Unfaithful - Anna realizes


This innocence she had in her eyes was deadly. That’s what her husband says at least. She knew that and she liked to be reminded of it. After a nice 15 minutes of contemplation, she put her robe back on herself and went downstairs to the living room to relax in front of the TV. She couldn’t help thinking how awful this day was, standing behind the counter, helping some customers find what they need, withstanding some flirting with a big smile… and… hmmm… that was strange; Mike, the shop owner and manager was a little bit strange today, it seemed like he kept looking at her in an unusual way, especially at her ass. She doesn’t remember wearing anything special today. Her white and black skirt that went just above her knees, a normal top and her hair was loose. She did however bend over the counter to show some customers the different types of gums they had, and then her skirt might have gone up a little bit, but not too much. Mike always sat there to her left working with the bills, and he might have caught something. She decided that tomorrow she’ll have more conservative clothes, just in case… She had a nice family, although her husband, working in the basement on some research almost 24 hours a day, didn’t do his sexual homework, she still felt that he was her man. She went to sleep early that night, but the smile on Mike’s face never left her mind…“Doing your shopping early John today?”“Yes pretty, nothing better than a nice good morning from a sexy face”, answered John who is a habitual flirter/customer. She still wore the same skirt, only pushed it a bit higher and this time, she had a black “collant” and wore no bra. Why did she do that? She didn’t know, she actually didn’t think about it. Something ticked in her mind and she felt like it. “Can I get my usual packs?”This was John’s ass show everyday, she bent down knowing that he only stared at her ass, well she didn’t mind as long as he could only see the form from where he was standing. But this time, she wanted to make sure where Mike was looking… She bent down; her skirt went up along the back of her legs just below her ass, and she tried to get the damn thing.


   Before standing back up, she peeked towards Mike just to see his face turned and bent trying to get a better view of her crotch. Meeting her eyes, he smiled his face back to the bills. “Here you go, put it on your account John?”“Thank you baby, see you”There was a smile on her face, only this time it wasn’t a customer’s smile, it was a response to the smile that is not leaving Mike’s face. She walked to him “See anything you like?” she asked still smiling. “The best so far”, he answered back with a hope on his face. “And your last”, she answered abruptly and went back to the counter, hiding a small smile on her face. The day passed with them playing cat and mouse, she bending down or getting up to do her work, him peeking for a glance and trying naively to hide it. She was sure he got some nice shots there, her black pants that were sometimes visible, some good bending positions. This was strange; her nipples were hard by the thought of what was happening, she could even feel some tension in her body, like the first time a boy holds her hand on a date. She was sure he was also looking at her nipples; they were also visible behind the fabric. Everything happened with those two sentences only said, the tense silent was there, but she knew that she didn’t want anything to happen, this is good enough. But why the hell did she like it?The next couple of weeks continued to be the same, she made sure she wore some nice revealing clothes and they both enjoyed the silent pleasures. Sometimes he would hit “unintentionally” her ass with the back of his hand while passing, making it a swift hit that made the firm flesh shake quickly. Sometimes they would look at each others eyes trying to hold a smile but he never approached her openly and she didn’t understand why, not that she knew what the answer would be…2. It happens!!Please give me back some comments so I know how you liked the story, if I should continue it or not.

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