Yard Work, Uncle Eugene Hires Guys To Relandscape


Hey everyone, Thanks for the emails on my stories, and yes, they are all true. I take them from diaries I have kept since I was 10 and I am now 35 sooo.
Uncle Eugene and Aunt Maggie were working about 60 miles away for he Summer and I was home alone a lot. I did not have a car and it would have been illegal to drive anyway so I stayed around the house a lot and went out by the pool a lot naked most of the time.

"Now, the men are supposed to be here at 9 so let me know if they are late. " Uncle Eugene said to me as he kissed me and patted my bottom and went out he door. We had already hada morning sex session which was why he was leaving at 8 instead of 7. "Okay, I will make sure. " I said and he left. He always filled me up good and I still had his cum dripping down my legs and I felt all tinglie inside and I knew I wanted more. At the age of 15 I was plump but had a nice hour glass figure and my tits had decided to have a growing spurt as one might say. THe nipples stayed sensative all the time and so I headed to the shower to get cleaned up before supervsing he landscaping crew. I had just gotten out and was drying off when there was a knock at the door. I started to go to the door naked but decided to not get right into sex with the crew which I intended to do. I tossed on a sheer gown and went to the door, my body not dry and the gown sticking to me all over. I opened the door and beautiful Hispanic woman stood there.

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   She looked at me up and down and then smiled, "I am Maria and we are here to to do the landscape work. You are?" she said and I told her that I was the niece, Brenda and will be here all day if they need anything. " "Oh, I am sure hat we will need something. " she said and turned and spoke Spanish to 6 guys that got out of a pick up truck and got all the stuff they needed to work. The woman spoke to them and they looked at the door I was standing forgetting how I was dressed, or not dressed I guess you would say.

She was very beautiful and had jet black hair and lovely green eyes. She was medium dark as to her skin, between brown and dark brown from being in he sun I suppose. They were all working out behind and around the pool area and then I knew what was going to happen but I did need for hem to do some work first. I put on my smallest string bikini and walked around the house in front of the sliding glass doors and stood there watching them and they watched me speaking to each other and laughing and the woman was doing the same. Finally I decided it was time to go out to the pool and took a cooler of beer out with me for them (and me) and sat it down and laid on the mats and put on my lotion and sipped a beer as I did. They were all looking at me and I asked, "Maria, is it time for a break yet, come on in and relax. " and she said "The men too?" and I said, "Oh yeah, the men too. " and she spoke to them and they put their tools down and came in the gate. They all came over and I offered them the beer which they all took.

Maria looked at me, my nipples hard thru the material and the bottom slipping up the crack of my already wet pussy.

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   "You know it is dangerous for a woman to dress like that around all these men? Something might happen. " she said. "Oh what could happen. " I asked sipping the beer. "Well, they might get the idea that you are wanting to play around and they may do things, you might get raped or something. " she said. I looked at her and the men and pulled off the top and said, "Maria, you canot rape the willing, how do you know what I intent until you try. Whatever happens," I said now inches from her face, "I want you to have me first. " and I leaned and kissed her. She pushed me back and took off the bottom and said something an in an instant they were all naked and there were some hard and huge cocks standing up. Maria was naked and now laid next to me, "You do know that when I finish they will all fuck you, and they will not stop until they are finished. " I kissed her and said, "Well, I hope I am satisified when they are finished. " and she began kissing me all over. Her dark hard nipples were in my mouth and she was sucking mine and then biting them hard. "Oh bite harder.

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  " I begged her and she did. "Harder, really hard. " I begged and then she said, "One is bleeding. " and I said "Make the other one bleed too. " and so she began on the left tits and soon I felt the warm blood trickling down the side of both tits onto the mat. She was now at my pussy and her tongue was long and made me have an orgasm instantly. She squatted over my face and her pussy was there and I ate her really slow like she was doing me and she screamed as her orgasm came and sprayed my face.

She rolled off me and said something and the first guy got on me and filled me with his huge cock. It took a while to fill me with cum but he finaly did. He got up and then the next one. . .
PArt two later folks.