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On a trip up to Terry’s in the winter proved to be another great but weird time, It was great do to I saw the two children I had fathered and weird well that’s the rest of this story. Terry had broken it off with the old sweetheart she was dating he was apparently not very sexually active with her and he had started using the farm for his buddies to come work on there bikes and cars and gamble. We are not talking biker types here we are talking yuppies with motorcycles and he found out how much a biker he was not, the first day I was there he had stopped by to get something he left and Terry told him to get it and leave then he saw me in the barn and started crap with her and as she tried to walk away he grabbed her and slapped her well that turned out to be his mistake a broke hand three broke ribs and a broke nose is what I made him pay for touching a women that way where I was raised you never hit a women for no reason. I went in the house and got Terry a ice pack and put it on her cheek gently and she cried and told me this had been going on is another reason she left him I asked if he touch our daughter and she said no that she ended it before he did start to. Well that was the start of the week and by Wednesday it was snowing like hell and my flight out was canceled so I stayed up till Sunday before I left now here is the weird part per say On Tuesday me and Terry sat talking her Parents had herd I was back had picked our little girl up and yes technically ours though she didn’t really know who I was and said they would watch her for a few days they hoped we would get back together and get married do to they are a big Irish catholic family and they thought allot of me and I was their granddaughters father and it would only be rite for us to marry. Back to the conversation of coarse it turned to sex and I asked Terry out of all the guys in her past (which one would she love to get fucked by again?) ( Besides you but I am assuming your leaving yourself out it would have to be Dale he was the best lay I ever had there is something more about him I felt electricity run through me the whole time he was in me. ) (Ah I figured it would have been Chris. ) (Na Chris is a good lover but Dale did it for me I hate to hurt your feeling I mean we have that to but with Dale it was so much more and I didn’t want him to cum fast as he did that night after he gave me my first wet one I wanted to tell you to go to the guest room call Sara do something but just leave us there to fuck the night away I wanted him to stay in me all night if he could it was that good. ) (Wow I figured that but I dint ask that night maybe I knew but did not want it confirmed. ) (Well he would be the one. ) Well I had to do it I found Dale and Sara’s old number and gave them a call Dale answered and said they had slowed down but they would swing from time to time now so I invited him over to fuck Terry again and to bring Sara but to my dismay she was on a business trip on the west coast and would not be back till Thursday evening so I told him to come anyway and he said okay and that was settled.

Wednesday rolls around and it’s the afternoon the snow is falling but not hard yet and Dale pulls into the Yard about the same time Terry does and Dale and Terry walk in Terry already has his hand and a big smile on her face she knows she is in for a great night. After dinner we all sat talking a while we had noticed the storm had picked up a allot and the wind was howling around the house which was okay electricity was still on but then it all went black thank god for the generator we had but we try to run little as possible so it don’t burn allot of fuel so I grabbed some wood and headed up stairs to the main bed room to build the lovers a firein the bedroom fireplace so they would have some lightnot just to see buy but to film buy Terry had called me and told me to make sure the mini cam was empty and she wanted me to film Dale and her making love which I agreed to but with the electric out so to speak I could not set up the lights I was going to use so I decided to make it natural as possible and use fire light. Well I went out to get more wood for the night so it would be dry and all the ice and snow off it after I built the fire well they where waiting on me to start when I herd something through the wind it took me a minute but it was someone crying and I followed it the direction I thought it was coming from and soon found Pam our neighbor from down the road I got her to the house and asked what the hell she was doing and she told me her generators did not kick in and to make a long story short her husband was out of town on business and left her no fuel or wood cut to burn so the house was getting cold quick and had tried to come get me for help. Well I went over by myself and found no fuel as she said I took wood and got the fireplaces going to help the house stay warm enough not to freeze and went to her room to get her things she asked for so she could stay with us which was I thought going to through a wrench in our plans. Well as I got her stuff she had a bag she kept packed for trips on the spur of the moment I got it and went to her bed to get her book she said was there as I leaned over the bed I put my hand down into a very wet and sticky surprise and realized in the light from my flashlight there on the other side of the book laid avibrator and the wet was what she was doing when the lights went out so I gathered it up to and went straight back to the house.


