The Afterparty, episode 13, part 1


The scene, in 1974, is at a US military housing complex in Southern Germany. Some of you might be familiar with the area near Ramstein Air Base. Anyway, the military usually houses dependent families in fairly decent quarters. If you've ever had any experience in the military you know that government quarters were not spacious but adequate and always clean and well maintained. This complex is located off base on a hillside with three twelve story apartment buildings. Each floor had three apartments adjacent to each other sharing a small hallway that led to the elevator and just past that a door to a common balcony. Each apartment had three bedrooms, two baths, living room with its own balcony, and a small kitchen.

The party had been progressing nicely, the music and drinks were flowing. Early on Brooke cornered Jamie into an intimate conversation and then led her downstairs and out to the parking lot to sit in Ted s car so they could light up a joint. Jamie followed Brooke into the back seat of Ted s station wagon. Brooke told Jamie about her parent s relationship with Dot and Ted. She told Jamie about the sexual adventures that had occurred in the car they were sitting in that very moment. Curiosity and the dampness between her thighs led Jamie to explore the scene the young girl was describing for her. Listening to Brooke was making her horny and Brooke, is a luscious young thing, she thought.

Jamie was also thinking, what am I doing? I ve got the hots for this young redhead! But she was ready. Except for her toys, she had no sexual contact since she divorced her husband.

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   She needed to have sex and Brooke's revelations were rapidly filling her with lust. She liked the feeling.

"Mom was sitting right where you are and Dot was feeling her thighs just like this. "Brooke reached up under Jamie s skirt along her inner thighs. Like her previous experiences with other women, Jamie could not resist. Her legs spread wider, almost involuntarily, as the young redhead's fingers inched closer to Jamie s damp pantie crotch.

"Dad was in the middle and Dot was reached over him to play with mom's pussy. At the same time mom took dad's cock out of his pants and then Dot started sucking it. Marsha was in the front seat fooling around with Ted and her husband, Hutch. "

This was very erotic and Jamie wanted to hear all of the juicy details from her young companion and several hits off the joint had her feel very salacious. "Dot was sucking on your dad's cock right next to your mom?"

Brooke's fingers nudged under Jamie s pantie crotch exploring the ample folds of Jamie's cunt making the older woman pant with anticipation thinking, What an aggressive little bitch! But an opportunity like this was too good to pass up.

"Yeah, and then they pulled over into a wooded area off the autobahn and they all fucked on the tailgate in the moonlight," Brooke giggled, "isn't that outrageous?"

"M-marsha too?" asked Jamie. Jamie was introduced to Marsha and Hutch and was taken by the woman's beauty and her husband's good looks.

"Especially Marsha. .

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  . gosh Jamie, you have nice big pussy lips. "

"Oh, oh, Brooke! You're g-going to m-make me cum!"

"I want to make you cum, Jamie. Lean back. " The girl had obviously done this before.

Jamie was breathing faster, "T-t-tell me more, honey. . . wha-what else? Oh gawd, I'm horny!"

"Well. . . I ate Dot's pussy in the front seat another time. "

"You did? You and Dot?"

"Yeah, Dot was my first experience with another woman. I saw her and mom in bed together one morning and they invited me in with them. That was the first time.

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   And then I spent a weekend with her and Ted. Oh my gawd, hat was one hot weekend! The three of us got it on proper. Ted fucked me and Dot sucked me. Wow!" She told her about the strange episode in the steam bath.

"So, let me get this straight. Your mom and d-dad swing with Dot and Ted and you got in on the action with them too?"

"Yeah, and don t forget about Marsha and Hutch," added Brooke. "I really want to get with him and Marsha too. "

"Wow!What about the rest of the folks upstairs at the party? What about my folks, have they gotten involved?" Jamie was trying to imagine her parents involved in a swinging situation. She knew they were very good friends with Dot and Ted. They spent a lot of time with them and then there were the overnight trips they took together too.

Brooke looked up again and answered honestly, "I know that your mom has been getting it from Hutch. "

"My mother is having an affair with Hutch?"

"Yeah, and I ll bet before the evening is over, she ll be getting it from Ted or even my step-dad, Bob. It ll be a fucking good time before the night is over if things go as usual. "Brooke easily inserted two fingers into Jamie's pussy. "You want to get some too, Jamie?"

