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    2010-03-07 1 hour Athens
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    : 3.0
    Extra Ball
    Silicone tits
    Only one allowed
    10% fixed in Photosho
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    Καλα δεν καταλαβαινω τα σχολια των συναγωνιστων! ΑΚΥΡΟ η γκομενα .Φωτο περιπου ιδιες ωραιο προσωπο σωμα σχετικα σφιχτο αγυμναστο με μικρη κοιλιτσα..Πιπα κακη χωρις CIM οπως αναγραφεται στις υπηρεσιες οταν ερωτηθηκε ενοχληθηκε !! Σεξ χαλια χωρις καμια διαθεση ποναω απο εδω ποναω απο εκει οχι αυτο οχι εκεινο ξενερωσα και δεν ζητησα καν anal..Μονο μια καταθεση γιατι στη δευτερη με ξενερωσε και δεν εβγαινε αφου προσπαθουσε και πεταξε κατι στα ρωσικα σαν να δυσανασχετησε !! εκει ξερωσα εντελως και εφυγα 10 λεπτα πριν την ωρα. ΗΜΑΡΤΟΝ!!!! :angryangryangry

    Girl reply:
    I'd like to explain few things here. When I'm in tour I meet new people every day. and I work not first day in this area and I understand that all of them are different. they have different character and different dreams, but they all want to spend good time. but i respect everybody and every morning I go to the shower, use body lotion and many other creams, wash my face, clean my teeth, make my make up, dress something interesting. I never open the door with sad face. I never do what guys don't like but why SOME guys can't just little respect me also? =(((( don't clean teeth or use a cud, don't use a soap in the shower, grab my hair or face rude, don't explain me when I ask "what you mean", when I say "pain" they don't listen, don't go to the shower between shots... I'm a girl and can't understand this. Just imagine if I will not like a bathroom and after such meetings like 2010-03-09 I have bad reviews. cryingcrying