he tried swallowing it all, but some he did not succeed with. Then as we both started to stiffen again, I put the head of my prick at his asshole and told him to bend over, which he did.
Finally I shuved it all the way in, even though it was very hard effort, his asshole was extremely tight, seeing how nothing had every been up there.

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   And I pumped him fast and slow. I pulled his hair, and smacked his ass, and each time he'd shriek in pleasure. I heard the front door open, and we had to stay in there until my mom finally went in her room, then we snuck back into my room, and the rest of the night, it was just me and my newly fond lover.
We didn't know how wed tell anyone. But for the moment all that mattered was us. . . And we would deal with the rest later. .

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