"Oh! Hell yes! I'm not going miss out and not get laid now that you have me all hot and bothered, you hot little bitch! Kiss me and then get down there and do me more!"

After their probing tongue kiss, Brooke knelt on the floorboard carpet and lifted one of Jamie s legs over her shoulder.

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   Brooke found Jamie s large labia a joy to suck into her mouth. She first sucked one side into her mouth then the other till she reached the woman's large clit. She squeezed it with her lips and then latched to it with her mouth to flick it with the tip of her tongue. She lapped at the woman s flowing juices.

Standing outside in the dark beside the car, Brooke s step-dad watched through the window as his wife's daughter slid down between Jamie's legs. It didn't take much to figure out that she was busy eating the older woman's pussy. His hard-on was straining against his clothing. He was aware of his step daughter's sexual proclivities. He knew she was fucking the neighbors and he knew he had no say in the matter since his wife, Jan was also fucking Dot and Ted. Of course he had experienced the pleasure of fucking Dot and Marsha, but right now he was thinking of finishing what Brooke had started with Jamie. So he opened the rear passenger door.

Jamie was startled by the surprise visit and quickly sat up and tried to look as innocent as possible with a young girl peering out from between her legs at her father.

"Hi Bob. " His stepdaughter's mouth and chin were wet with Jamie's juices. "I knew you saw us leave the party.

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   Come in and see what I found. "

Jamie s jaw dropped and was speechless. "It s okay, Jamie, Bob is cool. You ll like him, I know. Move over and let him in. You said you needed to get laid and he s just the one to do it for you. "

Jamie was not at all accustomed to this sort of thing. She had married and divorced young. After her marital split she decided to go back to college where she experimented with other girls and rather enjoyed it. But now this girl s father was squeezing in next to her on the back seat of Ted's station wagon. It was making her feel wicked, and very randy.

"Take his cock out his pants, Jamie. " Brooke took her fingers from between Jamie s legs and Bob was quickly unbuckling his pants with his step daughter's help.

"Brooke! It s your dad! I can t do anything like that. "

As Bob pulled his trousers down to his ankles he said, "She's not my child biologically, not even adopted.

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   Anyway, we won t do anything you don t want to do," said Bob trying to set the woman at ease. He knew she was in no position to refuse his sexual advances now that she had been caught fooling with with his step-daughter. "Jan has always been bisexual and Brooke is very familiar with that since Jan had a number of female live-in lovers before we married. I know Brooke has had a couple of teenage boyfriends that deflowered her. But after her experience with Dot she likes girls too, like her mom. Do you like girls too, Jamie? Do you want to have sex with me. . . and Brooke?"

"Mom let him off the leash tonight and he's going to take advantage," Brooke whispered to Jamie.

"No! I mean, I. . . . . yes, I do," stammered Jamie.


   "B-But, I've never been in quite this situation before!"

"Perhaps you'd prefer Jan instead of Brooke, if it makes you more comfortable. Jan is always ready for a threesome, especially with a beautiful woman like you. "

"No, no. Brooke is very nice; but then again, I can imagine Jan is good too. "As she spoke, Jamie was beginning to warm up to the idea. The thought of a threesome with Jan sounded very interesting to her at the moment as she watched Bob's impressive tool come into view. Actually she was ready for anything as long as she got fucked tonight. Bob took her hand and placed it on his cock. Jamie found Bob's erection warm and thick under her fingers.

Again Brooke urged, "Isn't his cock nice, Jamie? He has a nice one. I ve seen it before. " Brooke wrapped her fingers around Bob's cock next to Jamie's hand.

Bob explained, "She likes to watch me and her mom make love. She s been doing it ever since she found out how good her pussy makes her feel. "

"Well, she's making mine feel pretty good right now," Jamie replied.

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   She hungrily stroked Bob s engorged cock head. She reached in further and took hold of his testicles. "Wow! This is a n-nice one, Brooke. "

"It is, isn t it? Suck him off, Jamie. I want to see you suck him off. " Brooke's hand went back to Jamie s pussy and reached for her own as Jamie leaned down over Bob s lap to cover the man's erection with her mouth. It had been a while since Jamie had sucked cock and she had been looking forward to just the possibility that she might get laid a couple of times while she was on vacation in Europe with her parents with no luck till now. She had not conceived of anything other than one-on-one sex, so this was much more than she had been hoping for and she wasn t about to say no.

