Your Friend in BDUs


There's something about a man in uniform that just makes me wet. Maybe its the confidence or the power that seems to follow a military man where ever he goes. He doesn't even have to be in uniform for you to know it.

Lust takes hold when you see him in his BDUs and you feel your loins start to burn and ache. Its so much worse when the man in uniform is also your best friend. The ego, the attitude, the sly knowing smile. Makes you shift in your seat with hunger.

He knows I want him. To feel his hands on my hips, pulling me close to him grinding his stiffening cock into me. His tongue parting my lips and exploring my mouth as he slides a hand up my top, unsnapping my bra with 2 fingers, as only he can do. He'd break our kiss only to pull my top over my head and let my bra drop to the floor. Lips locked again as he slides his strong hands over my back, to my breasts, Just about a handful. Pinching my left nipple, rolling it between his fingers as I try not to go weak in the knees while unbuttoning his shirt. Feeling him grip my arms tightly anytime I barely pull away. I struggle to break long enough to get him out of his shirt. Feeling his warm hard body against mine is electrifying.

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   His hands tangled in my hair, his chest heaving as I kiss and lightly nip every inch of bare skin, working my way down.

I dip my tongue into his belly button and bite at his happy trail right before he pulls me to my feet. Kissing me hard then shoving me back onto the couch. I shift and move to the edge, reaching for his pants. Undoing them, licking my lips. The anticipation of having his cock in my mouth makes me even hornier. I pull his member from his pants letting them fall to his ankles for now, swallow hard and flick my tongue against the head. He shivers, grabbing my hair and forcing his cock all the way into my throat. He hold my hair, pulling ever so gently. I bob my head on his shaft and tug on his balls. Hearing his groans excite me even more. I have to have more. I pull my head back, tracing my tongue around the head of his dick. Kissing the tip before I try and stand.

He reaches for my jeans, tugging at the buttons.

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   I pull them down and off as he pulls his the rest of the way off. I can't help but pull his cock back into my mouth once more before I rise enough to squeeze his shaft between my breasts. He slides himself through my tits a couple times then pulls me up, kissing me as he pushes me back onto the couch. Nipping at my collar bone, working his way to my breasts circling my nipples with his tongue gently tugging at them with his teeth. Tracing his tongue down my belly over my smooth shaven pussy. He pushes my legs up, barely touching his tongue to my box. Back and forth, teasing me. I reach for his hair, gripping tight pulling his face into me. It isn't long before I start bucking wildly into his mouth, his tongue darting in and out of my tight hole, I feel so close to climax I shudder and he stops! Are you kidding me!? I beg for more, please more!! His chins shiny with my juices, he smiles as he moves up, pressing his lips to mine letting me savor my own taste.

His rubs the head of his cock up and down my slit, making me jerk every time it hits my clit. His cock slides easily into my wanting box. I sigh with relief and joy. He fills me. Slow at first, picking up speed with every thrust. I dig my nails into his back and pull myself meeting him, letting him go deeper into me.

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   I pull my legs higher, giving him deeper penetration. I feel him bottoming out, hitting my cervix. His balls slap my ass. He pounds away at me, I reach down and tease my clit. Feeling it build. He's fucking me so hard and so fast. I'm going to be so sore later but right now, between his amazing cock slamming into my wet pussy and me working my clit, I'm on the brink. I cant contain myself, I throw my head back, screaming, moaning and grunting in pleasure. Fuck yes, oh my god I'm cumming so hard. My pussy clenches and pulsates around his cock. He lets out a groan, grabs my hips and pulls me towards him meeting his thrusts and and finally lets out a few grunts and he shoots his cum deep inside me. Feeling his cock pulse with each load sends chills, little mini orgasms through me. Neither of us move. He cock still hard, still in me. We catch our breath and smile at each other.

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   I give him a quick pat on the ass and quiver as he pulls his cock from my box. We lay there a minute, trying to regroup. A quick kiss on the cheek and I leave him laying there so I can shower.

Well. . . . . . What are friends for right?.