Candace Part 2


I bolted up and sat and looked at Candace. She had that deer in the headlights look, and I was a little amused that she was so nervous. Our eyes met and I could tell she was a little embarrassed that I might have been able to hear her and Karen earlier.
I was the first to speak, “I stayed home from work with a migraine. ”
Her voice trembled as she replied, “You’ve been home all day?”
“Yes. ”
She came further into the room and sat at the foot at the bed. Her head hung even though there was no definitive confirmation that she had been heard. I sat there and just looked at the side of her face. I could see a tear form and silently run down her cheek. Her body trembled and she started to sob.
As a Dad and father there was that inner conscience that responds to the pain of a child and I reached out and took her hand and whispered, “It’s OK, Candace. ”
“No, Daddy it’s not OK, you had to have heard what Karen and I were doing and I am so embarrassed. ”
“What’s to be embarrassed about? What was I supposed to have heard?”
I tried to play off that there was complete innocence on both our parts, but she saw right through the disguise.
“Oh, Dad I know you heard, I left my bedroom door open and you are a light sleeper. Please don’t tell Mom, she’d go off the deep end and…”
“What exactly did you and Karen do that would be so bad that you would not want Mom to know. ”
Her face burned bright red and as she turned to look at me I could see that her desire was not completely abated, she had the just orgasmed look that I had become well aware of.

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   I thought I detected her feminine odor and my breathing was becoming a little harder as I remembered how Candace looked naked and what her and Karen were doing not 15 minutes ago.
“What can I say Dad, Karen did things to me that I’ve never done and I couldn’t stop her. I’ve never felt like I did when she kissed me, Dad. When she grabbed my boob I about died. ”
Wow more information than I expected but I had to be an adult and be her protector and mentor.
“How did you feel, Candace?”
“Oh, Dad I’m so embarrassed talking to you about this”
“No need to be, honey. I am always here for you to talk to. ”
She stood and started to walk out of the room. Just before she got to the door she looked back and said, “Maybe later. Daddy. I am just too embarrassed to talk right now. ”
"Ok, babe I’m here whenever. ”
She walked out and I leaned back on the bed. I closed my eyes and immediately relived the earlier events. I could feel another erection starting and I caught myself before reaching down and stroking my semi hardon.

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   I remembered Candace was still in the house and my door was open.
I fell asleep and dreamed about Candace and Karen except I was between them and they were slowly stroking my cock and whispering in my ear. I awoke with a start and realized that indeed I was being stroked and the shadow on the wall told me it was late afternoon. I sleepily opened my eyes and looked at the hand that was lazily stroking me.
“How’s your head, Honey?”
Whew it was Sharon, my wife stroking me and I was relieved and I’d be an idiot if I didn’t say I was a little disappointed.
“Its better Babe how was your day?”
“Oh you know, same old shit, different day. What’s up with your daughter? I tried her door and she didn’t answer, but I could music in her room. ”
I hated lying but I was also a Dad so I crossed my fingers and said, “I don’t know, Babe, I was asleep before she got home. ”
My cock was a full mast as Sharon absentmindedly jacked me off. “That’s not like her; she normally greets us when she comes home. Maybe she’s sick. ”
“Go check on her again and beat the door down if you have to. ”
“I will in a minute. It looks as if somebody else has a headache. Let me kiss it better.

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She leaned down and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. Her tongue wrapped around the head and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. She was furiously licking the pee-hole as she reached between my legs and brought my balls out of my pajamas. Her head came off and took my left ball in her mouth. Lightly licking the ball and sack her hand was lightly stroking just the head of my cock.
Precum was dripping out of the tip and using her thumb she spread the moisture around. This natural lubrication made it easier for her to stroke me. Her intention was to excite me to the boiling point and I could only hope that she would bring it to fruition.
She spat the ball out and looked me in the eye and said, “I’d better check on Candace. Don’t worry, baby I’ll take care of you later. ”
I heard her knock on Candace’s door and enter. I hoped that Candace had calmed down enough that her Mom would not realize anything out of the ordinary. She was upset enough earlier that her mom might be able to detect her uneasiness. I lay there and hoped this was not the case as I did not want Sharon to know that I had peeped in on Candace. Yes call me selfish but I did not want my wife to believe I was perving on our daughter.

