The 9th Hole


Dad began to walk back to the cart as I finished putting on the 9th hole. It was well over 90 degrees this afternoon. The golf course lifted its dress code for the day allowing us to wear khaki shorts and a plain white t-shirt. As we got in the cart and drove down the path I glanced toward my father’s lap. He preferred to wear shorts that came halfway down his thigh; instead of the usual knee length style. As we rode down the bumpy trail his shorts slid higher up his thigh. At the same time I could see the imprint of his cock running down the inside of his left leg. I lost myself for a moment and drifted back to the memory of sucking his cock for the first time.

More than a week has gone by since that night without even a mention to what happened between us. I figured he must have been embarrassed by the whole situation. Finding out your son loves to suck dick because you caught him sucking yours would be a big shock to anybody. Not to mention that he came so hard I could tell it was oneof the best orgasms he’d ever experienced even if he thought it was mom until he opened his eyes and looked down to see me.

After a few minutes in the cart I saw the bulge in his pants growing larger until the head of his cock poked out the leg of his shorts.

“Let’s stop off at the shack to rest for a bit and cool off” he said heading down the path. The shack was not much more than a converted barn with a concessions stand and a few tables to rest out of the sun. We parked the cart and made our way through the door.

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   Due to the slow day the regular attendant had taken off leaving a notice to leave money in the register for anything we would like. I grabbed a bottle of water for each of us and sat on the picnic table bench next to dad. The walk in from the cart was enough to let his shorts fall back down his leg ending my peepshow. The outline of his semi engorged cock was still plainly visible.

After relaxing for a few minutes I see dad digging through his pockets looking for something. The leg of his shorts slowly worked its way back up his leg as he pulled and tugged at the bottom of his pocket. I tilted my head slightly towards him to take a peek between his legs. I let out a small gasp surprised to see the plump head of his thick cock sticking all the way out from his shorts. I licked my lips inadvertently while wishing I could taste his cock again. I turned my head away from him hoping he didn’t notice I was just staring at his crotch and decided to take a piss before heading back out.

I looked down at my phone check a text message as I left the bathroom. My dad said something to me breaking my concentration as I approached the bench.

“Huh?” I said glancing up from my phone. He sat there pants undone with his rock hard 10 inch cock in his hand.

“I need you to take care of this for me.

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  ” He said while sliding his hand up and down his shaft.

“Um Dad, what are you doing?” I stammered, doing a terrible job of disguising my excitement

“What? You didn’t hesitate the last time faggot. ” He jeered. “Get on your knees and suck this dick!” he demanded waving his cock back and forth in his hand.

“I don’t think we should do that again. ” I mumbled.

“Boy you better do what I say!” He shouted.

“But we could get caught,” I reminded him.

“Then you better suck fast! Now don’t make me tell you again!” he shouted with a sharp look in his eye.
I got down between his legs rested my hands on his inner thighs and dropped to my knees. He let go of his cock and left it standing up on its own. I wet my lips just before brushing them against the head of his cock. I moved down to place my tongue at the base of his shaft slowly licking the underside of his dick making it twitch. I licked from the bottom of his shaft all the way up to the tip before wrapping my lips around the head of his cock.

“Oh fuck yea!” he moaned as I slid his hard dick deep into my mouth.

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   My head bobbed up and down sucking every inch of his cock into my mouth until I can feel it filling the back of my throat. Dad grabbed my head with both hands and began to thrust upwards pushing his dick deeper into mouth.

“Mmm yes!” He groaned as he fucked my throat harder and deeper until I gagged on his cock.

“Shit, I think I hear someone coming down the cart path. ” Dad said as he pulled his still throbbing rod from my gaping throat. I got up from my knees and darted to the other side of the barn knelt down on the bench and leaned over to get a good look out the window.

“I don’t see anybody out there, but…wha!” I was startled by my father’s grip. His strong hands grabbed me by the hips, pulling my ass towards his crotch. He yanked at the waist of my shorts pulling them down to knees along with my boxers.

“That’s right boy!” He moaned as he grinded his hips against mine, pushing his engorged dick between my thighs.

“Dad, please stop!” I shouted as I felt the head of his swollen cock push into the crack of my ass and brush against my puckered hole. Hot slick precum leaked from his engorged dick and pooled in my tightly clenched asshole. The sensation made me quiver sending trembles through my body.