Brooke leaned back on the far side of the car seat and spread her legs to finger herself off as she watched Jamie give her step-dad a vigorous blow job. Brooke reached out to Jamie s ass and probed into the woman s crotch from behind under her skirt. As she sucked, Jamie lifted her buttocks to allow Brooke more room for play. Brooke inserted three fingers into her and slowly pulled and pushed them between Jamie's labia.

"Don t make him cum yet, Jamie. Get up and sit on his lap so you can get some of that to fill your pussy. I'd like a go on that myself if mama would let me.

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Jamie sat up to comply with Brooke s instructions. "Oh yes! I need to fuck, Bob. I really need it now. "

Jamie held on to Bob s hard-on and as she climbed up on his lap with her back to him, she guided it into her wet cunt. She placed the helmet between her labia and rubbed it around a little then placed it at her opening. It slid in easily.

"Oh, gawd. . . . . yessss! It s so good to have a nice dick in my pussy again. I've been so horny I haven t had any since a good-bye fuck from my ex-husband six months ago. I need this. Gawd, I need this!"

Bob held Jamie by the hips and humped her from underneath as she rode his cock.

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"Is it good, Jamie? Mom says he fills her up good. Is it, Jamie?" Brooke sat up so she could move closer to feel between their bodies where they were joined. She felt Jamie s wetness and Bob s cock as it slipped in and out between the woman s protruding labia.

"Oh yes, honey! Finger my clit, baby. Do it!" Brooke obliged. She also wrapped her index finger and thumb around Bob s cock and felt his slick hardness slip between. Jamie became aware that the young girl was playing with Bob s cock too and she swooned with lust, "Ooooh! Fuck meeeee!"

Breathing hard Jamie leaned her head back on Bob s shoulder and turned to get a lip lock on him. Then she whispered into his lips, "You've never fucked her?" She had a longing to learn everything about this fortunate situation she found herself in.

Bob understood. "No, no, not really. There would be hell to pay with Jan. She s never allowed it even though Brooke has played with us just as she s doing now. " Brooke heard.

"I won t tell, Bob. Please let me!"Brooke pulled her step-dad's cock from Jamie's cunt and stroked it lovingly feeling Jamie's juices on it.



"Hey! Put it back," Jamie protested. Then turning her head back to Bob, said "Just let her suck it a little, Bob, please!" She was aflame with desire. "It s so horny, please. And she wants to so bad. "

"I know she wants to," replied Bob. "And I d like to let her, but. . . ".

"I won t tell mom, honest, I won t. "Brooke lowered her head and took the head of the cock in her hand to her mouth and sucked making her cheeks hollow.

"Oh shit, Brooke. That s so good!" He had longed for this. His step-daughter sucking his cock. In his deep and darkest mind he also wanted to see Jan and her together.

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   He knew she had been with Jan and Dot, but he only had hearsay. He wanted to see it and be there. And fuck her too, he thought. And ever since Dot and Ted had moved in next door his wife seemed more inclined to involve Brooke into their sex life.

Jamie held Brooke s head between her legs as the girl sucked on the cock that had just been firmly ensconced between her copious cunt lips. Now she wanted it back in her.

"Don t make me cum in your mouth, Brooke. Put it back in her," Bob demanded. He felt the coolness of the night air as Brooke released his cock from her warm mouth but then it was firmly back into Jamie s hot hole. He lifted his hips up as far as he could and rammed it up to the hilt.

"Ahhhhh, gawd, yesssss, I'm cumming!" Jamie squealed as they came together. Brooke humped Jamie's hip and kept her hands at their junction, then was back to clean Jamie's juices off of Bob's cock after they stopped twitching and jerking. "Well t-that was a completely new experience for me, b-but what an orgasm that was!" Jamie was still panting when she pulled Brooke to her to kiss her mouth. "Let s get back up to the party to see if anybody else is getting off. "She wanted to see who her mother was fucking.

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   The possibilities ran through her mind. She was still in the mood for more tonight and Bob had promised to have Jan join them for more fun. But then there was Marsha too; and Goody. And Hutch. She was anxious to get back upstairs to the party.

(read part 2 of The Afterparty).

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