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Some time had elapsed, perhaps 15 minutes and I heard Candace’s door open. I held my breath until Sharon walked back in the room.
“She seems to have had a little trouble with one of her friends today and she was really upset. She’s ok now and apologized for not greeting me when I got home. ”
I breathed a sigh of relief and closed my eyes. I listened to Sharon move around the room and I peered through the slit in my eyes just in time to watch Sharon remove her blouse reach around and unhook her bra. When she turned back towards the bed I got a great shot of her breasts and my mind wandered back to my daughter’s boobs and the clear shot I had when Karen had been eating her out. Oh god, I thought, I’ve got to stop thinking like this. It’s my daughter, my flesh and blood I’m thinking about and it’s so wrong.
Sharon finished changing, looked my way and said, “I’m going to start dinner. I’ll call you when it’s ready and if you feel like it you can come down and eat. ”
I just murmured affirmatively and she walked out. I must have dozed for a minute when I felt a hand on my shoulder gently shaking me.
“Daddy,” a voice whispered. “Mom says dinner’s ready and wanted to know if you felt like coming to eat.

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I opened my eyes and met Candace’s gaze and she blushed and ran out the door. I got up slipped on a robe and entered the bathroom. After relieving myself I washed my hands and shuffled to the dining room.
Candace was already seated but she would not look at me. I sat down and leaned over so her Mom would not hear me.
“Whatever you are holding against me, if your Mom notices that you won’t look at me she will wonder what’s up. ”
“I’m sorry, Daddy I will try. ”
About that time my wife walked in with a plate of spaghetti with a tray of garlic toast.
“Smells delicious, Honey. ”
“I wasn’t sure if you felt like eating, and if you did it should be something light. ”
“Thanks, Babe you are wonderful to think of me like that. ”
“Just ‘cause I love ya. ”
The conversation was light and Sharon was doing most of the talking. Mostly about work and some high falootin millionaire was looking at one of her prize properties and she babbled on about how she was negotiating with him. His first offer was an insult and her counter was met with hesitance, but By Gosh we are not selling that property that cheap.

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I listened to her rambling with one ear but kept my eyes glued to her face as though I held on to every word. Out of the corner of my eye I looked to Candace and when our eyes met she turned away face red, her breathing heavy.
Dinner was about to end when Sharon spoke, “Oh I almost forgot. Mr. Goldberg wants me and two of the other top sellers to accompany him to a convention of realtors in Las Vegas this weekend. I didn’t think you would mind so I agreed. ”
Mind, hell no. That will make a perfect excuse to talk to Candace and try to get her back to normal.
“I need to get my car out tomorrow anyway so I can get you to the airport. ” I volunteered.
“Not necessary, Mr. Goldberg is picking us all up and leaving his car at the airport. ”
Friday rolled around uneventful, though Candace avoided me like a plague. Her Mom was oblivious her mind on her trip and the opportunity to network with the big people. Her mind was so far away I probably could have told her I fucked the next door neighbor, their dog and our daughter all on one day and she most likely would have replied, “That’s nice dear.

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As I dashed out the door to get to work I kissed Sharon goodbye and wished her a good time, have fun. I slipped a 100 dollar bill and told her, “If you get a chance to play the slots bet this and bring me back the winnings. ”
I hurried out before she could answer and I didn’t get chance to talk to Candace; she had left for school.
Worked sucked because I couldn’t concentrate. My mind wandered a lot and I seemed to drift back to the earlier display. Seeing Karen bent over licking my daughter I started getting turned on and contemplated going to the Men’s room and wanking but my better judgment won. I stayed at my desk but by lunchtime I had enough. I shut down the computer, gathered my things, stopped off at the receptionist’s desk and told her I was going for the day.
Driving home I hoped there would be no one home and I could hop in the shower, take care of the insistent horniness that seemed to be nagging at me. Hoping for a good yank my hopes were dashed when I realized Candace’s car was parked in the driveway.
I guess secretly I had hoped that my daughter would again be in the throes of passion with Karen, but I also knew it was unlikely. Candace had been too embarrassed before to risk anything like that again. At least at home.
Parking the car, I entered through the garage and headed for my bedroom. I heard music playing in my daughter’s room so I knew not to knock, lest there was more going on in there.

