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    2009-09-22 1 hour Athens
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    10% fixed in Photoshop
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    I met her yesterday in a nice hotel in the center of Athens, near metro station. The conversation with the agency was very easy 3-4 sms and that's it. The first thing I have to say that the girls is much better looking than on photos, the photoshop made the pictures even worse (because I've read similar stuff about photos for another girl from the same agency, I think the agency have to change their photographer).
    Now, the main dish. The girl has a perfect skin and body, she is willing to satisfy you and tries a lot. She actually does whatever you like, so all the time you lead (good or bad is your decision). The blowjob was covered because I asked her. She had no problem with cif and didn't leave immediately to the bathroom, stayed and showed that she enjoy it.
    After the first round she offered me to do a massage and did it very professionally all over the body for 20min. It was excellent, you can go and meet her only for this.
    The other thing I liked is that she neither talks a lot nor smokes, only action. That is why I put 10 in communication, there was no communication and I didn’t hear from her any story in order to avoid sex. The meeting was like this: Shower-1Round-Massage-2Round-Shower, nothing more.
    If she comes to Athens one more time I will try to visit her again.