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XSeductiveVampyr [5:50 PM]:  The sun shone bright warm rays over the guest as they drank and danced with glee. Some preferred to stay inside the beach house where it was cooler while others played in the clear Atlantic water. A small tune of the piano on the  Inside of the house's porch played where a young woman provided the party's music and entertainment. Her hair was tied back with a light blue ribbon that stood out high against her dark brown hair that fell in waves of curls down her back.   She wore a light blue bikini top that pushed her firm breast perfectly in place and made them more curved then they already were, she wore matching bathing suit thong that was covered by a slightly transparent white mini beach skirt.   People surrounded her to hear and watch her play the large instrument but to watch her beauty as well. Skin like the softest cocoa, legs to die for, glossy lips and rosy cheeks and eyes like the skin of a coconut.   Mad Matt 929 [5:57 PM]:  One of those people surrounding her was a tall dark haired man. He could have fitted so easily into the crowd, except for his eyes. . . eyes that caught anyone's attention and enthralled them for an eternity. He wore a white shirt, which was unbuttoned and fluttered in the wind, revealing his well toned 6-pack and pecks. he also wore a regular pair of bathing shorts, blue and finishing just above his knees. as he stood and watched this magnificent pianist, he was captured by the beauty of her face, the perfectness of her body and the elegant way in which she controlled the piano  XSeductiveVampyr [6:04 PM]:  As she finished her song, everyone around her clapped and she stood and bowed, Her eyes met his for a brief second as she went to shake everyone's hand who thanked and complemented her. She was handed a glass of wine before everyone left to enjoy the rest of the party and she took a break from the piano, leaning against it as she watched the waves across the porch Mad Matt 929 [6:06 PM]:  everyone had subsided and gone to look at some other obscured attraction except the man with the eyes.

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   as the woman drank her wine and lay against the piano, the man made his move. "hi, im Matt, and that took my breath away. . . . you were. . . amazing" XSeductiveVampyr [6:09 PM]: As soon as she turned to look at him, she was immediately caught inside the pools of his eyes and was taken back by his own masculine beauty. She opened her mouth to say something but paused a bit as if hypnotized before finally speaking. " wow. . . . I mean.

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  . Thanks. Im Mina" she said giving him her hand. Mad Matt 929 [6:12 PM]:  Expecting a shake, she was surprised when Matt kissed her hand, like a true gent would. . . . 'ive never seen such beauty, never mind the piano playing. I;m really glad vie got to know you mina. Shall we go for a walk" he asked, looking towards the beach XSeductiveVampyr [6:13 PM]:  taken back all she could muster up was a smile that lit up her face and nodded. " By all means lead the way" Mad Matt 929 [6:15 PM]:  he walked off, looking over his shoulder, making sure she came along. his sandals clipped the cement surrounding the pool and after a minute or so they reached the sand and mina had caught up, and they walked side by side XSeductiveVampyr [6:17 PM]: She wore no shoes.   She hated them and took the Beach house party an opportunity to get rid of them for once.   The Wind blew through her hair as she walked looking and observing the surroundings around them. Mad Matt 929 [6:19 PM]:  he tried out how she felt about him, by brushing his hand past hers, and judging by her reaction he would know if she liked him or not she looked at him and smiled, so he assumed she liked him and he took her hand as they continued to talk XSeductiveVampyr [6:22 PM]: She held onto his hand with a liking.

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   He was handsome she thought. Of course romantically polite as she thought back when he kissed her hand.   She blushed a bit but shook it off. It was getting hotter by the minute she thought. Hopefully it wasn't just her and it was the weather itself. She began to lead him close to the water a bit before letting his hand go and smiled. She made a notion for him to stay there and not to move as she ran and drove into the water. She disappeared for about a minute. Then as if  Time itself stopped and the only time left around them seemed to go on into the slowest of motions, she appeared out of the water, the sun gleamed against her wet skin making the water droplets appeared like diamonds. She pushed her hair back and away from her face, her eyes seemed more like amber jewels then coconut. She had her back to him but watched him over her shoulder with a smirk. Mad Matt 929 [6:26 PM]:  he peeled off his shirt, and entered the water. . . he waded in till the water brushed the bottom of his shorts then he dove forwards, approaching her under the water. 

