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INTRODUCTION:My name is Tony, I'm 40 yrs. old and divorced.

After a very destructive divorce, which left me with only the clothes on my back and a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket, I decided to move to New York and hope to start a new life.

I had moved into a one room furnished apartment, and paid weekly, so it was important I got a job as soon as possible. Only problem was, jobs were not that plentiful and I wound up finding part time work cleaning floors and urinals in a bar on 7th ave. When I first got the job, I didn't realize it was a gay bar, but it didn't matter, I was desperate and would have taken any job to make money.

I was now on my third week and getting used to what I had to do . . . even cleaning the men's room was now getting easier. It was late on a Friday night, when the bartender told me to bring some drinks over to the table at the rear of the bar. The same 3 guys always sat at this table and usually the bartender served them the drinks, but he now had me do it.

Once I put the drinks on the table and was getting ready to go back, the one guy said, so what's your name . . . replying "Tony", he said his name was Dave and the other two were Bob and Sam.

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  Why don't you sit down and talk with us for a while, the bartender won't mind . . . I ordered you a drink, so relax; with that Bob and Sam got out of the booth and gestured for me to slide in. I was sitting between Dave and Bob.

Knowing the bar was a gay hangout, these guys did not look or act like the regulars, so I thought they might not be gay. When the drink came over, Dave raised his glass and said "Welcome Tony". I finished my drink and another one was brought over. Dave did most of the talking, while Bob and Sam listened, once in a while, I would feel Dave or Bob brush their hand against my leg as if they were adjusting there sitting position. I started to feel a little light headed, probably from the drinks, and also I was becoming relaxed and answering questions as they were asked; all the questions were about me and where I came from and where I was staying. Dave at one point asked if I had any friends in New York, when I told him I knew no one, he laughed, well you know 3 guys now.

Not sure of how long I was sitting with them, but a guy that Dave knew came over to the table and asked Dave if he could dance with me. When Dave said "yes", I looked at Dave and said "I don't want to dance, and I'm NOT gay". He laughed and said go ahead as Bob was now pulling me out of my seat and pushed me towards the guy. Before I could stop him, the guy pulled me into him and began to grind himself into me, grabbing my ass over my jeans.

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  I wanted to push him away, but I had no strength and as he kept squeezing my butt, I just let him do it. By the time the music stopped, he had forced his hand down the back of my pants and was trying to put his finger in my ass hole. He finally released the hold on me and before leaving, he put $10 in my hand and patted my ass.

Bob pulled me back into my seat and another drink was wait ting for me. Well guys what do you think . . . here Tony is getting money for just dancing; wonder what else he would do for money, Dave asked. Not aware, but Sam and Bob traded seats, and Sam was now sitting next to me. Sam was about 35, over 6 feet and muscular. When he put his arm around me and pulled me to him, with his other hand, he grabbed my hand and put it in his lap. I almost jumped out of my seat when I found my hand was on his cock which was out of his pants. As I tried to pull my hand away, he put pressure on my neck, telling me to play with his cock or he was going to slap me around. Afraid of what he might do, I began to rub his cock following his instructions. His cock felt like I was holding a beer can.

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  Dave leaned next to me and said that I would make him happy if I would suck Sam's cock. Without being able to reply, Sam pushed my head down onto his hard cock and forced it into my mouth, making me gag as he pushed it to the back of my throat.

He let up the pressure, after I did as he said and began to suck his cock taking as much as I could get in my mouth . . . he finally let me up, just so he could pull me out of the booth and have me kneel in front of him and starting sucking his cock again. He told me to run my tongue around the head and fuck his piss hole with my tongue. As I did it, I tasted the bitter pre-cum then I went back to sucking him as he held my head and began to fuck my mouth. I felt his cock getting harder, then he pushed it back down my throat and told me not to lose one drop . . . he began to shoot his load in my mouth, and I swallowed as fast as I could before he finished.

To Be Continued.

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