Good Ol Freshman


Today was the 7th day of school. I woke up and got ready for school. I was in 10th grade at the time. I was 15 and probably around 5’8 130ish pounds with around an 8 inch cock. So I put on my jeans and a polo brushed my teeth eat and what ever else I had to do. So I got into first which was an all sophmore class. Where I sat next some guys I really didn’t know but they seemed kind of dorkish so I overheard them talking about how they are going to tell freshmen girls that if they fucked them they would become popular. So I thought hey that’s not such a bad idea because we had some really hot freshman. So I got to 7th period which was gym and my teacher didn’t care what we did. There was this really hot freshman in my class her name was Jessica she was around 5’2 not more then 105 pounds and she had some good b cups and nice bubble butt and was very nice tan skin tone. She was with a couple other freshman so I decided to wait till after class and talk to her so I went to play some basketball. So after class we all went to change back into our regular clothes. So then the bell rang and her friends left her to go to the bus and she had to walk home so I went and said “hey what’s up”

“nothing, your in my gym class right. ”

“yea so did you have fun in gym today. ”

“ehh I guess I just couldn’t wait to get out of school”

“yea I know its boring here how come you aren’t with any of your friends”

“I don’t have many just those 2 girls in gym and a couple other girls but they all ride the bus”

“so your not that popular huh”

“no not really I wish I was”

“you know I might have a way you can”

“really you do what is it ill do anything”

“ok well it’s a secret we have to go to my house and ill tell you”

“well idk were do you live”

“ I live in the neighborhood right next to this one”

“ok that’s the way I go we can do that”

So we started to go to my house talking about how she’s liking school and stuff.

We got back to my house and I offered her something to drink and something to eat but she said no she was so eager to know what I had to say because the entire way home I made it seem like I was really popular so she really believed me and then I said

“all sophmore girls that are popular have some nude pics of them”

“really well idk if I should you think it would work”

“yea ill even take them for you”

kinda scared she said “yea I guess”

so I took my phone and put it on video mode and told her I was ready and she started to strip she first took of her tank top which exposed a white bra then she procedded to taking of her booty shorts.

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   Which exposed a white thong. Then stopped for a little bit and before I could ask what was wrong she continued again taking off her bra which exposed her nipples idk if she noticed it but there was a bulge in my pants. She then took off her thong which showed off her pussey. Then she said

“let me see the photos”

“no not your not done all of them also have fucked a guy”

“what? Really so you want me to fuck you”

“yes if you want to be popular”

she thought it over and then she agreed. I went and my phone up so it record the whole thing. I told her to come and take off my jeans and then get on her knees. Once she got on her knees I said suck my dick. She fixed her lips and went and started going back and forth but was real slow so I let get a little use to it and then told her to go at it faster so she picked up speed which felt really good and then I grabbed her head and jerked it towards me which made her gag and while pulling off I cumed in her mouth. I told her to swallow it she was nervous but she did. I then made her stand up as I went and started to squeeze her tits then started sucking on her nipples after a little of this.
I told her are you ready to lose your virginity. She said if I have to. and then I slipped on a condom and put it in her pussey she started screaming once I broke the hymen so went and grabbed her thong and put it in her mouth to shut her up. after she cummed I said I hope you are ready for a painful experience she nodded and then said just I don’t want to drink anymore cum. I didn’t say anything and ripped off the condom and put it her ass she couldn’t bear the pain so she spit out the thong and started screaming so loud I was sure the neighbor could here but I didn’t care I started going faster and deeper.


   Until I reached my climax I spit on her back to make here think I came but ran around to her face and cummed all over her and then I told her to drink it if not she would get spanked she didn’t so I went over to her she was still on all 4’s and started spanking her ass until I heard her say ok fine I will she licked it all up and swallowed it I then said lets go shower then you can leave. We got in the bathroom where I made her got her knees again and said open wide she did and I pissed in her mouth she swallowed it and told me it disgusting but a good disgusting. So we got in the shower where she gave me a bj once more. And then we got out got dressed and asked her how she liked her time with me

“it was fun hopefully it will work”

“don’t worry it will so are you going to come back again”

“she said yea whenever”

“ok well then from now on when you are going to come over were something sexy and call me master because your mine now bitch"

“ok master”

she said with a smile as she left giving me one more flash of her boobies and then she threw me her thong and said to keep it. .