   he swam a circle around her under the water which reached just above her waist, then surfaced in front of her  XSeductiveVampyr [6:30 PM]:  She laughed sweetly and went slowly down lower into the water so it was about chin high and glided away from him playfully. She stopped a little far from him and lifted up her hand where now was her bathing suit top and threw it at him.   Mad Matt  929 [6:35 PM]:  he caught it, then realized its significance. . . . he threw it over his shoulder and approached her. he swam, and so they met as he was horizontal and she was standing up. he stopped when their lips met and stood up. then he leant back and grabbed the back of her legs with his legs and she fell on top of him. he remained balanced; the water supporting their weight and he felt her erect nipples on his pecs XSeductiveVampyr [6:39 PM]:  she sighed against the kiss, her tongue sliding across his own chasing and playing in his mouth as she slightly pushed herself against him more* Mad Matt 929 [6:41 PM]:  he swiveled round, now he lay on top of her and the kiss entered her mouth. he gently caressed the tip of her tongue, and felt her nipples erecting hard against his chest, with her full breasts pressed firm against him XSeductiveVampyr [6:47 PM]: She pulled away from him and wiggled her self out from under him making her way up to the sandy beach where she now sat where the water washed over the wet sand ever so often.   XSeductiveVampyr [6:47 PM]:  She then made an indication of him to come to her Mad Matt 929 [6:47 PM]:  he came and lay in the sand beside her Mad Matt 929 [6:48 PM]:  i cant believe i only met you half an hour ago Mad Matt 929 [6:48 PM]:  i dont normally do this you know Mad Matt 929 [6:48 PM]:  it just feels right XSeductiveVampyr [6:49 PM]: She cut him off abruptly with a passionate kiss forcing him slowly down on his back as she now laid herself on him, her hand caressing the side of his strong face Mad Matt 929 [6:51 PM]:  he ran his hand up and down her side, then all the way up to the back of her head where he held onto her hair XSeductiveVampyr [6:54 PM]:  She brought the kisses down to the side of his neck  where she began to use the tip of her teeth to nip at the skin as her tongue ran over the area sweetly* Mad Matt 292 [6:55 PM]:  he was hugely turned on by this and felt his cock swell in his shorts (in real life too lol) he knew she felt it to, as she stopped the kiss and looked at him with a cheeky grin XSeductiveVampyr [6:58 PM]:  "I see someone else thinks this feels right" she said smartly and kissed his lips again, He could feel her push up against him slightly  as she sucked on his bottom lip Mad Matt 929 [6:59 PM]:  'He sure does' came the retort. . .

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  . . 'and u certainly dont seem to be complaining!!' XSeductiveVampyr [7:01 PM]:   "Now why would I complain?" she placed kisses down his neck with each word until she reached his shoulder where she bit slightly hard but not too hard. Mad Matt  929 [7:02 PM]:  he raised his leg and put it over hers. . pulling her closer. their crotches met and he started to grind into her hips XSeductiveVampyr [7:03 PM]:  She locked her legs with him and flipped him over onto her, her hands caressing the muscles on his back. Mad Matt 929 [7:04 PM]:  he kissed her on the lips again, and said 'this is becoming a bit repetitive isn't it' 'why dont we take this back to the water' XSeductiveVampyr [7:05 PM]:  She smiled and kissed him once more.   Mad Matt 929 [7:06 PM]:  he got up and skipped to the waters edge, entering the water up to where it reached his ankles XSeductiveVampyr [7:06 PM]:  She sat up and watched him for a minute before following after Mad Matt 929 [7:07 PM]:  as she joined him in the water, and lay down beside him, he rolled on top of her, careful however not to crush her; laying most of his weight on his knees XSeductiveVampyr [7:10 PM]: Her breasts brushed against his chest every time she took a breath. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her body Mad Matt 929 [7:13 PM]:  his cock stiffened still and it became so erect he cud no longer bear to remain in the confines of his netted shorts XSeductiveVampyr [7:17 PM]: She could feel his cock straining against her and itself was becoming uncomfortable for her. She kissed him longingly as her hands began to venture lower and lower until it entered his suit to release him from his cage* Mad Matt 929 [7:18 PM]:  his cock was allowed to extend fully, and did do on command. . . running up her leg as it did so. the tip now lay inches from her thong-clad vagina Mad Matt 929 [7:20 PM]:  he cupped her breasts with one hand, and with the other he buried into the sand under her bottom and caressed one of her cheeks XSeductiveVampyr [7:21 PM]:  She let out a gasp as she felt him grab her from under the sand, a small moan from the caressing of her breasts.