Terry and Dale looked disappointed as I walked in and they all sat talking but I grabbed Terry’s hand and lead her to the other room and told her I had a plan her and Dale where going to have their night. I got Pam up and took her in the kitchen and gave her a shot of Wild Turkey 101 to help her warm and stop shaking then I showed her to the room as Terry and Dale went up to the master bedroom. (Did you get my stuff?) she asked in a nervous voice (Yes all of it. ) (Thank you) oh. (Was my book hard to find. ) I grinned ear to ear (Nope it was right past the wet spot beside the vibrator. ) she froze turning red and her head dropped (Don’t. ) she looked up at me with tears in her eyes ( Don’t what. ) ( Don’t cry be ashamed or upset I know Calvin leaves you alone allot and he seems to have allot of business trips to the Cape for some reason but there not building bridges or doing heavy construction out there just seems funny to me but don’t be any of those you have a gorgeous body and I brought all your stuff so you could finish and I will go and let you. )

As I turned I herd the coat and robes she was wearing hit the floor I looked back and she was fully nude she grabbed her bag and hopped on the bed and grabbed the vibrator and looked up at me and said (You going to watch or go. ) she had turned it on and was running it over her clit. (I have other stuff to do for the two other lovers but if you’re still at it later I will help you out. ) I walked out and headed for the master bedroom.
Terry and Dale where setting near the fireplace kissing and talking when I came in and I told them forget I was there to just keep going the fire was bright they had made a bed of blankets right in front of it and where setting side by side leaned in kissing each other I flipped the camera on and started to roll.
Dale slowly kissed his way down her neck to her collarbone and back up kissing her deeply as there mouths met his hands slowly glided over her back and around to her chest kneading her breast though her shirt, this went on for a while then he slowly started to undress her first he gently pulled her to off then slowly kissed her torso leaving her bra on as he worked her pants and hosiery off leaving her in a matching white thong and bra.

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He worked his way up and down kissing her legs all the way to her hips placing a gentle kiss on her covered pussy as he passed she would arch her hips up begging for more attention for her soaked pussy but he would just keep kissing way around her body sending her further and further into ecstasy. Finally he worked his way up and gave her a deep kiss as he did he pulled her up off the blankets and unhooked her bra and slowly pulled it away with his free hand and breaking the kiss to lick and suck the hard nipples that had been hidden beneath as his hand slid into her panties and gave her throbbing clit some well deserved attention which drove her even further to the edge.
He pulled her soaked gstring off and tossed it to me you could smell the musk of her hot cunt radiating off of it and the creamy lube from her soaked pussy felt slick against my hand, I was about to take a closer look at them when I felt a hand slide into my sleep pants and grasp my cock and slowly start to stroke it as she whispered in my ear (They are fucking amazing to watch. ) (Yes they are. ) I replied enjoying the hand job I was receiving from Pam who had come up behind me and was watching Dale and Terry make love in front of the fire, Dale was slowly kissing his way down to Terry’s exposed pussy which was glistening in the fire light from her wetness and ready for all his attention and he gave it licking up her juices and finding her rock hard clit and to suck and stroke and this was her first release of the night the orgasm shook her body and a muffled scream left her lips. (Why is she holding back) (Probably cause she knows your in the house but has not realized your part of the audience yet. )
Pam released my throbbing cock and stepped around me her beautiful lithe body and D cup breast with thumb size erect nipples looked absolutely amazing in the fire light as she walked over and knelt down beside Tarry lifting her head to hers and kissing her deeply before whispering (Don’t hold back bitch this man is giving everything to you give all of yourself back as he pleasures you hot cunt. ) ( My whole body. ) Terry stammered (Then scream if you need to we are all here this is his and your night let him have all of you. )
Pam kissed Terry again laid her back and walked over to me letting her hips overly swing back and forth and as she got to me she grabbed the back of my head and locked me in a deep kiss.
Pam kisses me for what seemed like forever before she broke it and slowly kisses her way down to my chest then slowly down to my waist where she pulled my sleep pants down and let my cock spring free before taking it in her hand and gently kissing the head while looking up at me she leaned back and said (I have only given one blow job in my life my husband has never felt my mouth it was a boy friend in college and he was so rough it turned me off to the idea but for some reason I want to suck your cock. ) (Um what is stopping you. ) I replied (Nothing I just hope I can make it good. ) (I am sure you will and I can coach you a little if need be. ) (That would be nice.

