The Cable Guy's Wife


I could see right into our family room and there was Mary Beth dressed in one of my favorite tight black skirts, with sexy black nylons and a conservative white blouse and very high "cum fuck me pumps". The surprise was that she was not alone. She was with another man. He looked pretty young but had gray streaks thru his brown hair that made me suspect that his was older than he looked. He was dressed in kacky pants and a stylish denim shirt that was crisply starched. He was also about 8 inches shorter than Mary Beth who is very tall at about 5'11". They were kissing and rubbing each others asses while they ground their crotches into each other. The man was rubbing his face into Mary Beth's awesome tits . . . . and she was loving it. At first I was angry, but for some reason I decided not to rush into the room and stop what they were doing. For some strange reason . . .

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   I was becoming very aroused and my cock was getting hard watching some stranger with my wife. After a few minutes Mary Beth opened her blouse and loosened her bra so that the man could suck on her nipples . . . she loves that so. As he suckled her he unbuttoned his shirt and before long Mary Beth was desperately unbuttoning his pants. As she reached in and pulled out his cock I was shocked to see that this guy was only semi-hard but yet his cock was much bigger than I expected for such a short guy. Not that it was all that long, maybe 9 inches, but it was incredibly thick. Wow, I had never seen such a cock on such a short guy before. After stroking him for a few minutes and much more nipple sucking and kissing, I heard Mary Beth say, "I've just got to taste you babe". He hadn't even touched her pussy yet, before she went to her knees and tried to shove as much of his fuck club into her mouth as she could. She was sitting on her haunches and shooting a wonderful beaver while she tried valiantly to suck and lick his cock. But it was so wide she could just barely get the head into her mouth. Apparently she made up for her lack of penetration by using lots of tongue on his head, because the guy was really loving it. She used one of my favorite techniques of pulling him close into her mouth by wrapping her arms around his legs and grabbing his balls from behind to gently kneed them and rub that special sensitive spot between a guys balls and his ass hole.

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   This guy responded by telling my Mary Beth how good she was doing him and reaching out and rubbing and twisting her nipples . . . just the way she likes it. Mary Beth was now moaning loudly . . . I had never seen her so excited about sucking dick. And I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed watching my wife do this other guy. By this time my dick was so hard I just had to pull it out and start stroking it. Mary Beth was doing him real good and I don't know how this guy could keep from cuming . . . damm, I was close just from watching. After a few more minutes, the guy pushed Mary Beth away and turned her around and over our couch.

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   He reached around with one hand and kept on rubbing her tits. With the other hand he unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Mary Beth quickly shucked off her pantyhose and bikini panties (I didn't know she still owned any bikinis). The guy then stroked her slit from the back side. I could tell Mary Beth was really into what he was doing because she was rotating her ass and pussy right into his hand. Soon I saw he had penetrated her pussy with one, then two fingers. I watched the move I know so well from Mary Beth as she tried to squat down to get deeper penetration while she reached back to squeeze his dick. Then he bent her forward farther over the couch and began to rub his dick against her very wet slit. I could hear Mary Beth saying fuck me, fuck me now. So he did . . . . inch by slow inch. Gee I really expected Mary Beth to change her mind once that super wide cock of his split her tight pussy lips . 

  . . but all I heard was oh, oh, oh, oh, Goooooood. He fucked her with deep even strokes. And then he stroked into her deeply and held it there and just let Mary Beth squirm around on that massive cock. Next he did something that I know drives Mary Beth crazy. He reached around and rubbed her clit while he continued fucking her. In just a few minutes she had her first orgasm . . . . and I could tell it was a very big one. But he just kept fucking her, but now with even faster strokes. Then he started rotating his ass as he plunged into her . .

