The Plant Under The Piano


The Plant Under The Piano    By: SXCamaroMary was a young girl with brown hair and blue eyes and, she lived in a nice home in a suburb. She had once had a loving mother and father but, they died tragically when she was still in high school. They had assigned her aunt to be her guardian and take over the estate. Mary’s aunt was a cruel woman and forced her to work endless hours on chores and abused her in everyway imaginable. The one thing Mary had to look forward to every night was playing her beloved grand piano. It was a Steinway made of mahogany that her great grandfather had built specifically for her grandmother. She laboriously practiced on it day and night with hopes of becoming a professional pianist. After Mary turned eighteen and graduated, her aunt threw her out of the house and told her to never come back. “You are quite worthless I must say. Playing that piano foolishly. That old piece of timber can’t even be worth money. It has been played so much the keys are worn and the wood is chipped. ” She told Mary with an a righteous tone. “Please, I have nowhere to go you can’t kick me out. I have dreams of playing with a world renowned orchestra. All I ever wanted to do was play music.

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  ” She said desperately. “No professional orchestra would ever hire a worthless little brat like you. You are a horrible little girl and not even your parents wanted you. They told me to toss you out on the street because you were a disappointment. I, acting out of kindness, let you stay here till you were old enough to be on your own. Now I see how truly wretched you are. ”“Please, I have nowhere to go. I know my parents loved me and willed me something. ” She said. “The only thing left to you in the will was that loathsome piano. Mary, I will have my servants dump that tattered relic on the curb in an hour and if you don’t remove it before sunset it will be burnt. If you ever darken my doorstep again I will have you arrested for trespassing. ”With tears in her eyes Mary thanked her aunt for giving her the piano and left. Over the next few months Mary  worked endless hours at a local diner trying to scrape together money to live. She had managed to talk her boss into selling her a shack he had owned next on the other side of the town.

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   It was a mess of a place. The roof and walls were sagging and the fire place was the only means of heat. The only thing it had going for it was the strong floor and the large amount of room. Mary was able to fit her grandmother’s piano into the room and that was all she really cared about. She would work fifteen hours a day serving rude disgusting people counting the hours till she could play her piano. One particular day, Mary met a man who was intrigued by her stories becoming a pianist. “So, you are telling me that you want to be a professional pianist and play with an orchestra. That’s a big dream. Not too many people have the talent for that. It sounds to me like you need a stepping stone. I happen to own a concert hall in New York. An orchestra practices there and they are always looking for talent. They are holding an open audition for seats Tuesday and if you’re as good as you say I bet you could get one of those seats. ” He told Mary. “What am I going to do about money though? I’m barely living now.

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   That’s three days from today, I don’t know if  I‘ll be ready. “ The very thought of not reaching her goal saddened her. “Listen to me kid. Do you want to spend the rest of your life here wondering what could have happened if you had taken a chance? You need to quit this place and go take your place in that orchestra. Don’t worry about the money, just go home and practice and make sure you nail the audition. ” He told Mary encouragingly. “I…I. . Okay. I’ll do it. ” She felt an immediate joyous feeling. She quit her job threw her apron in her boss’s face and walked out to start a new chapter of her life. She felt overwhelmed with joy. She could finally do something she liked and not be forced to work endless hours in the dinner trying to make ends meet. She decided to rush home and start practicing now.

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  She entered her house enthusiastic about something for the first time in months. She sat down at the piano and began playing whatever she could think of. She sat and recalled all her favorite sheet music from when she was a little girl and played them with a giant smile on her face. After warming up to these tunes she brought out an old folder of sheet music. Mostly classical compositions with a few show tunes. “Okay lets see. I think I will start with some Beethoven. ” She placed the music on her stand and began playing. She started off well but had trouble finding the keys. “Come on Mary, you’ve played this a thousand times! Okay lets try it again. ” She took a deep breath and began playing again. She played the first five bars well but started losing her composure as she went. She just could not hit the right notes.   She felt tears well up in her eyes but refused to give up. “I’m going to play this song until I get it right.

