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(Screen names bleeped out for user protection) *********2005: Oh Kevin, I'm so wet right now s********k: I wish I was there to see it *********2005: I wish you were here to make me cum s********k: You can make yourself cum. Flick your finger over your clit *********2005: I'm thinking of you and my tits are getting hard s********k: Oh baby, now you're giving me a hard-on s********k: Do you have a web cam so I can watch you? *********2005: Somewhere. Brb. *********2005: Ok s********k: Mmmm, that's nice. Nice and slow *********2005: I can't take it anymore. I'm just gonna do it hard and fast. s********k: You don't have to type anymore. I can hear everything *********2005: Why don't you just get over here and finish the job yourself. . . The second I opened tyhe door, I grabbed him and made out with him. Clumsily, we made our way down the stairs to my apartment. We stripped in an unordered fashion like hungry animals, as if we hadn't had sex all our lives. Kevin immediately rammed his cock into me and I cried out. "Harder. .

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  . . oh. . . . harder," I moaned. He had me up against the wall and was banging me incredibly fast. A little to fast. He was barely stimulating me. He stopped briefly, realizing this and pick me up. He laid down with me on my futon and resumed only slower. Fortunately, I hadn't taken off the plastic of the new futon matress. Our juices were creating a puddle beneath us. He was furiously sucking and biting my niples, causing me to arch my back up off the bed.

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   So much juice flowed out of me know that his huge cock made loud slurping noises as he pumped in and out of me. His balls slapped up against my ass making a loud smacking noise to go with it. Fortunately, my parents weren't home, or the woud've defenitly heard our rucus. I was bucking my hips wildly in rhythm with him. I wrapped my legs around him exposing my clit even more. It began to burn and I moaned louder. "Oh, Kevin, yes. Fuck me. Rub my clit raw. Oh baby. . . " He began kissing my neck which soon turned into biting from the force that was going on below his waist. I knew that I would wind up with a hickey for sure, but I didn't care. As I came, my butt tried to lift up off the bed, but Kevin's weight pinned me down.

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   Instead, my legs extended and my inner thigh muscles trembled as I had a five time multiple orgasim. "Wow, I'm glad I turn you on," Kevin said, panting. My chest was heaving as I recovered. After a couple seconds, I managed to reply, "yeah, and you better hope that doesn't get me pregnant. . . " We got in the shower and washed each other before Kevin snuck out my fire-escape window, just as my parents pulled in the driveway. I went to turn off the lights in my bedroom, but there was a not taped over the switch. It read: "I love you ~Kevin" I smiled and I was almost in tears. I never expected something like that from him. I put the note under my pillow as I climbed in bed. I was faking sleep just in time to avoid my parents asking, "How was your night?".

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