The Rent Boy part 2


Like I said I loved sex with guys and it cant be bad to be paid for what you love. I found it paid my way through University and even left me with some spare cash. Of course, there were times when I was given a bit of a rough ride but Paul, that was the guy who was hiring out my services, always made sure that I was safe and not too badly hurt.

The first really rough time was at the end of that first term at Uni. I knew Paul was planning a Christmas Party for some of his regular customers and he'd arranged for me and two of the other boys to be there. It was to be his gift to his regular punters so this time they wouldn't have to pay for what we did for them. I and the other boys were told we would get a straight £500 for the night and we would go with whatever guys wanted us. It seemed easy money and a nice Christmas present but little did I know how hard we would have to work for it.

On the evening the other two boys and I were told to enema each other and then give each other a baby oil douche before showering so we would be nice and ready for the guests. We were then dressed in short little Father Christmas outfits that barely came below our dicks (yes you've guessed it, we had nothing underneath!). Paul met the guests at the door and showed them through to where we were waiting with trays of drinks. Of course the guys were quite up for a bit of fun so there was a lot of groping under our outfits and we were carrying the trays so could not protect ourselves. I quickly got a massive hard on which the guests rapidly realised and pulled my coat open so I was really on display.

Once the guests were all there, about a dozen of them, and had been given a couple of drinks Paul said it was time to hand out the gifts. We were given a sack each and inside was a small gift-wrapped package for each of the guests. They eagerly unwrapped them and there was a lot of laughing as they found they had been given various sex toys and a piece of paper with the name on it of one of us boys.

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  Paul told them to take the boy whose name they'd been given upstairs where they would find a bedroom allocated with the boy's name on it. He said they would have one hour to use him as they wished and then we'd all come downstairs again. My heart was starting to pound a little by the time I'd led my guests up the stairs and found my room. They lost no time in taking off my costume and making me kneel down to start sucking them. By the time I'd sucked all four the first one had stripped and bent me over the bed. I was relieved my bottom was already well lubricated as he quite unceremoniously rammed his cock straight up my tight little ass (yes even though I'd worked as a rent boy for about 3 months I'd still remained quite small back there!)One of the others put his cock back in my mouth and I sucked him hungrily (yes, I absolutely LOVE sucking a nice juicy cock!). I expected the guy who was fucking me to cum quite quickly as normally my tight little hole brings a guy off pretty rapidly. Sure enough after a few minutes he started moaning and saying how my tight little boy cunt was going to make him cum too soon but to my surprise he pulled his cock out at that point saying it was going to be a long night and he didn't want to cum so soon. No sooner had he pulled out than I yelped as I felt another cock rammed into my tight little ass. The guy who'd been fucking my mouth pulled out too so he didn't cum too soon and was quickly replaced by the fourth guy who'd been standing watching and rubbing his massive cock slowly. By the time they'd all had their turn in each position my bottom was feeling pretty sore and the back of my throat was aching where they'd rammed their cocks down it.

I was mightily relieved when a bell rang and Paul's voice shouted up to tell us to come to the lounge. The other boys looked just as rough as I guess I did. We were all naked of course, the guests hadn't let us retrieve our costumes, even though they had donned towelling wraps left for them in the bedrooms. They picked up fresh drinks from the trays left there and were comparing notes about what fun they'd had with us.

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  I got a chance to talk with the other boys who'd all had much the same experience, their guys had tried not to cum either so they could make the fun last. We agreed that next time we had to try to make them cum or they'd go on fucking us all night!Paul clapped his hands and said this time they should all rotate to the next room so they each got a turn with each boy and a guy who'd been groping me right from the start grabbed my hand and led me upstairs saying how he'd been wanting his turn with me.

The next hour went in a blur, I lost count of who I'd sucked and who had fucked my ass. I did register the one guy who'd been so keen to have me and towards the end of this next session he did say he wanted me to swallow his load. To be honestI was relieved that someone was going to cum otherwise I could see this lasting a long time. I didn'twant to let him change his mind so I sucked him like crazy and wanked his shaft hard. I could feel another guy behind mepounding my ass, his hips slapping hard against my buttocks. The guy in my mouth gave a loud groan and grabbed my hair and I felt his cock throb and pulse as he shot his load into my mouth. I was sorelieved I just let him fill my mouth and then sucked his cock clean as he sighed and drew it out. I heard the guy up my bottom swear and let out a strangled scream as he failed to stop in time and shot his load up my ass. He really gave me a hard time saying how I was too tight and I'd made him cum too quickly. Thank god the bell rang again and we all trooped downstairs for yet more drinks.