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   I’ll stay up all night if that’s what it takes. ” Mary put head down on the piano. She felt utterly defeated. She had stayed up all night practicing and had made little progress. She could play roughly half of a song and felt exhausted. She had mastered the song as a child and played it at her first recital. “Maybe I’ve just lost my touch on things. I used to be able to play any music placed in front of me. What happened to me? Maybe my aunt was right, I wasted my time pursuing useless things. ” She slumped down and set her head down on the keys. She decided to go to bed and try again tomorrow. As stood up from the bench, something tickled her foot. Startled at first she looked under the piano. She squinted but made out the figure of a plant in a pot. “How on Earth did a plant get down there?” She thought.

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   She then remembered all the garbage that had cluttered the house and thought it possible she might have overlooked something. “Oh well, I’ll just stick you somewhere outside for now. ” She reached down and pulled upon the pot. The plant did not budge. She tried again pulling even harder. Still the plant seemed to way thousands of pounds. She tried once more pulling with all her might. The plant remained unmoved from its spot. “God, it feels like you were bolted to the floor. Well, I don’t have the energy to move you right now nor do I care. If you want to stay under there, then you can. ” She stood up and went to bed thinking of how to improve her performance tomorrow. The next day Mary sat down at her piano and resumed playing sheet music. She began playing her thought maybe another song would bring her luck. She picked out something she had played before and placed it before her.

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   The first bar went normally and then she struck wrong key after wrong key. She tried again and again to correct the mistake but, only seemed to be getting worse. “Is it possible that I could be getting worse? What is going on around here? I give up!” She began crying she had quit her job and was pursuing a career in which she no longer had talent. “If only I could play my favorite songs again. I don’t even need the music to them. They are permanently etched into my brain. Sigh. I need to just settle down. I started off on the wrong note. ” She giggled to herself thinking of the pun she had made. “Alright, lets go back to songs I like and remember maybe if I warm up with those for awhile I’ll get some cheer and hopefully talent back. ” She launched into every childhood song she could think of. She put her head up and closed her eyes letting her fingers glide across the keyboard almost without direction. She felt so wonderful she completely lost track of time and her senses. As she stopped she felt complete and happy about everything.

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   She thought of trying a classical piece again and reached for one when she felt a hunger pain. “Oh. What am I going to do for food now? I have maybe ten dollars and I’ll need that to take the bus to the concert hall. I can’t show up to the audition starving to death either, that will defiantly affect my performance. ” As she pondered her options she felt something brush against her knees. She looked under the piano and was startled. The plant she saw the night before was at least twenty times as big as it had been.   It also now had the most luscious and full looking fruit hanging from it that she had ever seen. She was so shocked had she really misjudged the size? She had been pretty tired and the room had been dim so she decided that the lack of sleep had fooled her eyes. “Well don’t you look big and strong. You certainly have lots of fruit too. Would you mind terribly if I picked some of your fruit?” She said giggling at the thought of talking to a plant. She plucked five pieces of gold and red fruit off the plant and set them on the piano. “What kind of fruit is this?” She thought. “They resemble peaches but, they are the size of grape fruit.

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   Maybe I’ll try a bite and see how it is. ” She took a bite of the fruit and felt overwhelmed with the taste. The fruit tasted sweet and had a soft flesh. It was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted and it had just a hint of tartness to the skin. She immediately thought about the possibility of the fruit being poisonous. “What would I do? Well that will make a headline for the papers. Ex-waitress turned pianist dies from eating poison fruit she found growing in her home. ” She somehow knew that the fruit was safe. She also had memories from high school Biology where her professor told the class that “In nature ninety-seven percent of poisons are sour.   Sweet is the taste most likely to be non-poisonous. This is why the human has a ‘sweet tooth’” She vividly recalled the lecture. After finishing one of the delicious, possibly deadly fruit she went about playing a classical piece. She deicded to go back to the one she had attempted earlier. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and played. She made it through half of the song without messing up a single note.