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  . I wonder if that helped him give her more clit or g spot stimulation. Apparently it did, because before long she came again. I expected him to then fill her with his cum, but he suddenly pulled out and I could see all of my wife’s wonderful wetness coating his mammoth dick. He turned her around and kissed her deeply while he rubbed her ass and stroked her back and sucked her tits that were thrust right into his face. Then he pushed her down to her knees again and Mary Beth grabbed his cock and guided it straight into her mouth. She didn't seem to mind at all that it was still covered with her female juices. She attacked his cock this time using her tongue with a vengeance and stroking his cock with one hand and squeezing his balls with the other. All the while she was moaning like a bitch in heat. She wanted to taste his cum. . . . . .

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  . . And he didn't disappoint her. I guess all the fucking and sucking finally got to this stud because after just a few minutes he reared back and came in her mouth. Boy did he cum. I watched his legs flex at least 4 times knowing that each time he was pumping massive amounts of hot white cum into the beautiful mouth that I kiss every night. The funny thing was that it was then that I blasted my own cum all over the back wall of our apartment. God it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. Like watching a XXX fuck flick only this time my wife was the star. They rested a few minutes and then retreated to the bedroom. I was disappointed that I couldn't see anymore, but waited to see if they would return. After about 15 minutes though they both walked back into the family room. I could tell they had taken a shower together since they both had wet hair. I watched as they sat on the couch and talked. He was facing away from me but I soon heard Mary Beth say "God, doesn't that thing ever get soft?" He said "I have waited a long time to fuck you and as long as you are sitting next to me naked I’ll stay hard for you babe.


  " She hugged and kissed him and started to stroke his cock again. Before long he picked her up in his arms and laid her down on the carpet. He then laid next to her and pulled her over on top of him in a 69. She immediately went at his cock and he started to lick her cunt from the top of her clit all the way down to her ass. They were hot and I heard Mary Beth say three times . . . "God I love this" . . . . and then "I should have tried this a long time ago. " The guy was then sticking his tongue deep into her pussy . . .

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   probably getting to her g spot and seemed to also be rubbing her clit with his finger. Whatever he was doing, it made Mary Beth cum again . . . this time she shuddered so hard I thought she was going to faint. After she settled down she started sucking him again and he continued to gently tickle her clit and tongue around the outside of her outer pussy lips. Pretty soon, she lifted up and swung around and announced: "I have got to feel that big cock of yours inside me again" . . . . . "Give me that cunt buster now!" Then she squatted over his cock and stuffed it inside, this time having no trouble at all. She fucked him now like she was in control . . .

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   and she was. She pounded away at him while he rubbed her tits for all he was worth. I was again rubbing my cock for all I was worth. God it felt good! She pounded his cock from the top and he flexed his hips back up, giving her as good as he was getting. Then he reached with one hand and rubbed her clit with a finger. It actually looked like he was pulling on her clit with two fingers, sort of jacking her clit just like it was a small dick. Whatever he was doing she loved it and I could tell from her tell tale high pitched whimper she was close to cuming again. Then she started chanting: "I want you to cum, I want you to cum. Fill my cunt with your cream baby I want it now, I want it now . . . . God I'm cuming, cum with me, cum with meeeeeeeee. "And they did. And so did I.

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   After that I stuffed my cock back in my pants and staggered off, now hoping that none of our neighbors had watched me jacking off behind my own home for the last 55 minutes. I started to walk around the block and think about what I had seen. I walked a long, long time. I didn't know if I should be mad or sad or what. All I knew is that I had just experienced the best orgasms of my life and I know that Mary Beth had too. Finally, I decided to go back to work and act like I was coming home just as normal. At my normal home time, as I entered my home, I smelled my favorite dish cooking. Next I saw Mary Beth holding our baby boy and giggling at him as she played with our son. Mary Beth noticed me and picked up our son and together they hugged me and Mary Beth greeted me with a big kiss and said “we are so glad that you are home honey”. I guess it was that more than anything that made me decide not to confront her about what I had seen that afternoon. I just hope that I will be able to watch her again soon. .