The third session was just like the first two and I was almost in a daze by the end of it. My tight little bottom was raw from fucking and my mouth was foul from all the cocks I'd sucked, all of which by now had been in the bottoms of all the boys!I staggered downstairs to see the other boys in just as bad shape. Paul was laughing and said it was about time the boys were allowed a drink to help them through the rest of the time which would be a free for all.

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  I was given a vodka and coke and was passed from one guy to the next as they took turns to dance with each of the boys. By the time Paul said it was free for all I was quite dizzy and wobbly. The guy who had complained my bottom had made him cum to soon grabbed me and said he was going to loosen me up a bit. He had hold of a butt plug which either he or one of the other guys had received as his gift. There was a lot of cheering and laughter as he asked if any of the other guys had found me too tight and wanted to help him loosen me up. Several of them said they'd help and Paul made them take me up stairs saying he didn't want me to make a mess on the carpet if they stretched me too much and made me wet myself!

I was really quite scared but there were too many of them for me to resist. One of them put some lube up my poor little raw ass and then the guy whose idea it was said "are you ready little boy. . . . . . . are you ready to become a real big boy?"I started to squeal no. .

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  . please don't but that protest turned into a shriek as I felt a searing pain as he pushed the plug right home. They all roared with laughter as I rolled on the floor holding my poor little violated ass. They made me kneel up and take turns sucking them, giving my sphincter muscles a chance to relax around the massive butt plug. A couple of them said they needed a pee and made me go thro into the bathroom and kneel with my mouth open for them to pee all over me and into my mouth. I tried not to swallow any but I couldn't totally avoid it. Finally the guy who'd rammed the plug up me said it was time to see if it had done the trick yet. He got the others to hold me over the bed and I squealed as he just played with it, pulling it till it was almost out then pushing it home again. Suddenly I heard the plop as he pulled it out and immediately rammed his cock into me. I groaned as he pumped his cock rapidly in and out of my throbbing boycunt and he said how that was much better and he could now fuck me all night without cumming.

They took turns fucking me one end or the other. At various times other guys would come in and say it was their turn with me and some of the guys would go out I guess to try the other boys. At some point the guys started to rub my cock saying that they wanted to feel what it was like to be up my ass when I came. By now I was really horny, I'd tried surreptitiously wanking but each time they saw me they'd slapped my hand away and told me I had to earn it. They laid me on my back, one of them still fucking my ass and another in my mouth.

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  When they did finally let me cum I exploded and shot right up my belly and chest and even onto my face. The guy fucking my ass screamed "oh shit. . oh yes. . . . . . . oh yes" as my now looser ass clenched and unclenched on his thrusting cock and made him cum straightway. As my spunk shot up my chest, over my face and even onto the belly of the guy fucking my mouth he gave a moan and I felt his cock start to tense and throb but instead of pushing it harder down my throat he pulled it back out and told me to open wide. He drew back holding his cock tight and then with another groan he let it all go and shot hard into my open mouth over my face my eyes and even into my hair. One of the other guys wiped up my own cum and this with his fingers and made me lick them clean.

I think gradually most of the men left to go home.

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  Eventually there were just three left (in addition to Paul and his full time house help Joe) who I gathered were staying the night. They sat, exhausted nursing drinks but they still hadn't finished with us boys. They made us play with each other sucking or fucking as they ordered while they watched. Finally they decided to go to bed and each took one of us up with them. They guy who took me had fucked me a couple of times through the evening and seemed okay. We got into bed naked and he told me he wanted me to suck his cock until he went to sleep. Thankfully he dozed off quite quickly but he woke up several times and each time he made me go back to sucking him. Next morning he'd recovered enough to fuck me twice before we got up and went down stairs for breakfast.

I and the other boys had all had a rough time but apparently several of the guests remarked that it was the best party Paul had ever given and they left tips for us. Paul gave us each another £500 in addition to the £500 agreed so the pain in my ass the foul taste in my mouth and the ache in my balls seemed all worthwhile!