Too Bad Snakes Don't Have Ears


Melody barely noticed as the cliff edge ended. She feel face first tumbling end over end towards the swampy marsh area.   Splash! She didn’t move at first completely shocked and confused about what had happened. She noticed that the swamp area around her seemed to stretch for miles in front of her and bordered a large rock elevation behind her. She got up slowly and breathed deeply. She winced in pain as she felt difficulty breathing in. A deep shooting pain came over her and she became aware of the broken rib that was poking into her left lung. She thought about the stupidity of falling down a ledge like the one she had walked right off of. She had been warned that many people find their untimely deaths this way. The ledge seems to extend into the distance. An optical illusion made possible by the grade of the ledge and the extended marshes below. She stood up gripping her side and pulled her bag onto her back. Completely lost she had been searching desperately for help. She trudged forward through the swamp with water up to her knees. She gripped her side fighting tears as the pain tore away at her body. She limped forward as the sun blazed above.

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   She desperately put her hands to her eyes and vainly tried to make out any sign of life in the distance. She thought back to the small river boat that she had been riding on earlier that morning. The boat had suddenly hit something in the water and flipped over. Her friend Alice thrown overboard with her. They had scrambled to the shore and noticed their guide had completely disappeared. Alice had then wondered off to look for the boat and was gone for about five minutes when a scream cut through the air. Melody ran to the sound and heard splashing. As she walked on she saw a small waterfall in front of her and the boat crushed on the rocks below. Then bubbles rose from a nearby spot and Alice’s backpack surfaced. Melody staggered forward her breathing becoming nearly impossible to maintain. Her vision was starting to blur and she coughed violently. She looked down at her hand an noticed a small amount of blood had been splattered on her palm. Melody knew her situation was dire and began moving towards the river mouth in the distance. The marsh slowly dissipated as she neared the muddy shores. She could feel the mud pulling her legs as she stepped onward.

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   Her shoes were sucked deep into the mud and ripped from her feet by the hungry shore. Melody soon felt weary as she neared the shore. Her injury had affected her ability to walk and soon the quicksand like mud pushed her to the brink of exhaustion. Her legs were stuck up to her calves in the thick mud as she slowly pulled herself onwards. She felt forward and pulled at branch on the shore and slowly managed to make her way to the shore. She crawled forward escaping the hungry mud and saw a log in the distance. She eagerly exerted the last of her dieing strength and crawled to the log. As she reached her destination she propped herself up against the log and set her head upon the trunk. Slowly her senses began to return. Her vision cleared, her breathing stabilized, and her fatigue subsided. She felt reassured in her ability to survive and allowed her self succumb to the drowsiness that pulled at her body. Melody opened her eyes suddenly as her head was jolted forward. She looked around puzzled and leaned her head back. No sooner had she closed her eyes than did she receive another bump. Her mind raced thinking it could possibly be her own body playing tricks on her.

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   Suddenly, a flick of a long cold slender object came past her ear touching a bit of her hair that was sticking off her head sporadically. For the first time Melody realized that the log she had happened upon may be a hiding place for some very hungry predators. She heard in from her guide that large snakes often times sun themselves on shore waiting for their prey to wonder over to them thinking they were shelter. Then striking them when they least expect it. Melody froze in terror as she felt the object flick past her ear again and she saw this time through the corner of her vision this object was a long pink tongue. Melody gasped. She felt panic flooding through her body. She decided that she had to turn her head and see where the tongue was coming from so she could formulate a strategy to escape quickly and unnoticed. She slowly turned her head to the side and saw that the tongue and its head had vanished. She looked toward the bushes in the distance and noticed nothing. She eagerly peered over behind her and saw nothing. “Where the hell could this thing be?” She thought. As if a cruel response she felt a flicker of a tongue on her exposed thighs. The tongue ran from her knees to her thighs up to her where her shorts stopped. She felt warmth grow in her crotch as she had just, out of terror, wet herself.

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   She turned her head slowly with her eyes closed. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes and screamed. To her utter surprise and shock she found before her an ant eater gingerly eating ants that crawled along the ground she lay upon. She breathed a sigh of relief feeling her heart beating a mile a minute. She laughed to herself and felt relieved. She grabbed her bag from the sand nearby and crawled forward a few feet. As she placed her pack on her back she look forward and saw a massive head floating a few feet in front of her head. She barely had time to blink when the massive jaws hit her like a car. Melody was barely conscious that a gigantic snake had just lunged at her and was coiling her up. In a matter of seconds the snake, which looked to be forty feet long and three feet thick had her entire body wrapped within its coils. As she realized what was happening she began to pull and try to move. As if in response, the snake tightened its grip and Melody heard sounds that reminded her of someone popping bubble wrap. She suddenly knew that these sounds were her bones as she felt an immense pain shoot from her feet to her neck. She cried out and screamed as she knew that she was being squeezed to death by a gigantic snake. As she yelled and desperately wiggled the snake squeezed once more and Melody’s breath shortened to the point she began to black out.

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   She fought to breathe and live as the coils continued to crush her body. Her vision began to tunnel and slowly faded to black. Melody suddenly felt the coils loosen and her vision returned. She was aware that the snake was releasing its grip and thought that she was being set free. These thoughts were quelled when she felt the warm mouth extend over her head and the soft pink lining of the throat grip her head. She shrieked in horror as she felt the snake devour her head. She looked towards the opening of the mouth and saw the mangled remains of her legs twisting in various directions. She knew that she was utterly helpless but still fought against the snake. She pulled her lifeless body with her all her might wiggling her head back and forth desperate for a response. She felt her chest enter the throat, soon followed by her hips, and then her mangled legs. Soon Melody was trapped deep inside the throat of the gigantic snake and she felt her feet enter the throat. The warm moist insides made her feel sleepy. The oxygen was so thin and the sticky fluids were suffocating. As she was pushed onwards she felt her head pass through a tight muscular ring and into the stomach. She watched as her feet followed soon after into the stomach and the muscles closed off behind her.

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   Melody looked around her. She now had room to move her head and shook it from side to side desperately still fighting. As she felt fluid secrete into the chamber she knew she was doomed. She felt her body give up as she was defeated and now at the mercy of the snake. The stomach was now half full with fluid and she felt something bump into her head. As she turned to see what had bumped into her she was barely able to make out the object. She was staring at the half digested face of Alice with horrified look frozen on her face. The snake would not have to eat for another few weeks as the prey it caught was much larger than the average meal it found. As the snake lay basking in the sun a several loud screams erupted from the mid section of the snake. The snake lay completely still unaware and uncaring of the screams from the meal digesting in its stomach. Too bad snakes don’t have ears. .

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