“After the way you sucked my dick I’m surprised you’re not begging to be fucked. ” He smirked while working his cock against my tight hole.

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“I’ve never done this before! Please don’t do… Ahh fuck!”I screamed just as Dad held me firmly by the hips, pressed his dick against my asshole until it stretched open swallowing the thick swollen tip of his cock. He paused for a moment to let me adjust before pushing the rest of his shaft into my ass inch by inch.

“Goddamn boy that is a tight ass!” he moaned as he buried his dick inside me. He slowly began to pump his dick in and out of my ass working into a smooth pace. I dug my fingers into the backrest of the bench in pain while my asshole stretched wide open around my father’s cock. I clenched my teeth and grunted for the first few minutes until I adjusted to having my insides filled. Just as I got comfortable he slowly pulled his cock out of my ass leaving the head of his cock pressed against my hole. I heard my dad spit before huge drop of warm saliva landed right in my asshole. He pressed back into my slick asshole and continued pump his dick in and out.

“Mmm yea” I moaned quietly. The pain had faded and that extra bit of lubrication let his dick slide freely in and out of my ass.

“You like that dick boy?” he asked.

“Oh my god yes!” I moaned in reply.

He held my hips tighter as he fucked my ass faster and harder. My asshole clung tightly around his dick letting me feel every bump, vein, and ridge as he pumped deeper into my ass.

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   As my body relaxed he was able to push his cock deeper and deeper until his tip pushed as far as it could go.

“Aww fuck!” I screamed as he bottomed out. He thrusted harder all the way into me again and again.
“Take this dick boy!”He moaned, pumping harder and faster into my ass.

“Oh god, fuck me harder!” I screamed every time I felt the head of his cock push into my stomach. My moaning turned him on even more. He fucked my ass wildly driving me into a coma. The sensation of his hot thick throbbing cock surged through my body making me lose all control. My arms went lip letting my body lean forward over the bench.

My father reached his arm around my chest and pulled me up. He held me tightly against his chest as he fucked my ass harder and harder. His other hand slid up from my hip and across my chest squeezing me tightly.

“Oh yea, oh yea!” I screamed in totally ecstasy. “Pinch my nipples. “ I sighed.

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  His strong hands slid over my chest in search of my stiff nipples. I felt the tips of his rough fingers glide across them before pinching down hard.

“Oh fuck yes!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. My body began to tremble as his cock pounded my ass faster and faster.

“Damn boy, you’re gonna make me cum!” He shouted as he pumped his dick harder and harder making me moan. He kept his left hand on my chest, slid his right hand down my stomach and wrapped his hand around my dick. He stroked my dick up and down in rhythm as he pumped his dick in and out of my ass.

“Oh fuck yes! Yes!” I cried feeling his strong hand around my cock as he fucked me harder

“Cum!” he said.

“Aww fuck” I cried again.

“Cum!” he commanded for a second time tightening his grip and speeding his pace.

“AHHHHHHH FUCK!” I screamed as my body shook as I began to cum. Every muscle in my body spasm with pleasure, and my asshole tightened up sucking my father’s dick deep into my ass. His cock swelled and throbbed deep inside my asshole

“Oh fuck boy!” he groaned. His dick pulsed and shoot stream after stream of hot gooey cum into my ass. My tightening hole continued to tense up around his cock milking out his cum.

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   He pulled out of my ass letting a stream of cum leak out and run down my thigh.

“Mmm that feels so fucking good!” I moaned. Dad gave me a firm smack on the ass before I turned around and slid down onto the bench. I saw a drop of cum hanging from the tip of his cock so I reached out to grab his shaft and pulled him slowly into my mouth. I sucked his cock into the back of my throat letting his sweet thick cum smear across my tongue. I pumped his shaft while I sucked making sure to get every last bit of cum.

He pulled his half erect cock from my mouth and smacked me across the face, smearing cum all over my cheek, before pushing it back into my mouth one last time. Dad collapsed on the bench next to me and I leaned over resting my head on his shoulder.

“That was so fucking hot dad! You’re dick felt so good in my ass!” I sighed

“You liked that cock didn’t you boy?” he asked

“Oh my god yes, I’d give anything just to get fucked by your thick black cock!” I said.

“Does that mean I can make you my new fuckboy?”

“Yes!” I moaned in excitement “I’d suck and fuck that dick whenever you ask. ” I cheered.

Stick around for “The Weekend Camping Trip”