The Drive Home


The Drive Home
There are still many in between but this one came back to me, as it was the most recent - within the last few years. (Age 39)
We were driving back from another city where we were visiting some relatives and about 35 miles out of town on a four-lane highway fairly deserted early in the morning, as it was a five-hour drive and wanted to get back. I was feeling her up as we drove as she was just wearing a light blouse and skirt with garter belt and nylons (my favourite). I had my hand up her skirt and her blouse half undone. I was just thinking about finding a rural road to turn down to see if I could find a place to park and give her the fucking she was hot for.
Two guys (early 20's) pulled up beside us and being distracted with my hand on her pussy I didn't notice them until they were right beside me. They were moving at a