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   The feeling of his cock right there so close to her made her more excited and in heat ever more. Mad Matt 929 [7:23 PM]:  the hand caressing her bum now moved between her legs, and as he moved the thong to one side began working delicately the area surrounding her clit XSeductiveVampyr [7:27 PM]:  She moaned a little louder, the feeling of him caressing and touching her overwhelmed her senses. Her eyes closed as she savored the feeling, her breathing becoming heavy. Mad Matt 929 [7:28 PM]:  his too reached a faster deeper pace, as he felt one of her delicate hand working his shaft. now he appreciated how she was such a good pianist XSeductiveVampyr [7:31 PM]:  She began to work his cock a bit faster and more of a firm grasp as he could feel her hips began to move against his fingers Mad Matt 929 [7:33 PM]:  she got the hint as to what was about to happen when he began to remove her thong bathing suit. she said 'u dont hang around do you Matt'. he laughed "i cant with a girl like you under me" XSeductiveVampyr [7:35 PM]:  She snickered and kissed him hungrily  Mad Matt 929 [7:37 PM]:  he gently probed her vaginal area, until he knew he was at the right spot - he hadn't much experience here - and he entered he slowly XSeductiveVampyr [7:39 PM]:  HE could feel her grasp around him become tighter slightly as he entered her. She was warm and tight around his cock.   Mad Matt 929 [7:40 PM]:  his motions started slowly, his movements somewhat restricted by the water, and gradually built up the pace XSeductiveVampyr [7:42 PM]:  He could feel her nails slightly digging into his back as he quickened the pace, her beginning to race as she met his ever entrance with pleasure Mad Matt 929 [7:43 PM]:  "You want to eat it?" Mad Matt 929 [7:43 PM]:  he asked XSeductiveVampyr [7:46 PM]:  She gave him a seductive smile and answered of course Mad Matt 929 [7:47 PM]:  so he got up, and let her out, raising his hips so that his inch penis protruded out of the water, letting her have access to suck itXSeductiveVampyr [7:51 PM]:   She kissed the tip of  his  cock as her tongue flicked and wrapped about the head before only inserting it half way into her mouth and out against teasingly Mad Matt 929 [7:52 PM]:  he guided her by taking her head in his hands Mad Matt 929 [7:53 PM]:  moving her up and down, allowing her to work her way up to getting his whole length inside of her XSeductiveVampyr [7:54 PM]:  As he guided her  against him, she moaned as she tasted him more and more Mad Matt 929 [7:54 PM]:  he warned her he was about to cum XSeductiveVampyr [7:56 PM]:  She then went against his guiding and took her own pace which was fast and hard as if daring him to cum into her mouth Mad Matt 929 [7:58 PM]:  he took up the challenge willingly, spraying 4 or 5 long strands into her mouth. straight away without hesitation he leaned forward and kissed her, and they passes the cum back and forth, both savoring the flavor XSeductiveVampyr [7:59 PM]:  She held onto him as they kissed in such satisfying content Mad Matt 929 [7:59 PM]:  his fingers lowering to work her clit again XSeductiveVampyr [8:05 PM]: She arched against him slightly  as she felt his hands beginning to wonder her body once more* Mad Matt 929 [8:08 PM]:  he cud tell she was near bursting, her breathing reaching a peak and her heart rate off the charts. he decided he would finish her off properly, and inserted his penis deep into her clit suddenly XSeductiveVampyr [8:12 PM]:  Her nails dug into him again as she threw her head back in a moan simply unforgettable by any thing heard. The feeling him entering her body deep at a pace so satisfying her mind had gone blank and waves of pleasure engulfed her senses as she began to climax.

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