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   She felt excited she was improving slowly but surely. She tried again and made it not quite as far and put it off as nerves. She tried once more and barely made it seven bars in. She didn’t understand she was doing so well and then she fell apart. She reached for another piece of fruit and took a bite and began playing. Almost without effort she made it half way through again. She swallowed her mouthful and took another and kept playing she made it all the way through the song. “Wow that was weird. Maybe I just need to fill up my stomach so I can concentrate. ” She thought. She ate the rest of the fruit and played the piano effortlessly. Gliding smoothly through the piece like she had when she was a child. She must have played it through five times when she started messing up again. She was beginning to feel hungry but she pressed on. Soon she was back to being unable to play a sinlge bar of music.


  “Alright, snack break to fill up my stomach. ” She took a piece of fruit and bit into it and began playing. Once again she played through the song with almost no problem. She stopped feeling confused momentarily. “I couldn’t play this song then I ate the fruit and I could. Then I slowly digressed and ate more fruit and now I can play again. Oh, my gosh I know what it is. This fruit is magic fruit! That is the only possible answer it makes people able to play the piano. Wow I could use this fruit to get me a place in that orchestra. ” She thought of the feeling of being on stage with a professional group and playing for a sold out auditorium. She eyed the fruit and quickly gobbled down the remaining pieces and began playing the piano. She made it through every single song in her collection and felt extremely joyful with her new magic plant. She decided she had practiced enough for one day and she would get a good night sleep so she would be well rested for her last day of practice. As she slept the plant under the piano began growing. It had been slowly storing the energy from the sound waves and making them into nutrients.

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   It expanded its leaves around the piano and grew more fruit and spread its ways across the walls. The next morning Mary woke up and anxiously walked to her piano to begin practicing. She was astonished when she saw half of her room had now been covered in the plant. The leaves and vines wrapped almost entirely around the piano and stretched out over the bench. She noticed however that their must have been fifty pieces of fruit hanging from various parts of the plant. “Well my little beauty it seems that you have taken over my piano and my house. Good thing you made more fruit, I’m going to be needing it and you to keep me going. ”She set about picking all the fruit. She filled the area next to her bench with as many pieces as she could fit. She decided that the more fruit she ate now, the longer they would last her. She ate about twenty pieces and felt stuffed and nearly vomited. She knew though that she would have enough fruit to play for hours now. She set about playing the classical pieces and quickly flew through them. She played her entire collection and was setting up to play them again when she felt something push up against her legs. She looked and saw nothing.

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   She continued brushing off the incident completely. She had gone about five bars in when again she felt something poke her and this time it hurt. She looked down and saw a thorn in her skin. She felt a little bit enraged that her new magic plant was hurting her. “ I don’t understand it. You give me fruit to play better and then you poke me. Why am I talking to a plant? Its not like you understand what I’m saying. ” She took a piece of fruit and bit into it thinking for a bit. “Play…. Happy…. . Carefree…. ” came a quiet almost inaudible sound  from the room. “What the heck was that?” Mary felt a bit frightened. Had the room just talked to her? She felt confused and afraid.

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   She looked around and decided she must be going crazy from being locked up in an old house alone eating fruit off a strange bush. She decided it was worth a try she finished her piece of fruit and fixed her posture and began playing her childhood songs. She closed her eyes and went through them song by song . She felt the melody and let the music flow through her and into the piano. She even added new songs. She put in all the songs that she had first learned to play with. She hadn’t played Chopstick or Mary Had a Little Lamb since she was seven. She turned her head up higher and felt this electrifying feeling. She remember her mother teaching her when she was little and how she had to have her press the keys at the end because she couldn’t reach them. The room had this feeling to it that inspired her. She knew it was silly but, she felt as if the room were alive. Everything around her seemed to be growing and adding to  her ability. She played for what seemed like eternity and finally stopped. Mary leaned her head back and let out a breath. “Wow that was the most fulfilling session I’ve ever played.