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   I closed the door to my room, shucked my clothes and entered the bathroom.
I had just started the shower when a knock came on the door.
“What is it,” I spoke loudly so I could be heard over the shower.
“Yes, honey. I got off early. I’ll be out in a minute. Just want to hop in and rinse off. ”
“Ok, I’m actually glad you’re home, I need to talk to you. ”
“Give me a few and we can talk. ”
I heard her mumble something indiscernible, and I stepped in the shower. I came to the conclusion that now was not a good time to wank off so I hurried and rinsed. Turning off the shower I stepped out to dry off. Wrapping the towel around my waist I opened the door to the bedroom and got quite a shock as Candace was sitting on my bed facing me. She chose to wear a short skirt and blouse that had the first couple of buttons undone so that a fair amount of cleavage was revealed.
I was stunned looking at her long legs, up to her breasts and finally to her face.

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   Our eyes met and she lowered her head, blushed and I swear I caught her looking at the towel hanging low on my hip. I decided I better sit down before my cock started to rise.
Taking a seat next to her, I sat far enough away that we were not touching. She half turned to me and propped her right leg, bent at the knee on the bed. Her exposed skin was close enough that I could without any effort reach out and touch her knee. Stop…you are thinking of touching your daughter, its wrong so wrong. Yeah, but it’s also so damn exciting.
She spoke first head hanging, “I know you heard me and Karen, Dad. I am so sorry. ”
“Candace, honey there really nothing for you to be sorry about. It’s natural to experiment with sex. And not necessarily unusual to do it with the same sex. ”
I tried to be adult and understanding. My goal was to let her know that I was not mad but supportive.
“Dad, I’ve never done anything like that before, male or female.

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   Boys are too aggressive; they think that girls should give into them just because they take them to a movie or something. I’ve had these funny feelings for some time and when Karen kissed me those feelings came rushing back and I couldn’t stop myself. It just felt too good. "
"Am I weird, Daddy?”
I tried to explain that all girls and boys get those feelings; it’s called horny or clinically sexual excitement. I told her that it was a part of maturity and it’s natural to act upon those feelings but that she had to extra careful because she could get pregnant or contract some disease. I further explained that condom use was a fairly safe means of contraception.
“I know about the diseases and condoms. They teach us that stuff in school. What they neglect to tell us is why we feel horny and why it feels good to be touched around the breasts and down there. ”
I tried to remain composed but this talk about horniness and touching was making me horny. I could feel my cock rising and I dropped my hand down to try to conceal my erection. The sudden movement was not lost on Candace and her eyed darted to where my hand was resting.
An eerie silence prevailed in the room as Candace stared blatantly at my towel covered cock.
“Dad?” she spoke huskily. “Do you have an erection?”
Sheepishly I replied, “I’m sorry Honey I couldn’t help it.


   I miss your Mom already and it just happened. ”
I seemed to be babbling when she swallowed and asked, “Can I see it?”
My lips were dry; I licked them so I could answer, “Honey, it’s not right for you to ask that. I am your father and I should not have put you in that kind of situation. I should have made you go out to let me get dressed. Sorry honey. ”
“Please, Daddy…I’ve never seen one before. I just want to see what it looks like. ”
Ok my cock was doing the thinking so I reached to where I had tucked the towel in and released it. Taking the end and bringing back over the other side I was now completely exposed. Where I was semi erect before I was now sporting a full fledged hard on.
Her breathing was becoming erratic as was mine. She continued to look directly at my cock.
“Can I touch it?”
Without waiting for a reply she tentatively reached out and grasped my erect phallus in her small hand. I am not especially well endowed but her hand barely made it around the shaft.
“It’s so hard…and hot.

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   Am I supposed to do anything else,” she innocently inquired.
I reached down laid my hand on hers and emulated a jacking up and down motion, to which she quickly caught on to.
She turned closer to me which caused her short dress to ride high on her thighs. Her legs unintentionally had spread a little and looking down I caught a small glimpse of her little white panties. I gently laid my hand on her exposed thigh and lightly caressed.
“Daddy, I’ve got those horny feelings again. Please touch me…please?”
I did not hesitate now that she had given me the green light to touch her. I brought my right hand up until I was at the juncture of her legs and cupped her covered pussy. Her panties were soaked and belied the excitement within her. I dragged my middle finger up and down her pantied crack her hips were starting to undulate trying to scratch an itch she was not sure of where it had come.
She was stroking me faster now as she became more excited. Her legs parted more to give me free rein on her nether regions. I took advantage and slipped my middle finger under the elastic at the leg and entered her juicy hole. Taking her natural lubrication I then drug my finger up to her clit and tweaked softly. Her hips bucked and she moaned loudly.