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  ) with a big smile and still looking me in the eyes she slowly swallowed my eight inches I waited for her to gag but she didn’t and slowly started sucking me and soon without being told she started to use her tongue to caress my shafts underside.
Terry cum again and again and was panting and screaming every time she did now out loud and I was glad the storm raging outside was covering her screams which I could no longer tell if they where pleasure or pain for I don’t know if women feel like men after more than 3 it starts to hurt a little not bad but you do feel pain and pleasure at once.
Finally Dale stopped eating her sweet pussy and climbed up beside her and gently kissed her letting her rest as she had said she would pass out if he started to fuck her at that point so he held her and told her how good she tasted and how he was honored he could make her feel that much pleasure and how much pleasure she brought him and I could see in her face she had fallen in love with him she was just wondering if he felt the same.
Pam was working her magic on my cock and it was paying off I felt my balls tingle and the fluid start into my shaft I pulled her head back and told her to stop I was going to cum and she smile started sucking me harder at which time I rewarded her with my hot thick rich cum she took the first tow jets before she started to gag a little at the amount I was producing and it ran out of her mouth down her chin and dripped onto her tits she pulled her head back and took the last jet to the face and she licked and cleaned it all up the whole time telling me how good it was and she had been missing allot.
Terry giggled and I realized Dale and her where watching us now and Terry said (Good job Pam I gagged the first squirt when I blow him the first time he can really cum allot I should of warned you. ) Pam smiled and said it was okay she loved it and she had never done something like that before and it made it more special. Pam had got to her feet and we where kissing when we herd a sharp intake of breath from Terry and we noticed Dale had slid his finger on to her clit and was gently rubbing it as he got in position to slide his engorged cock into her waiting pussy she was sitting with pillows behind her to sit up her legs where over his shoulders rolling her hips up for deeper penetration and she had a front row seat now to the monster about to stretch her pussy to its limits again.
Dale held his position just above her pink cunt and was staring her in the eyes again both sat there in anticipation and Dale said the one thing I didn’t expect (I love you Terry) Terry’s eye grew wide and a smile crossed her face and she just said (Take me I am yours. ) and that’s when one of the weirdest things happened Dale pushed his hips down and his spongy cock head opened Terry up at the same time Terry screamed she was cumming and Dale pulled out and a large rush of liquid coated his stomach and cock while this was happening I felt Pam’s body go rigid and shake and she collapsed and I caught her a laid her down he had given both of them a orgasm just from entering Terry
We all set there a minute and I had came down between Pam’s open legs and my now rigid cock was inches from her soaked pussy but she had not let me touch her there except with my hand and I looked down into her face she smiled and said (Im your bitch tonight and I need you to make me scream. ) I rolled her hips up and placed my cock at her opening and pushed I felt it soon as I entered she came Terry was to preoccupied as Dale had a quarter of his cock in her and she was gasping for breath as pain and pleasure flooded her body he had not fingered her or touched her opening and Terry kept her self really tight so Dale was having to work every inch in. I bottomed out in Pam with a inch to go and she was going crazy under me screaming my name and begging me to go deeper and fuck her harder which I was trying to give her all she wanted and give her everything she needed.
I looked at Terry and tears where running out of the corners of her eyes I looked at Pam and she saw the concern in my eyes and looked over at Terry also we both watched as Dale was bottomed out in her with more to go and was grinding against her cervix and he was causing it to open which was as she put it later shear pain till it opened and let him into her womb butwatching her let him do it was wild you could see the pain till I saw his pelvic bone rest on hers they where both sweating and she finally looked relived then we all made love till we all fell asleep. The next morning the storm was still going and we had had showers thanks to the generators and cleaned up our love making spots and rebuilt a fire up and down stairs to keep from running the main heat and making the generators burn up fuel Dale and Pam had found a spot downstairs in front of the fireplace and where making love to one anotherTerry had went up stairs soon as they started and I went up to check on her finding her in the bed softly crying and I asked what was wrong she said (I cant watch them I am in love with him I know its not official yet that we are dating but it still hurts and I want him to let him have his fun and if you want me take me but grab a condom and put it on. ) I looked at her confused and she looked at me (I haven’t taken my pill in two days and I didn’t drain him out of me) (Terry you don’t want to go down that road he loves you but he is married to Sara but getting pregnant wont get him for you it could force him away. ) (Sara is not on a business trip they where never married they said it for a cover not to run other swingers off she found a guy out west and is living with him and no you brought us together yesterday this was not planned we talked while you helped Pam last night and it was so good to wake up in his arms.

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  ) (Do you think he is the one?) (I cant say if he ask I will say yes but I hope I don’t get cold feet like I did with you and my first kid our daughter is beautiful I could only imagine what our son would look like. ) (That was our kid Terry and that’s why I never tried to work this out other than seeing each other for good sex is I knew that would destroy us in the long run. ) Terry and I didn’t make love that day I went down and me and Pam went at it again after she cleaned up from Dale who was upstairs making love to Terry again. Time went on and Dale asked Terry to be his wife and she shocked him and all there friends at the party and said no, I called her once I found out and she said she just could not her cold feet was she was set for retirement from her work and Family both Dale and I where still working toward it and neither of us could of retired till 60 but she wanted someone to retire at 40 with and travel the world till this day she has not found that person. She still drops buy time to time to check on me and get her fix but other than that I still am not nor is she married.


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