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   I don’t think I could get any better. She stretched and turned her head back to the piano. ” Thinking of how much fuller the room looked now. “HOLY Geeze!” She yelled. In front of her was a gigantic Pink and white flower with a dark red center that resembled lips. It appeared to be a foot wide and was directly in front of her head. The red center opened like a pair of lips and began speaking to her. “Hello sweet little girl. My you certainly do play the piano well. You play so well you made me grow big enough to fill the entire room. ” The plant said smoothly. “This cannot be happening. I’m not listening to a plant talk to me about my piano. I think that fruit might have been bad. Oh god what is happening.

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  ” She said seeming nervous and worried. “Oh baby, don’t be so stressed. Those beautiful hands of yours make music that I have never heard. I need you to play so more for me so please grace me with some more of your genius. ” The plant replied smoother than before. “How can you possibly be talking? Why did you grow here? Who are you?” She questioned. “Mary baby, don’t you be worrying about things like that. I came here to help you. I’m a magic plant that gives people power. I simply grow and my fruit helps enhance the powers of those who eat it. I came here after I heard you playing those cheerful keys. I just want to help you get that spot on the orchestra. I figured I’d come and help you regain your composure with a little help. Now, play me some more of those sweet tunes baby. ” The plant said in a suave tone.

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  “Well I…I. . don’t know about this. I want that seat on the orchestra and everything. ” She stopped and thought momentarily about everything. The fruit would give her a definite edge in the competition. As long as she had it she could play anything they asked her. She decided to give the plant what it wanted. “Okay Mr. Plant. I’ll play some happy songs for you and make you grow some more so I can have a nice supply of them to keep my belly full. ” She said cheerfully. “Alright baby, play me something good. I plan to make you all the fruit you could ever want. I don’t know if you’ll be needing it though.

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  ” The plant replied back in a cool laid back voice. Mary began playing  her favorite song and breezed through it. She thought of the fruit that she would be getting and how luscious and delicious it tasted. She played for a long time and slowed down. She felt fatigued. She had been playing all day and it was late. “Okay Mr. Plant how was that?” She asked. “The only thing sweeter than the fruit on my leaves is the music that you make. Play me some more baby I want to get even bigger. ”“You are pretty big now. You must be three times the size of the first time I spoke to you.   Lets see and you grew some fruit too, mmm it looks to be about twenty. That’s a good number to get me through audition. ““Baby you aren’t going to have to worry about auditions, I’m going to take care of you.

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  ” Said the plant. “Well that’s awful sweet of you but, I need to get some rest even if I have your fruit I need to be rested I’m exhausted right now. ” She said with a yawn. She proceeded to get up only to find herself pulled back down. “What the…. ?” She looked down at her arms and legs. Vines had wrapped themselves around her and were forcing her to sit. She had vines around her entire body, they restricted the movement of everything but her hands. She looked at the flower and the red lips began to say. “Baby we can’t have you going anywhere. I need you to play for me. I need to grow big and strong so I can give you what you need. ” The plant said with a little hint of annoyance in its voice. “I’m tired though. If I stay like this I won’t be able to play at all.

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   I need to get my rest. Please let me go to bed. ” She pleaded,“Alright baby, I want to hear one more song before I let you go and we finish for tonight. ”“Um okay. What would you like to hear?” She said. “Well I haven’t had anything for awhile to fill me up. How about you play me some dinner music?” The plant said. Mary’s face dropped as she realized what was going to happen to her. The flower stretched and the red lips opened extremely wide. Mary began to play some French song she knew as tears spilled down her face. She desperately forced against the vines but they still restricted her movement. Outside the house music could be heard as the night wore on. Suddenly, the music stopped.   A few random keys were hit sharply in a struggle followed by a brief slurp and then silence filled the night. .

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