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I caressed and rolled her button for several seconds before I removed my finger. She moaned out of frustration her losing the direct stimulation that was resulting in her racing to a tumultuous climax.
I was not going to leave her hanging! I reached up grabbed her elastic waistband and drug her soaked panties down her long gorgeous legs and removed them completely. I reached up removed her hand from my cock and dropped down on my knees in front of her.
She had a surprised look on her face and she whispered, “What are you doing, Daddy?”
“Daddy is going to make you feel good and lick your sweet pussy. ”
I pushed her legs further apart completely exposing her tempting muff to my lust filled eyes. I leaned my head in and swabbed the flat of my tongue from her exposed asshole all the way up to her clit. She jumped when I touched the little button that was peeking out from its protective hood. I then extended my tongue as far out as I could and entered her juicy hole. I was tongue fucking her rapidly and reached in and pulled her hairy lips apart so I could tongue her deeper.
I sucked in the whole canal of her pussy and created a vacuum that resulted in her love juices flow into my mouth. I rapidly swallowed and searched her hole for another sweet load. I was not long in waiting as her juices flowed like a river from her love hole and entered my mouth.
Her hands reached down and pulled my head away from her pussy. I was disappointed that I was not allowed the climax that I was striving to get from her.

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She looked at me with the lust of a grown woman but the voice of her youth and innocence spoke, “Come lay next to me, Daddy. ”
I reluctantly got off the floor and lay next to my naked daughter. She turned on her side and laid her head on my shoulder and with my heart filled with love for this young girl, my daughter I hugged her to me. I decided that talking was not a good idea so I quietly lay with my daughter lightly stroking her bare back. I could feel her exposed nipples poking me in the side and her pubic bush tickling my leg.
But what I really noticed was her hand snaking down my chest until it reached my semi soft cock. It would not stay semi for long as she again wrapped her dainty hand around the shaft and with no direction this time she started to jack me off. Good, it felt so good. I did all I could to keep from cumming as I thought about other things.
My mind was brought back to the present as I realized she had scooted down from my embrace and I could feel her hot breath on the tip of my cock. Oh. God she’s going to take my cock in her mouth. I can’t let her do that.
But when I felt her tongue lightly licked up the small drop that had collected there I knew I was not going to stop her. She licked again this time on the underside up and over to the other side.

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   Down to where the shaft meets the torso and back up again. My cock involuntarily jumped and I could her giggle under her breath. She grabbed tighter and lowered her open mouth.
Her mouth was hot and wet. She licked as her lips closed and she sucked, as if I was a pacifier her tongue licking all around. She dipped her head lower and took half my cock in. I felt her gag a little but she soon learned to breathe through her nose and swallow as she lowered further on my pole. She developed a nice rhythm, sucking profusely on her way down and licking all around on her way up.
She reached down gathered my balls and gently kneaded them in her palms as she continued her first blow job. My climax was accelerating and I leaned up to watch as my cock disappeared in her young mouth only to reappear shiny with her spit and the copious amount of pre cum flowing freely from the hole in the end of my painfully erect cock. I could feel her swallow every time her mouth was filled and that only intensified the way her tight mouth felt wrapped around me.
As my orgasm approached I whispered, “I’m going to come honey. If you don’t want to swallow my cum you better stop now. ”
Her sucking slowed as she was torn between taking my load in her mouth or watching it flow from my cock. I’m sure she never thought this far ahead when she had decided to suck my cock so my warning came as a shock.

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Well it was decided because just then the first volley exploded in her mouth and she had to swallow or choke. She did willingly but then guilt set in and she removed me from her mouth and rapidly jacked me off. My hips rose and I was fucking her hand as the next squirt landed on my stomach and ran down her hand. She did not stop until the last of my come drained from the tip. She then leaned down and kissed the crown and released me.
She came up and laid her head back again on my shoulder cuddled up and said, “I’m sorry Daddy I didn’t swallow. ”


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