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    2012-01-31 1 hour Kavala
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    My meeting with Milena took place on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 meeting in Kavala, Hotel Lucy at 9:45 PM. Honestly and without exaggerating at all, it was the MOST HORRIBLE experience I had with a call girl. It was the first time I was booking a girl on tour to meet and I wanted to believe that it would be an unforgettable experience, or at least would worth the money I gave… instead of that one day after and I am still furious. I NEVER thought that I would come forward to such UNPROFESSIONALISM, SPOOF and FIASCO.

    For this I also blame the people of the agency for cheap DECEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!! The girl I met has absolutely nothing in common with the one that appears in the photos, at least when I met her!!! Un-made up, unwashed and dirty, with oiled hair and black circles in the eyes she welcomed me with a towel wrapped around her waist, after having stood me up for 45 minutes. In my opinion that is one of the most unprofessional things an escort would do. Our appointment was supposed to be held at 9 PM at Hotel Lucy, as we arranged it one hour earlier via text messaging. At exactly 8:55, by the time I was already in the lobby, she texted me that I would have to wait until 9:30 because she was unavailable at that time. So I decided to sit at the hotel bar and have a drink until the time passes. However, it came 9:30 and still no message from her! At 9:40 I could not wait any more and I sent her, so she sent me a message with the number of the room where she was. I went there and she opened the door with the appearance that I described above. She is nothing like the girl in the photos with the amazing body and the long silky hair, and you know it… As all men, I too like some certain characteristics in women, and the long hair is something that turns me on but it was not there! When I asked her where did the hair go, she replied that a ‘‘bad’’ hairdresser cut it and… it’s gone!!! PLUS she has a REALLY BIG BELLY that is really turning me off… Moreover, she was not ready at all for our date, and she went for a shower with me sitting alone inside the room, so I had to wait even more for another 10 minutes before the date began.

    Let me pass to the stuff about the date itself. In the past I have had meetings with plenty call girls in my visits to strip clubs, bars and studios, so I was taking what I wanted there. The reason that I wanted to meet with a ‘‘professional’’ escort (or so I thought…) was to fulfill a fantasy of mine. I like feet, so my dream was to have foot fetish sex both ways, active and passive with a girl. I knew that this was something unusual and the girl must have known it from before for sure an agreed to do this with me. So, the first thing I did when looking each girl’s bio was to read whether she provides foot fetish in her services or not. In Milena’s bio is written that she does foot fetish; so when I saw that she was visiting my town I was especially excited because I thought that I would do my fantasy real! But the reality came and collapsed on me… First of all, Milena did not know what ‘‘feet’’ means!!! So I had to show her the part of her body that I wanted to lick. You would not want to be there to see her reaction when I told her that I wanted her to do the same thing to me… She told that there was no way she would do it and took an expression in her face that made me look like a complete idiot. I have never felt more EMBARASSED, DISAPPOINTED and INSULTED in my entire life. Not to skip that from that part my mood was completely lost. AND ALL THIS EVEN THOUGH IN THE MESSAGES WE COMMUTED TRHREE DAYS AGO SHE SAID TO ME THAT IT WAS OK!!!!!!!!!!!! In my messages I have made it perfectly clear what I wanted, by asking her if that was included in her services, and she wrote back to me that it was ok. However, in the room not only she did not want to do that but she made me feel the worst she could. Had I known that she does not provide that kind of service I would look for another girl that could provide that to me, for the same or more money. But this was totally a cheap trick so she could make me PAY and get through with this EASY by not giving me what I wanted. After literally begging her (even I am totally embarrassed to say that…), because that was the reason I arranged that meeting, she agreed to do it to me for a little while; meaning 10 seconds!!! Her behavior towards me in this whole matter was UNACCEPTABLE. With her way I felt like she did me a favor for letting me suck her toes for some time, even though I paid 200 €…

    Let’s get to the main part, the one that involves the sex. Before we start, after she took her shower, Milena told me that we have a whole hour to have sex. That was before she got paid; because right after I gave her the money, she said to me that after we were done –if I wanted– I could sit there in the room with her until the hour passes. I asked her to clarify if we could have sex multiple times after I were done at the first time, but she pretended to be confused and did not understand my question. By that time I should have already put my clothes on, get my money back and leave, but it was my first time with an escort so I decided to move forward. That I consider the biggest mistake I have made in years… In the sex she was completely passive, cold and with no mood at all. She just laid lateral on the bed with the TV open and told me: ‘‘you can start now’’. So I started by touching her, and when I tried to kiss her she told me: ‘‘no tongue please’’… HUUUUUUUUUGE DISAPPOINTMENT………….. After that I licked her tits (very small by the way) and frightened as I was from all the previous I asked her if I could lick her pussy. The answer was undebatable: ‘‘yes, but only little’’. Not even a word for a blowjob; she just laid there and DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was just watching a film on TV!!! No kidding!!! The most irritating thing an escort would do… After those poor foreplays, I got on top and fucked her with her doing –of course– NOTHING at all, just opening her legs and turning the head from the other. I came a few minutes later and she instantly got up and headed to the bathroom with me lying on the empty bed.

    When she came back she lightened a cigarette – another totally inappropriate thing to do when you don’t know whether the other person is a smoker or not (I am not). At least she asked me if I wanted one! However you don’t light a cigarette in a closed room with the heat on when the other does not smoke. That evinces even more that she cares only about the money she gets from before and does not give a damn thing about the customer’s pleasurement and satisfaction. By that time (and with her still focused on the movie!) I asked her if we could go for a second round. Then, I got another one unanswerable answer: ‘‘yes, but only of you cum quickly’’. So, willingly or not I agreed. I asked for a blowjob to get erected. This, to have to ask for a blowjob from someone who is supposed to know what is doing, is OUT OF THE LIMITS… I consider it as an inseparable part of the sex. She gave me a blowjob with the condom on – of course I would not expect something else… I did not get erected, I tried to fuck her (she did not even consider about changing position, again laid down with her eyes stuck on the fucking TV) and waited for me to get on top and begin. I put my penis in her pussy but by watching her impassivity and her focus on the film, I got so cold and indisposed that I did not continue not even for half a minute. I got up, put my clothes on and getting ready to leave. She told me that she was sorry for not holding up to my expectations; I told her it’s ok and left. She did not even stand up to say goodbye to me. Even when I was putting my clothes on, when I sat on the bed to wear my shoes she told me: ‘‘now we are done, we don’t have anything else to do’’. Probably she thought that I would stay more, something that she could not tolerate at all. The whole date did not last more than 30 minutes, even though I paid for one hour.

    Leaving the hotel, I could not suppress my bitter and sadness for all the excellent reviews that I have read in escortnews.com about OTHER ESCORTS of OTHER AGENCIES, about beautiful girls with legendary bodies, with whom other guys are having amazing sex and unforgettable experiences and do not regret about the money they spend. This treatment I got from Milena I would not face even in the last underestimated studio where you can fuck for 30 €. Really, the WORST EXPERIENCE I could have… Even in the craziest scenario I would not imagine that it would be so bad…

    Here I attach Milena’s information and bio, as it is written on www.athens-escort-girls.com and www.escortnews.eu.
    About Milena
    Milena is really a good companion, ful of energy and lust of life and fun , the best Escort in Greece - Athens Thessaloniki Heraklion you could choose for your pleasant stay and social and private time in Athens - greece .


    Erotic massage, frensh kissing, oral without condom or with, 69 position, masturbation show, sex mulitple times allowed in all positions, cum on body,light mistress role/foot fetish. NO ANAL.

    My comments – based on my experience:
    Good companion? If you mean leaving you alone while taking a shower, making you feel uncomfortable and kicks you out of the room then ok.
    Full of energy an lust of life and fun? Ha ha ha… the most grim, moody and depressed girl I have met.
    Best Escort in Greece? I wonder how the others are like……………
    Pleasant stay and social and private time? Anything but these.

    As for the services:
    NO Erotic massage
    Oral without condom ONLY WITH CONDOM
    NO 69 position
    NO masturbation show
    NO NO NO sex mulitple times allowed NO NO NO in all positions
    cum on body CUM INSIDE CONDOM
    NO light mistress role / NO foot fetish
    NO ANAL. Ok this I give it to her.
    Total score: 1/10.